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  1. With all the respective changes or possible changes being considered, is there not an easier crafting system that can be looked at. Surely the system can be made somewhat easier or at least an easier explanation guide!! - There are some players that find this easy.....and a lot that don't have a clue! - Off putting yet again to New players and the like. Why is it that the crafting page shows you items that can Elite or Legendary when technically it will damage totals? - A lot of fuss time looking & checking etc etc before successful. Can it not show them until such times as you no longer use them in Itinery?
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    so you want kano to do it all? sorry but its not that difficult to see what your lowest numbers are before you hit the blacksmith....if there are people that mess their own account up because they dont want to put the time others have into it then thats on them
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  3. Trust you Eric to not try & see what I am getting at - Kano lose a LOT of new players because they do not understand the structure of the game. I am just saying that simpler guide lines could be made or the system made a little easier - I also said that some players (obviously you) find it easy - well sorry to burst your self important bubble, but others don't -
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    its not rocket science is all im saying, wasnt trying to offend you or anyone else. personally id rather see them put time into new content instead of wasting time on something that doesnt need it. we'll just have to agree to disagree
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    I feel the same way, just ask someone who knows how to do it, that is what I do,when I have a question about it, there are plenty if of players who would be happy to explain it. Besides the fact that certain items can be uncrafted if a mistake is made.
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