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  1. Hashshashin

    Hashshashin Member

    Cara....I'm sure you know this already, but.....If it wasn't for you I would have quit a few months ago.
  2. Even I would like to thank, cheer for and show my appreciation for Cara along with the things she has done.

    I have a feeling it was probably her that banned each and every one of my banned accounts, no hard feelings whatsoever... I deserved it.

    Maybe even further thanks for allowing me to once again play my Kano Der Towken account, after reporting my final playable account myself.

    This post is pointless, it will just be deleted as my remaining legitimate singular account in each of the games I play is banned.

    I was given the impossible task, there is no chance of me ever reaching 1000 in all 4Kano before Christmas.
    I would've no doubt been banned after managing this impossible task, regardless.

    There is not even much chance of me managing to see this Christmas.

    I cannot talk about that, I just know it is coming.

    Cara rocks, I fail miserably... In a rather miserable manner.


    Forget me, I am a nobody IRL and I am not actually as good at ZS as I once believed.
  3. Tom Rafferty

    Tom Rafferty New Member

    "investigating" - You don't know what it means.
    My missing items and Loyalty points need "investigating" and all you've done is call me a liar.
    You are the reason I stopped buying UN points.
    4 weeks now but then you reinstated Pog so you still have an income - shame she dosen't see that.
    You lot at Kano need "investigating"

    posting on forum.JPG

    Kendalls just as bad - ignores private messages.

  4. Wonder Woman

    Wonder Woman Active Member

    Tom - I spent a lot of time looking into your inventory. We exchanged 24 + messages about this topic. I searched through your account's purchases and inventory. I sent you screen shots showing your purchases and your inventory to prove that there is nothing missing from your account. Everything that you purchased is in your account. I am not calling you a lair. I am showing you what the system shows were your purchases. If there was any kind of issue with regards to this, we would want to fix it asap. Further investigations showed that there is nothing wrong with our system. Your account is as it should be and reflective of all of the purchases that you have made.

    The best place to get a daily response is if you send a message into support. We make every effort to get to all messages within 48 hours.
  5. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    Tom - I too spent time looking through your inventory matching up purchases to items owned and could not find any items that were missing. All items purchased in the past were accounted for in your current inventory. We did go above and beyond to show you what our UN sales records were for your account calling out the items purchased. We have never called you a liar, what we have done is shown you our records and have asked you to further clarify what you think you may be missing because what you have stated we have no record of. Cara is correct the best place to get a response is through support email and if you would like to carry on that conversation there that is where you can do it.
  6. Tom Rafferty

    Tom Rafferty New Member

    When I tell you I purchased certain items and you tell me I did not - This is you calling me a liar.

    I have NEVER taken an item out of my inventory and you say what is there is all I purchased AGAIN calling me a liar.

    Every time you add content to this game something somewhere in the game suffers.

    You are always on about nothing can possibly go wrong but we see you on here apologising for it going wrong.

    I have no reason to lie about what I bought and the crap you showed me in your emails are only backing up what you want to say / those part screen shots could be anyones as I pointed out.

    ..( example )
    Go back a lot of months into my inventory and see that item ( Highlander Gear ) has been reduced to 1
    I bought all of those simply because I am Scottish and was proud to have them whether I needed them or not.

    Kendall you write - Tom - I too spent time looking through your inventory matching up purchases to items owned and could not find any items that were missing.
    Off course you wont, because you are doing same as Cara and believing that your computer is correct. I'm telling you IT ISN'T.

    I sent you message on Loyalty points items that dont add up.

    NOW go look at it again / and just for once - ASSUME I AM TELLING THE TRUTH
    You will then find where your computer had its brain fart.

  7. So what

    So what Member

    Get a grip

    what are you having a pop at me got FB banned and i assisted you then ( obviously a big mistake)

    lots buy rose the ranks..YOU KNOW IT...u cant be levelling without them after level 850

    I too have lost items..( 20 LOGGING VECHICLES )

    .cara sent me the same emails..... nope nothing missing....

    what are you going to do ...throw all your toys out of the box....

    use facebook credits THEY Track ALL your purchases
    im missing cannons..from the un items...they say im not...

    and as for not buying un for 4 weeks....bud....anyone can see threw that

    your still levelling...and you AINT doing that without UN......
  8. Hashshashin

    Hashshashin Member

    I would LOVE it if you would punch me, Kendall :)

    @Tom Rafferty..........*EDIT* Just saw you are Dillgaf. Bro I used to smash you in Mafia Wars LOL....SHUT YOUR TRAP AND QUIT CRYING. You don't deserve special treatment for being the #1 dick weed on Facebook. LOL...

    In regards to "alts" however I think they could do a better job by not believing someone when they say that they have 8 kids that play 8 accounts all from the same computer. That to me, is a bit of hog wash.

    I will end this by saying CARA IS AWESOME! QUIT HATING!
  9. Ahad

    Ahad Member

    UN cost money.

    I have no money whatsoever, I don't deny it.

    Please explain, how is it that I managed this without the use of purchased UN

    I know maths may not be your strongest point, but isn't 932 a greater figure than 850???

    As in... Comes after it?

    Despite the fact that I died however many times trying to catch your bounty?

    In addition to all of the other times I am/was killed?

    This will get me banned because I haven't completed the impossible task of reaching level 1000+ in all 4 Kano games, simultaneously, before Christmas.

    I do not care.
    That's the correct usage of this term, is it not?

    I just like to prove people wrong.

    ^^ That was no joke, no personal dig nor anything else...
    Merely a genuine question.

    How in the, pray tell, did I manage to exceed level 850 without buying any UN?

    Did I really, honestly, actually know

    just hwat to click... And when!?
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