[ZS] Coming Soon: New Zombie Slayer Squad Slot

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Deltan, Feb 9, 2012.

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  1. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    Thanks for chiming in on that one Lance. :)
  2. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    David - what level are you at?
  3. I'm level 1041, and I'm fielding attacks by people who have at a minimum 500 skill points then I do. That makes a huge difference in how I allocate my skill points. I've leveled slowly so I could be prepared for the inevitable eventuality that I would be confronted not only by a smaller fight list, but also by a fight list composed of a wide range of levels. I don't know if the fight range grows wider or not as I gain levels, and truth be told I don't know what the range is currently.

    But you can see what the issue is here. Already, a level 1141 has an advantage on me based on those extra skill points alone. Add an extra squad member and the advantage just increases. That's one of the reasons I suggested adding half the number of new squad and doing so every 300 levels. Adding so many can potentially unbalance a game that has been wonderfully balanced. I've played a lot of games of this nature, including the other Kano games and I left each and every one of them within a few months because they were all about brute force or spending money to compete.

    I've stayed here for 508 days in part because I didn't have to make the effort to add 1000 random friends. I could compete within the rules of the game without having to take out a line of credit.

    I can see some potential with new squad with new abilities, but my cynical mind also sees a cash grab.

    I saw an end to purchasing UN equipment in favor of purchasing properties, and that was very appealing to me, but now, I'm going to have to equip 7 new squad.

    Frankly, at the rate I level the game had gotten boring and if I hadn't discovered the hitlist, I probably would have quit last month. If the issues I have with the added squad members do come to pass, as I suspect they will, I may have to revisit that decision.

    You've done some fantastic things with this game. The world calendars over the past three months along with the hitlist has kept me interested in the game. The balance you've maintained has kept me interested in the game. But I feel that balance is being threatened. The fact that I can compete with paying players has kept me interested in the game. But again, I feel that sense of being competitive threatened.

    I'll just have to wait and see how this plays out.
  4. Relentless

    Relentless Active Member

    I for one, just can not wrap my head around what this all means.

    How will this effect going for bounties?
  5. Jessica

    Jessica Member

    This just seems really messed up. At my level I'll need to buy 11 new hired squad soon as the change happens just to compete with anyone else who does the same. First you messed with energy users now it seems like your going after the people with high stats as if you don't buy the new hired squad all your high stats alone will be meaningless vs anyone who does buy them.
  6. alka

    alka Banned

    My Squad (525) << And it's that low because I chose not to add all the alts to it or every newbee in town!!

    It's about $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$, just be honest, so that's my game screwed cus I told ya your not getting another penny from me while the cheats can set up Energy accounts to mess with us!!!!!!!!!
  7. I have 300 + in my squad. But unlike in other games I didn't feel any pressure to add them. I took my time and added people when I wanted to do so. Anything over 20 was gravy as far as I was concerned.
  8. I fell over and was sick in my mouth
  9. Eraser

    Eraser Member

    Whoaaa Hold on... Brakes!!!! I just woke up from a nice very nice nap.

    I like the idea of having more top squad... but it makes no sense for it to be hired only!!!

    I want more top squad mainly so i can help more people get earnings...

    The hired squad members are already a pain in the butt to me because im constantly having to upgrade them to keep up my squad strength, when i could so easily add a REAL existing player that adds their own attack and defense...

    Is it not asking people enough just to buy more UN items?? You have to pressure them into buying more tops squad members too?

    and what is with the level 3000?? You are going to make an Update that is available only to.... ONE GUY in the entire game... and he's not even happy about it???

    In order to get my stamp of aproval on this.... You'dd have to reduce the level to 150-1500, Allow for real players to be put into the new top-squad positions, and then I would need to know what kind of hired top squad you guys are trying to come out with...

    If Kano needs a little slice of cake to help improve the game... I have posted in these forums 2 suggestions in here that would in turn bring you in big money...

