Crybabies not getting rid of me that easily!

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Tizme, Feb 3, 2011.

  1. Tizme

    Tizme Member

    So you must think you're so big and great, reporting me for using a fake name and getting my account deactivated. BIG WOOP!! Will take alot more than that to get rid of me, whoever you are!

    So just who could it have been..
    I have a lot of names flying round in my head of possible culprits, but who's to know..
    Was it that.. Uhh.. Thomas Edisoiina? The soon to be - Fog Goblin?
    Could it have been that chilly character? Phrigid Phelion?
    Or was it that hackling, cackling, mother of witch.. Mama mk2 or 3 or whatever. Who knows, there's just so many of them!
    It's not just the many Mama's, for all i know it could have been one of the hundreds of her hoan pogging cronies. :confused:

    Anyways, my account may be deactivated for now, but be warned! This will not be the end of me!
    I will rise to the top.. I will take someone like POG down.. And it will be with a WIN!!

    Even if that means i have to start again from scratch! Having no internet kind of hampers my ability to play, or to level and catch up, but where there is a will, there is a way. And unlike Dill with his countless refills, i'll get there.. but that's a bill i'm not willing to pay!
  2. MOJO1916

    MOJO1916 Member

    List of Things That Will Get Your Account Disabled
    * Using more than one account.
    * Using any kind of bot, script, or automated method to play the game for you.
    * Making real-world threats or slander to any other player in the game.

    i dont take slander to well

    havent a clue who this is..or whos been banned
    but i take threats very seriously I will take someone like POG down.. enough of the assine crap
    get it off the forum
  3. MamaMUAHAHA

    MamaMUAHAHA Member

    What on earth are you babbling about?
    And I really hope you are not accusing me of having multiple accounts....
    That's just childish and extremely fatuous...
  4. Kano won't do anything / He even gves the cheats an option to which account gets banned.
    What about the ones with more than one alt ?

    Oh I know / Moan Moan Moan / Whats the point it wont be addressed anyway.

    Give us our money back and close our accounts
  5. Tizme

    Tizme Member

    Not at all, not at all, not at all.
    lern2read already, you did finish school didn't you?
    For someone as old, and with as much wisdom (lol) as you, Mojo without a mojo, one would think you had the mental capacity to manage to spell the word A S S I N I N E
    Oh, and while i'm at it.. You don't take slander too* well. And while you are at it, maybe you should L E A R N T O S P E L L

    Taking you down, dear lady.. As in taking you down from the hitlist. Like so many people have done before me, but unlike them, i so badly want to beat you when i do it!

    And mama, i don't even think you are capable of playing multiple accounts!
    Having them is one thing, but playing them all successfully is a whole 'nother barrel of rotting flesh.
    I merely referred to the 'popularity' of the term "Mama" in so many peoples names.
    One.. Another one.. Another one.. Jeez how many of these are there.

    How can you pretend you don't know who i am? How is it not obvious?
    Has it really been that long since meeting my bhoaner that you've already forgotten?
    That hurts, maybe i need to move my attention down the age scale a bit, where memory isn't as much of an issue.
  6. Tizme

    Tizme Member

    Why thank you Tom, that's a good one. Very Fitting!

    POG ma MHOAN

    Or in keeping with tradition..

    Seems you lot don't have much of a sense of humour, im hoanly avin' a bubble!
    Maybe this would be a suitable time for a MWUH HAH HAHAHA!
  7. MamaMUAHAHA

    MamaMUAHAHA Member

    Oh whatever :rolleyes:
    Think we should stop feeding the Troll now, my Peeps......
    :D :D :D
  8. Tizme

    Tizme Member

    You can stop feeding me, you taste rather unpleasant.
    I am still quite hungry though, and really need to get this god-awful taste out of my mouth.
    Either someone more tasty could continue to feed me, or i could resume talking crap to mask the foul remnance of you in my mouth.

  9. Tizme - Poach ma Bhoaner - Scott Robertson (or Robinson i forgot sorry) aka skawtt Rawbinsun (or something like that spelling)
  10. Tizme

    Tizme Member

    Tizme Lykhoo - POACH ma BHOANER - Scott Robson aka Skawtt Rawbs'n

    Seems some people actually do their homework, very well done Boris. So nearly correct.
    Can we please haz a cookie or something for the first person to join this thread with the slightest idea of what they're talking about.

