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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Kendall, Jan 28, 2012.

  1. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    Hey KANO/APPS players and fans, I'm happy to introduce our newest hire, community director Mark Sears! Mark comes to us with 15 years of direct experience managing online gaming communities. Read our latest blog post to find out more about Mark and what he brings to the KANO/APPS community.

    We've been working hard to bring you great gaming experiences and ongoing content updates to all our titles. We've been working so hard at it that we don't get as much time for regularly diving into the community as we'd like, which is our entirely our fault. We're fixing this issue by bringing on Mark as a dedicated interface. As we ramp up Mark over the next few weeks and months, myself and the other developers here will be stepping back a bit in order to keep bringing you more games, more updates and more content.

    I'll let Mark bring you his vision for the direction of the community, but rest assured, our number one priority is to increase our transparency with the players, improve our relationship with the community as a whole, and above all else, listen to your ideas. Mark is actively working on an “Idea Exchange” solution in order to provide an interface for us to better receive player suggestions. We receive hundreds weekly and have no way to properly manage them all and handle everyone’s expectations. An idea exchange system provides us with a way to measure what the majority of players want to see in our games and in the future. Mark will be bringing repeatable process and policies to the organization that help us serve you in a better, more consistent manner. He is evaluating a new “all-in-one” community platform solution to replace vBulletin, which, as we know, is a joy for everyone to use.

    This is an exciting time for all of us at KANO/APPS. We're planning to go full speed ahead with supporting the community and listening to our players. You are why we do this and it's a privilege to do this every day. Thank you!
  2. Welcome Mark Sears,

    Maybe you can start by doing a lot of players happy by removing the latest stunt from ordinary dev(il)s ??

    I'm NOT the only one being a very unhappy bunny about this blue/white stunt :(
    Blue means you can attack and darned white means profiles are locked...
    This really SUCKS!!!!

    It would also be very much appreciated if you could just change half of all 'em darned boring turf wars to so much more fun HIGH ROLLERS.
    Thanks in advance ;)
  3. I dont envy Marks Job.
    My advice, keep a copy of every post ya make Mark, cause it gonna be quoted back at ya 6 months after ya make it.
    Good luck in your new position, and I hope it all goes well.
  4. Das liebe Beil

    Das liebe Beil Well-Known Member

    Good Luck, Mark. I also wish you patience, as appeasing all players will be Sisyphos' Work. And keep Mungrel's words in mind, some here will quote your ancient posts.
  5. momma2.0

    momma2.0 Member

    Welcome Mark :D
  6. gene illugi

    gene illugi Active Member

    Welcome mark , how's your health ? any stomach problems ? make sure they give you a good health plan . your going to need it . lol . best of luck to you .
  7. 011

    011 New Member

    Welcome gyspy
  8. *Toss's Mark a Coca-Cola Zero*
    Welcome to the family​
  9. Gary Schultz

    Gary Schultz New Member

    welcome mark hope soon there will be a new world boss for mob wars lcn and a stamina boost that we can send as gift for zombie slayer
  10. Deltan

    Deltan Member

    Thank you all for the warm welcome and advice! lol.

    I will make a much more in depth post about the plans I have next week! In the meantime, I just wanted to say that I am optimistic we can dramatically improve the communication channels in the coming year. Now you will have a voice, one that sits in the Kano office, I am advocating for you guys, your ideas and game issues. I am also the voice of the company in response. We will certainly hear and see all that you have to share, not everything is going to be implemented, certainly not on the say so of a single person or even a few single persons. We want to make changes that the masses want. Find interesting and unique ideas that have sound arguments and reasoning. It's impossible to please everyone and unfortunately there's just no pleasing some at all. We'll try our best to minimize that however!

    Have a great weekend everyone, looking forward to being in this community and hopefully working with all of you to better the experience for all!
  11. David Nieves

    David Nieves New Member

    Welcome Mark

    Im glad to see kano bring in some help im just hoping with this new add on too the team that HollyWood Zombies gets alittle attention since its been kinda abandon the game really could use alittle renovation Thanks

    and again welcome mark
  12. darcotics

    darcotics New Member


    Mark can I have your LCN link please so I can punch you hourly. thanks

    RJOWNER Member

    welcome we see how this goes...
  14. Bubba

    Bubba Member

    One thing that might increase the number of suggestions would be to create an area within the game itself for a poll of sorts. So many of my clan over the years do not know what the forum is or how to get there. Once there, they give up trying to find anything because it is yet another log in that they have to do/remember. The other comment I get alot from players is that they do not understand how a forum works so they just stay away from them.
    Just one more suggestion for you :)
  15. alka

    alka Banned

    You won't get a true voice from these threads. They are riddled with trolls trying to improve Grand Troll status, control freaks who remove posts if you speak out against their mates and guys who try to intimidate others away from using the forum with threats and bullying!! So a different form of communication is needed to hear the voice of the majority of the guys in this game if you want to improve it, because they don't come to the forum any more, or at least not to make comments here!
    The fighters in this game have been shafted by the increase in energy players to the point where we have no voice and therefore the game have moved futher in the direction of energy players.
    The amount of alt accounts is truly out of hand to the point where Kano now prefer Facebook to do the removal of accounts rather than them ban players and therefore make reporting accounts pointless.
    Players like myself used to spend real money. The above is my reason not to any more and I doubt you get revenue from alts or Energy players!!. I can't see you'll make any improvements to this app that will appease all. Just take into account that there are more alts and energy players here, so the app can only head in one direction, sadly down hill for those who are online a lot with no one to fight. Unless of course you split the game into two parts to please both types of player..haha, I know that's not possible!
    I won't say welcome as I guess you'll make the same mistakes your predecessors have and we'll be left to wonder why you came here in the first place.:confused:
    I will wish you good luck though, because I know you'll need it. :cool:
  16. alka

    alka Banned

    I have suggested this in the past and mentioned that it would be a good way to put the Chat zone to good use.. However, something would need to be done to draw peoples attention to it as most have chat closed down, for obvious reasons..
  17. Chosen One

    Chosen One Member

    i agree with FEMME FATALE 666.
  18. Congrats on the new Job Mark obviously a man that loves a challenge good luck :)
  19. Eraser

    Eraser Member

    Cheers Mark! and congrats on the new gig.

    When you're toying around with the games to get a feel of them. You should play Zombie Slayer on Myspace.... My game needs some attention man! and definatley a good handful of new players.

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