[ZS] Come back to life at 1/10 of health

Discussion in 'Ideas' started by God of Bacon, Feb 6, 2013.

  1. polishpimp

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    OK, then i guess were reading 2 entirely different threads. The one im reading by the OP in both his opening post and subsequent posts talks about helping "higher levels" or the" higher u go".

    "Populate the fight list in the lower levels"??? When has this ever been an issue? Fight lists are seemingly endless at those levels. Even more so...most dont even fight back because they are abandoned accounts, so the ambushing and hiding the OP spoke of cant possably be a major factor. The lower levels need nothing further to advance their game...they already are in the most active area of the game, compare that to what the higher levels have to deal with (or the lack there of) and this debate becomes sillier by the second. According to Kano...the fighting aspect aspect of these games is becoming less and less attractive to newer players and is why many of them quit..... we should add to this by the lessening the effectiveness of the strategy that some players employ in order to avoid this aspect?

    your right....quiting the game is not a strategy regardless of level.....but whos to say whether a player has actually quit? I know many players that play very infrequently whether by choice or unavoidable circumstances. Why should they be punished for that?

    Im pretty sure that the OP of this thread is not among the low levels any more and that his intentions were not to help them, especially when he didnt want this idea to even kick in until level 500.
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  2. Eraser

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    another good example of why the thread was posted for ZS. The fight list is incredibly lacking in the higher low levels. All that is there is red. hit, gone, hit, gone, hit, gone. empty fight list, There is a few people playing in it, so you've got those 2 or 3 people to trade 41 attacks with, but for the most part, You're just stumbling over eachothers toes trying to get the most of the 1 hit per person fight list before its empty.

    I didnt read anything about ambushing and hiding in the OP, Ill go back and look at it again, but I think you should too, because he definatly mentions that it would be most helpful for the 500-900 levels. Too me, that is the low levels its lower than the "crowd". You dont hit the fighting crowd until about level 1100 on zs. Thats when you're gonna have more people to go back and forth with them, all of it until then is just a bunch of dead fish.

    You cant even compare a higher level to a lower level in the imporance of a fight list either, As a higher level, if your list is empty, you can alway go fighting down, and use the hitlist. as a lower level, you cant fight down because there is not realy anyone active to hit you back, and you cant fight up because you cant hold your own. You're stuck with whats on that list. (Unless you feel like leveling backwards lol)

    and as far as someone that likes to play on a less than once a month basis, I really dont think they're gonna care about being hit 5 times when they come out of the hospital from healing, versus 1 time. It actually might save their death count, because its a lot more difficult to kill someone from full health that just a little smidgen outside the hospital.

    Edit: I did read his comment about ambushing and hiding. But the idea has no effect on those strategies, as those players are still active, meaning they would heal too offen to be effective. I think the only reason that was even mentioned was this gives you "more options" other than those few that are ambushing you.

    and the place that he clearly states that it would be most helpful in the lower levels, (which it would be) is in a reply to one of my comments in the first page
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  3. You rated this thread a 10/10

    I agree fully... I'm not gonna argue with those who don't but I will say this much, if someone is staying in the grave for more than 24 hours they aren't hiding or stratigizing in anyway they just plain and simple aren't playing...
    so YEAH heal'em up so that maybe the rest of us can
  4. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    Well....I gotta wonder how long its been since either of u were at those levels, I have a ZS account on both MS and FB, one still in that range and the other jst a little passed that....Ive zero problems with a fight list.

    As far as as an infrequent player caring about the increased attacks....thats a mighty big assumption on your part that doesnt seem as if it would affect u much if u were wrong. I think I would rather error on the side of fairness.

    I cant help but find this whole debate a lil weird coming from players no longer in the range that this is supposed to be targeted at.
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  5. Eraser

    Eraser Member

    well, I do want new players to stay playing, thats a befactor for the longevity of the game, as those at the top are leaving, those that are trying to come up are giving up.... that leaves us with the player base falling off on both sides of the middle.

    and just FYI. I do still have my slayer on kong. I set it down because I run out of fight list at about level 100. I do plan on going back over there and wrecking havvoc someday, but for now.... Im just letting other folks do all the paving, and just drive up the road they leave behind them later.

    Its really not all that wild of an assumtion to think someone that plays less than once a month cares how many losses they have, or esp if you're talking about a number as little as 5 every couple of days. 5 losses every other day would add up to a grand total of 912 over a whole year.... but that number multiplied by the number of inactive accounts would mean a would be a huge raise in the experience one could gain trying to make it thru the bog'd down levels between the low and middle.

    I see it as a way to help people advance into the fighting levels. its a 10 from me.
  6. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    Ok, well considering i just told you there was no probs with a fight list at those levels...i just dont see the point. In addition I think its a bad idea for the reasons I listed previously. regardless of the how the numbers may or may not add up its still an assumption as u have no idea how someone in those set of circumstances may or may not feel. Personally if it was me and I was playing a game I very much enjoyed but simply didnt have the time to play it as much as i wished...I def wouldnt want my negative numbers increasing in any way because of some silly rule that penalizes those who cant play as much and nobody else. I guess well just have to agree to disagree on this one. See ya on the next topic ;)
  7. God of Bacon

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    I was still in that fight range about a month ago. Being in that range was actually part of the reason I quit the game for a while about 8-9 months ago. Came back about 2-3 months ago in the 600s. It was horrible. Arena is the reason I stayed, and more so the reason I was able to level out of that barren range.
  8. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    huh...thats weird, u play on FB or MS? Do u play other games or on diff platforms as a higher level?
  9. God of Bacon

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    I play facebook. I have a myspace account, but got bored of that. Fight list started to go bad around level 200-300 there. I'm currently inactive sitting in the 500s if memory serves correct. I tried LCN, but got bored. My account is in the 400s there. Facebook ZS is the only one that can keep me occupied, but I was getting so bored in that level range I thought about stopping the game again. The only reason I came back was because a friend convinced me to, and now that I'm in a good fight range I'm glad I stayed. It's maybe 2-3 people who hit the heal button once or twice a day, and a bunch of inactive accounts just barely out of hospital that I hit once and straight killed.

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