Daily Rewards System: Is now Live!

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Smack, Nov 28, 2018.

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  1. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    well if the only reason to keep it this new way is because it is called a daily boost, then for the years since it became a feature, it should have been that way, but it hasn't been, so there is that
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  2. magicalblow

    magicalblow New Member

    the best reason is so that people wont stack for battle arena.. i would stack a few days for raids but its no big deal.. we win 10% more stamina and its worth more in the long run...
  3. Tony Cecil

    Tony Cecil Active Member

    Don't understand why you'd want to discourage people from stacking rewards for an event. It's the only way some could compete at all in arena. Not everyone can spend, spend, spend every event. I understand the "Daily Reward" but either way you look at it both are Daily Rewards. Just able to save rewards with the old version. It had been in place forever and no one had a problem with it. Idk..Just very frustrating all around.
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  4. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    Well I only stack for raids, I don't play arena , war mode or wars, I play raids though and I stack for a raid, and some days I don't have the time to bring my energy down for not good reason just to collect my daily bonus, and any other myriad of reasons, and I have not missed one day playing since May of 2010 in the game I have played the longest and the most in.
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  5. No Nuts 4u

    No Nuts 4u Member

    it does feel like kano once again are taking us for mugs i think it willget worse before it starts to get better in this situation
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  6. ZSlayer

    ZSlayer Active Member

    so is this going into effect? or already active?
  7. Dcasso

    Dcasso Well-Known Member

    not yet :) or they would probably have posted it, and neglected all the negative comments :)

    WOADLORD Member

    Cannot understand why we get penalized if we change from Stam to Energy etc etc...we already dont get the rubbish ammount of 50 stam and 500 energy if we level up when we have an activated boost, (EX: Energy 501/500 we dont get the 500 energy) ......tell me this is to the player advantage too please...will be another joke before the end of 2018 ...from this thread you can see that once again you have made so many people upset...but yet we all know that you will keep the changes no matter what..sure we will see less active players...
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  9. the Doomlord

    the Doomlord New Member

    So currently on stamina getting 60 percent boost, if I change it to collect energy it goes down to 20 percent starting from day one again played 1654 days in a row seriously Kano way to go :mad:
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  10. Navy Chief!

    Navy Chief! Member

    Grievance? Oh let's not oh-so-go-there for I can fill an entire VOLUME of grievance as far as the mechanics of the game and then maybe a litany of abuses by some.
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  11. Harrys Mum

    Harrys Mum Member

    looks like nothing will change, no matter how much he players ask for it, :mad: little nibbles given to make it look as if we are being listened to, but in reality it feels as if we are ignored for long enough, we will all give up complaining about it and then things will just carry on, because nothing happens :mad:. really disappointed that it wasn't put out there for us to discuss, or put into beta as a trial like other changes have been. if it ain't broke, don't fix it!!!!! :(
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  12. I was really into my RAIDS and I have actually been buying from KANO in order to participate in many RAIDS. This was spurred by my ability to store my daily rewards for 7-days and start hitting the RAIDS with volumne and force.

    Sadly, I feel that I will ignore any future RAIDS now, sadly depriving myself the chance to level up quickly but depriving KANO of any of my hard earned cash.


    P.S. Where did my rewards PIG go to? I had about 96 GF on there.... This isn't fair when I am operating from the UK on GMT and you are operating on a time zone which I don't understand! I am getting a strong feeling that LCN is going to quickly follow the demise of Mob Wars, even another reason to stop paying any money to KANO.
    Last edited: Nov 29, 2018
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  13. Dcasso

    Dcasso Well-Known Member

    not fully agreeing with you. I know for me personally, I do at max buy one energy refill pr raid season, rest is spent on stam refills. Since I just lost around 50k energy from the start of a season that means at least 7 less stam refills. So for me this will impact spending (and raid participation)
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  14. nunya

    nunya Member

    Not being able to stack daily rewards is the dumbest thing kano has done so far. Dumbass move kano. Put the stacking ability back before you have a riot on your hands.....

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  15. nunya

    nunya Member

    Not being able to stack daily rewards is the dumbest thing kano has done so far. Dumbass move kano. Put the stacking ability back before you have a riot on your hands.....
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  16. Tony Cecil

    Tony Cecil Active Member

    So with all this going on did you guys forget our Thursday bonus boost?
  17. SAME FOR ME. NO MORE CASH TO kano FROM ME... I CAN SEE THIS GAME CLOSING NOW, JUST LIKE MOB WARS..Whoops, sorry, caps lock was on ... but ANGRY still!
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  18. I agree. This is the slippery slope to doom and failure. RIP LCN :(
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  19. and I had at least 96 FP, maybe more as I was foolish and paid KANO for items and GF! I'm not happy ...
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  20. Micaylah

    Micaylah Active Member

    I have to agree here. This should have been open for discussion long before the ship had sailed. We might of had some good ideas to contribute. Beta testing would have been a good idea too. :(
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