    1. The challenge suggestion I made about 5 reel slots... that would allow people that are unable to level up easily by buying UN refills, an alternate way to level up with UN.

    2. The fighting stance/ Training Dojo suggestion... That would allow folks to have different boost in their attack and defense instead of everyone having the sae 15 percent attack and defense. This would hit like the new characters... The majority of everyone that has a debit card playing this game will simply make a 20 dollar investment right as soon as it releases..

    Really Its sad that 99 out of a hundred people that play zs have never spent a penny (except when the new characters came out) But maybe you should look into WHY they are not spending instead of making a blatent expectation for those who do spend now and again to spend twice or 10 times as much..

    Cheese n rice
  10. Eraser

    Eraser Member

    Oh, and just to answer the question BEFORE you ask "What suggestion threads are you talking about, and where are they" I just took the time to post an new reply in the two threads to put them back at the top of the forum. They are in the suggestions/feedback area. You should find them easy
  11. Way to try to hijack this thread with your ideas, Skywalker, one of which wouldn't put any more money in Kano's pockets then what Kano has already made available. And the other...well, the less said, the better. Money is a side issue when put up alongside concerns about maintaining the delicate balance within the game with the addition of these new squad members.

    I'm glad you agree that adding new squad isn't such a great idea, but slots and fighting stances only serve to cloud the issue.
  12. alka

    alka Banned

    It's simple. Facebook is a free app and companies like KANO want to extract money from a free game in order to improve it( no issues there).
    The problem is, they want us to pay so that others can have it for free without offering us any unique fighting benefits from the free loaders. There is no benefit to buying UN's now because the game is established and people are not racing for the number one spot any more, and we all have a stack of weapons that we bought which are gathering cob webs because they are now useless(need option to sell them back as we paid for them in the first place).
    Apart from that there are stacks of Energy levellers who can get 2 free refills a day, so why would they want to buy UN's?
    What is the point of paying to strengthen yer squad when you'll get listed for attacking an Energy or fake account?

    Ask yerself the question, why have Kano built this app on the basis that Energy levellers benefit over fighters? For example, Energy max is 4k and stam max is 1k. You get a free Energy refill each day but don't get a free stam refill. Daily Rewards are the only way to get extra stam. They add more cities for the energy guys but offer no alternative to an empty fight list for the fighters!
    That said, why would Kano suddenly want to improve our squad strength? Simple, fighters are the only guys who would spend money to improve their game ,so Kano can spend that money to improve the app for the Energy guys!!
    Last edited: Feb 11, 2012
  13. Eraser

    Eraser Member

    Yes, The Idea of adding a slot machine, or ANY other UN friendly way to level up would Bring more cash in. A lot of accounts in zs are just not made for leveling up with stamina or energy refills. They are strong in player vs player stats... or In other cases they have reached the a level that a stamina refill alone will not do the trick.... Many of my friends have told me it will take them 4 and even 5 refills to level up 1 funky time.

    In the 5 reel slot machine suggestion, i made sure to include that it should be UN friendly, allowing folks that just couldnt level up enough with UN before an alternate way to do so... Ultimatley meaning more folks chipping in their fair share instead of 1 percent of players paving the way for the other 99.

    and if you dont think Money is in the focus of this thread... Maybe you should read it again.

    I think more top squad is a great idea... but requiring level 3000 to unlock them, and then HIRED ONLY? I dont like that at all.
  14. alka

    alka Banned

    Next you'll be suggesting we grow crops and have prizes pop up when they grow. You want slots go play some of the many on FB, or go play for real cash.
    We don't want crappy add on's, we want recognition for supporting Kano with our real cash, not more garbage to make us waste more $$.
  15. So what

