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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by General D, May 25, 2011.

  1. Relentless

    Relentless Active Member

    I think the reason they had to put a cap on helping people is because players have literally made thousands of alt accounts, just so they can "help" them an get the xp from it. While most people do 2 levels a day, others are doing 10. Not half suss as to whats been going on.
  2. AresDeimos

    AresDeimos Member

    this is the worst thing i have seen happen to zombies thus far.. i get killed 20 to 30 times a day the only reason i even am able to level is through challenge help now all you did was make it so all those high levels that list and kill me constantly can now keep me at the level im at ... and to think i brought everyone over from myspace bloodlines to play this app now your simply doing nothing but taking my game away its a shame... its common knowledge that you get killed all you have to do is help 4 people on there challenges and what ever xp you lose you can gain back now what ill spend the next month with neg xp and not leveling if thats the case then im done w this app ill go back to my xbox
  3. i bet challenges will now get played LESS because of this.
  4. General D

    General D Member

    Well i say wait and watch the player numbers plummet i know about a dozen already that are quitting including players that have been on since Kano started your telling me after more than a year you just noticed this no its another way too wreck this game i for one am gonna look for a replacement game i have 800+ squad cause its hard too lvl after lvl 500 very few of us up here so challenge was a big help now it could be days between leveling I think you ruined the game
  5. Joey

    Joey New Member

    Limits on Challenge Help

    I do not understand what prompted the change regarding Challenge Help. Now, once I have helped a certain number of players, I only get 1 xp. This does not begin to make any sense to me. If anything, it will prevent me from helping beyond the 1 xp threshold. Not out of spite, but because I wouldn't want to waste the opportunity for someone else to actually get xp from it. In the end, this will prevent players from getting the bonus chips and bullets for Shooters and Death Deals. Please reconsider this change and revert back to the original set up we have come to expect.
  6. baha

    baha Member

    yes Challenges will be played a lot less because Some of us will not be there !CYA Kano~!!
    I played my game and u have now stated it will not be reworked so U just wrecked it for me~! TOTALLY ~!
    I enjoyed a YEAR of the ppl and players Good and Bad but this is JUST WRONG~!!
    I personally have leveled best with World bosses but I can and Did 2 lvls a day without any ALTS to boost my play~!! PPL who know me Know how I go out of my way to help But obviously I don't play the way the whiners do~!
  7. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    huh......seems a lil unfair to the newer players that didnt get to take advantage of this "bug".

    I dont understand how or why u compare it to boss help, although the initial xp drops off for joining a boss battle.....u still get xp if u choose to continue hitting the boss.

    Does seem to limit the players that focus on the non-PVP aspect of the game.

    The xp that was gained by a "challenge help" was inline with the corresponding level.....where was the abuse? Is it that there was not enough "challenge helps" available to the masses because too many focused on this aspect?
  8. AresDeimos

    AresDeimos Member

    instead of ruin this game i think you need to do something like work on the buig thats been talked about forever as to how a higher level can kill and kill new players over and over again.. but nope now you made it so alll those new players have to stay that low even longer and get hit on even more by them... this is a game breaker this update alone ruined the app for me for i bulit my acct around what was available for me now you take it away and its to late to change my acct its almost a level 500.....
  9. General D

    General D Member

    If you cap everything how are the People above level say 700 supposed too level half the time my FL is empty or people hundreds of lvls above me i used my help too lvl now thats gone i'm not gonna sit here staring at the screen with nothing too do i'm done with this game
  10. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    For those that were using the Challenge Help to level then yes you will be very upset with this change and understandably. But this was a bug, the intent of the Challenges were not to level off of them alone, it was to give a nice bonus for helping out a few friends.

    If you have played for a year, and the Challenge Help is what you enjoyed the most then likely this game is not for you. I do apologize for not fixing this sooner, but I do not apologize for fixing this issue, it was required to keep the balance in the game. Leveling off of help alone could potentially throw off and wreck the game.
  11. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    For those that are concerned with automation, I hope that you could see if we left the limit where issues could come into play.

    We are not making this change for the sake of making it.
  12. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    Was this changed in all the games?

    are u saying that a single player was able to do all of another players challenge helps , or merely that a single player was jumping from one challenge help to the next? if its the latter....shouldnt it be first come first serve like every other aspect of the games?
  13. baha

    baha Member

    Kendall I did not USE the challenges to LVL but they are of value in the way I play~! I have to TROLL the list Almost hourly to get enough to do any Lvling but if u see some way that Thats abusive I will not play it at all~!
  14. AlterEgoT

    AlterEgoT Well-Known Member

    ok fine you've fixed the "bug" great. now fix the fight list so we have something to do.
  15. AresDeimos

    AresDeimos Member

    the only reason i have to use it to level is because you have yet to fix the bug where i can be killed over and over again it wasent a big deal to me they kill me i do challenges and get my lost xp back.. all you did was make it so the new players in the game have no chance to get anywhere near the highers... fix the bugs that have been discussed for months not the only thing helping out everysingle person in the game
  16. Ace

    Ace Member

    Am I the only one who actually agrees with Kano's measure? The way it was, anyone could create 100000 accounts with a bot and level up almost unlimitedly. I'm glad it got fixed.
  17. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    If a friend had 1000 players and all posted help, he could go through all 1000 friends and get a big bonus for XP help that would equal levels.

    Having a hole like this encourages people to look for ways to abuse the system and that is what happened. This hole had to be shut down.
  18. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    LOL....the killed over and over bug, sorry .....but i dont think thats a bug my friend
  19. You already have a number of players using Multiple accounts every single day on ZS..... It's pretty easy to sort those out.... They are all over the place.
  20. General D

    General D Member

    well when you only get max 180xp in a fight and only first 5 the it spirals down and you only ever have maybe 5 ppl too fight at any one time 750xp for challenges helps big time now its capped gonna take forever too level and theres alot of down time as it is i say looking for another game this one is over

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