Facebook/Kano Play Server 1 Add-Me Thread!

Discussion in 'New Player Area' started by mi7ch, Jun 4, 2014.

  1. rojemi

    rojemi New Member

  2. ned works

    ned works New Member

  3. RedHeadFury

    RedHeadFury New Member

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  4. rodz

    rodz New Member

  5. Creek Native

    Creek Native New Member

  6. Efn Shweet

    Efn Shweet New Member

  7. BrianW

    BrianW New Member

  8. i aspire to be me

    i aspire to be me New Member

  9. CobraBill

    CobraBill New Member

  10. Tara Alzubi

    Tara Alzubi New Member

    I need a lot of players!
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  11. jonna richison

    jonna richison New Member

    A0A9CB add me please. thanks.
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  12. cheke07

    cheke07 New Member

    add me please
  13. joi-

    joi- New Member

  14. AXXO

    AXXO Well-Known Member

    So as for the MW players are getting along, I'd like to open my recruit code again ;) feel free to mob up on FACEBOOK Server 1

    here the code:
  15. ned works

    ned works New Member

  16. Jack Smith

    Jack Smith New Member

  17. Efn Shweet

    Efn Shweet New Member

  18. Agent 56

    Agent 56 New Member

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  19. ron angel

    ron angel New Member

    526F78 daily player with fight account
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    MUNWWER New Member

    ADD ME

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