  11. robson! thats it! i was close :) based in newcastle i believe... birth mark on the left shin... hmmm yes. amazing what googgle finds
  12. Tizme

    Tizme Member

    Eh? What birthmark?
    Are you not referring to the tip of my helmet?

    But that's irrelevant, you sir seem to know your shizz ;)
  13. IGG1NA

    IGG1NA New Member

    OK so we now KNOW "WHO" his errr WAS, and that he'll be BACK, presumably with MULTIPLE accts, which seem easy enough to find and report... Since he's FROZEN, let's just call him a DONUT and move on
  14. Tizme

    Tizme Member

    So IGGINA, does that IGG stand for IGNORANT?
    That was rhetorical btw, no need to answer and advertise your stupidity.

    Your taking a word, and sticking "ina" onto the end of it makes me suspect you are in fact an alt forum account of the one and only pog-goblin, Thomas Edisoiina.

    I don't feel the need to use more than one account anymore, i used alts when learning the game to help me learn quicker by means of repetition and learning from my mistakes.
    (My biggest of which would have to be getting in your face before i was strong enough to actually chew you up after taking a giant bite of that humongous hoan of yours)

    ALLDOH.. You must be NUTS if you think you can usher away all your mindless cronies and leave me alone, thinking i will simply go away.

    Must i really repeat myself?

    (even if i have to start again)
    I will rise to the top. I will take someone like POG down from the hitlist.
    And it will be with a WIN!
  15. icedfate

    icedfate Member

    I think what he meant by taking down Pog was that he intended to play the game and get to a level where he could beat her in pvp combat...........

    in any event, I'm baffled as to how people like pog and dilligaf managed to reach level 1500 in 200 days......what's the secret?
  16. icedfate

    icedfate Member

    asinine has only one S so no offense but maybe you ought to learn to spell lol
  17. Tizme

    Tizme Member

    Two letters + one word..
    UN Refills
    And lots of them!! (and then some)
    They paid real money for UN points to buy refills, to level up ahead of the pack to ensure they had an advantage over the better players that play the standard way.

    Can i please introduce you to a little thing called a play on words.. :eek:

    Hoan = Ass


    If you had any clue who i was you frigid fatality you would be aware that i take great enjoyment out of playing with words, and also birds but that's another story for another day..
  18. MOJO1916

    MOJO1916 Member

    Tooooo easy

    Messager of Death has killed POACH ma BHOANER and claimed your Hit of $120,021,126

    Just like all those many refills you and that silly ape bought with real money to rush ahead of the competition to avoid them having a chance at beating you!

    HOT AIR...drivel and snivel...wha wha wha..whats up nappy rash ??
    oh NO
    its zombie angst...ur DEAD
    Last edited: Feb 9, 2011
  19. Tizme

    Tizme Member

    Check MA sagging Lhoanipples

    Hahahahahaha haha ha na NO
    Your ignorance is quite humorous. Are you not aware you, or you and your cronie followers, have gotten my beloved account deactivated and deleted for having an inaccurate name.
    inb4 denial.

    Do you honestly think i care that an account i no longer have access to has been killed? OH NO!!
    You can get my experience as negative as you wish, i will never be able to gain any more so it makes no difference!
    MONEY VERY WELL SPENT!! Just like all those many refills you and that silly ape bought with real money to rush ahead of the competition to avoid them having a chance at beating you!


    Seems you don't even have the balls to fight people your own level, nevermind 3-4x your level like me!
    I was never scared, you're NOTHING with more money than sense! (oh, and years too)

    I beg you to keep going though, spread all that ingame currency that you probably payed REAL money for too, dish it out to all the slayers brave enough to kill a player not even able to log in to defend himself.

    Don't you feel big and strong. I envy you. Won't you have my babies? We seem to have gotten off on the wrong foot when in fact i feel i could grow to adore you <3
    Your kinky foreplay gets me all excited and i have only achieved that which is in my ingame name. b'doyyng!
  20. Tizme

    Tizme Member

    Is that all i'm really worth to you? ONE POXY KILL!?
    One would think that someone with so so so many billions could afford more than a single hitlist, CHEAPSKATE!!

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