    So what Member

    yes the imbalance was unfortunate

    as to all the other replys

    the game is a business ....and using it for free while it might be enjoyable for some has to hold some drawbacks to them...as oppose to the contibuting players ( Ask yerself the question, why have Kano built this app on the basis that Energy levellers benefit over fighters? For example, Energy max is 4k and stam max is 1k. You get a free Energy refill each day but don't get a free stam refill. Daily Rewards are the only way to get extra stam. They add more cities for the energy guys but offer no alternative to an empty fight list for the fighters!
    That said, why would Kano suddenly want to improve our squad strength? Simple, fighters are the only guys who would spend money to improve their game ,so Kano can spend that money to improve the app for the Energy guys!!
    and not the FREE energy levellers)

    you cannot expect to have all the same advantages as those who are ( fortunate ) to buy the un and level

    there has to be a positive light on the hard work involved
    i for one am DELIGHTED and when and if i can afford the time id certainly establish all thats available to me.

    hopefully ...it s just a suggestion but hopefully kano will add them to the loyality items as well
    which should soften the blow to those that have subscribed to help the game...
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  16. Except the non playing characters outnumber the paying players by a wide margin. I don't mind paying to support a game, particularly in this case, a game that I really like for a number of reasons, but there is a fine line between making enough money to turn a profit and greed. If the game play balance is adversely affected by this change, then I'm going to have to find another game. And I'm not the only one person who feels this way. Simply put, if we can't compete within the mechanics of the game, as we have done so far, then we're going to see an exodus.

    Fortunately, there will always be new players to replace us. Or at least I think that will be the case. I don't know if it will be in a 1:1 ratio or not, but of course I'm not going to care, as I and many others will be gone. In our own way we contribute to the game and I get really tired of being diminished by paying players for not paying. Without us, there would be no game. No one for you to fight.

    That said, this is the first game I've ever played where I would be willing to spend money, if I could. But that simply isn't feasible at this point.

    I'd be happier if I could just add more real people to my top squad so I could help more of my friends with earnings. I'd still have to purchase equipment for them, but at least I won't have to purchase more top squad.

    Skywalker, you're right. This may be about money. I was focusing on how this change would affect the balance and playability of the game. But I still don't feel that this was the thread to be pimping your ideas. Particularly since they weren't that fantastic.
  17. So what

    So what Member

    your focusing on the top of the tree where they can if they want add 20 to their TOP SQUAD .. ( 18 for me ).the fact that your not that level...or poss lower you have more of a chance of saving up the un as you level to buy them AGAIN for free .....patience and perseverance and you will have them

    the game from start to finish will offer you all you contribute to your game and the way you play it ..there is plenty in my sqd who dont pay to play and are solid characters with GOOD SKILL allocation ....and they have plenty to keep them occupied .
    Last edited: Feb 12, 2012
  18. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    It is not about $$ if it was we would be adding a lot more than 20 hired squad. As others have mentioned in the thread, 1 hired squad per 150 levels is very conservative and is definitely doable with earned UN Credits. With all the new calendars that we have been pushing throw, this makes it even more achievable.

    As for "energy" accounts that have not invested in att/def this will further differentiate those that have built strong characters strength wise.
  19. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    Giving players the option of holding hired squad outside of their Top Squad will make more room for players to put their friends in, instead of sacrificing friends for hired they can go all friends.

    This is not about $$, if it was, we would not have them spaced out at 150 levels and we definitely would offer far more. The hired squad will now be balanced with the friend top squad and will further incentivize players to put skill points into att/def.

    I have not yet read your ideas, if your ideas are in the ideas forum they will be reviewed shortly.
  20. slave

    slave Member

    keep complaining

    so unless your over level 1500, you wont have to worry about buying a single hired gun, just move the ten you have out of top squad and into hired squad, if you only have 9 slots in hired squad, then you will have to keep one behind in top squad, i love seeing the people who are months, maybe even years away from utilizing all 20 hired squad worrying about the un they will have to buy, stop spending it on keys, stamina refills etc and save it for you hired squad. i know how terrible all the fighter accounts feel about this, it will prevent you from attacking up, well maybe not prevent, but you will be supplying even more free xp than you do now until you realize you wont be able to win those battles you used to. will this change the way people make thier builds? probably not, but it should.....
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