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  1. Mercedes Desiree

    Mercedes Desiree New Member

    I no a lot of people play this game Zombie, was thinking about playing but I decided not to cause of what's been going and hearing from others how some of the players on there that likes to keep on attacking and attacking non stop and some people don't think it's being bully by other players that are 10x stronger and higher level then you...

    It's kinda sad how people take the game out of content and don't no how to have fun and just enjoy the game. Why go around having half the clan keep on attacking, punching and anything else, if that person ain't attacking you back then that should tell you something... like move on? Find someone else to pick on, everybody isn't going to be strong or build there characters the same as others.

    But something should be done about the situation when you have clans and other people attacking the same person and that person hasn't attacked you or bother you to begin with.

    Going around pushing your weight for the hell doesn't mean nothing and it's kinda lame and stupid to do it. Really is unfair and isn't cause for to be doing that to someone. Some people might not agree with my post and some may agree with it, I just call it like I see it and my friends be having issues with it and I hope something does be done about it!
  2. Relentless

    Relentless Active Member

    In Zombie Slayer you can only attack someone 41 times with in 24hrs. So you can't just keep on "attacking and attacking non stop".

    Really, if you're not even gonna give the game a chance, your not really in any place to go saying what should or shouldn't happen. Many people play Zs and enjoy it. Sure there are things that can be improved and that is why the forum is here.

    There are plenty of things your friend can do to help them-self, maybe they should come and post here giving us an idea of what the problem is and others may be willing to try and help them improve their game so they can enjoy it.
  3. JADES

    JADES Well-Known Member

    To funny it's a game, BTW I like how you put link up to add.
  4. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    Sounds like not playing ZS was the right decision for you. Although i totally disagree with your reasoning's that its unfortunate that players work together....after all, these are social networking games and success is largely contingent on loyal and like minded friends. What I find odd though is that u picked ZS to point out your "bullying" viewpoint as its the Kano game that is least likely for things like u mentioned to happen. In the end I hope u remember that these are games in which higher levels can only mess with u on a pretty limited basis and even then you are very unlikely to show up on their radar unless u did something to them or theirs....its all just part of the games, choose your friends wisely and think before u act. The highest of levels have less than others to do...they are chomping at the bit to come to the aid of friends and gain better stats, dont give them a reason and you should do just fine. Dont forget....most players regardless of their level all went through the same thing.
  5. slave

    slave Member

    i cant bully you.....unless you do something to me first

    so not sure how you think all these people can be bullying anyone....
  6. You just punched in the face Mercedes The Ace and dealt 28 damage.

    I'm not a bully, I just have a strange way of saying "HELLO" lol

    Your Message: Lets be Squad allies, add me. ;)
  7. Logan Szafryk

    Logan Szafryk New Member

    I remember a few months ago when a player who was 1000+ levels higher than me could attack me all the time. Its always players that are a higher level than you that attacks you, making up for the lack of power in real life i guess. I don't attack any other players because i don't feel the need to.
  8. slave

    slave Member

    logan, again any action that any one takes out of your fight range, has to be instigated by you first
    if they punch you and you dont punch back they cant attack
    if they list you and you dont fight back, list back ambush or booby trap, they cant attack

    the first action you take in retaliation allows them to give it to you up to 41 times
    dont wanna high level attacking you, then dont punch or attack them back, leave them alone and they will find another sucker who will
  9. Lucian Costa

    Lucian Costa New Member

    It seems to me people can always hitlist and punch you and there's plenty of people out there, who save the link of someone lower level and just relentlessly harass them for "fun". Also, as far as I know, the 41 attack is the limit to number of attacks that give experience. The bullies don't care about that. They are there for a reason, and it has nothing to do with playing the game, developing their character or similar things. They have an entirely different motivation, which I doubt the vast majority of us will ever be capable of understanding.

    Our guild is peaceful, but having major problems with a couple of other guilds, where players are making unprovoked and repeated attacks, taking advantage of the level gap to kill lower level players whose link they can obtain. One of my friends has been "stalked" like that by two high-level players for several months. At the moment, I am not being attacked like that myself anywhere, but it seems it is more common in ZS compared to the other three Kano games I play. However, this is based on 8 months of experience, so I may not have been around long enough to accurately make that evaluation.
  10. Relentless

    Relentless Active Member

    You only get XP from the first 20 attacks, the second 20 you don't get any XP. You can't really bully anyone with attacks in ZS because it is capped at 41 attacks within 24hrs. I agree that being punched and listed non stop by people you've done nothing to, gets old fast and has already driven many people from the game. There is a reason why the fight lists dries up fast after you hit level 300.
  11. Linda

    Linda Guest

    Top Poster Of Month

    If you really think that only happens in ZS, ya are sooooooo wrong, and if you think only high levels attack, wrong again, in one game I have three or four low levels who constantly attack me cause they want me to list them so they can collect it off one another, and I refuse to do it, so they get frustrated and list me, after they bring my health down with 20 to 30 attacks, usually when I am offline, so I beat them to a pulp over and over and over, kill them , keep killing them and they keep coming back. I mean after I kill them I cannot attack them anymore but there they are right on schedule, very Odd people lmao
  12. Logan Szafryk

    Logan Szafryk New Member

    I never attack them back, it mostly happened when i was offline. Although that is in the past and does not happen as much, so it is not relevant.
  13. jgbrowning

    jgbrowning New Member

    As someone who's been hitlisted 7 times today, yeah, I'm tired of the bullying as well.

    The guy attacked me 41 times and then enlisted his friends to hitlist me over and over so he could keep attacking.

    IMO, the purpose of the game is fun, and well, people who are being bullied by All Attack no Defense builds are having less fun than they should be.

    Oh, in the time it took me to write this message, I got hitlisted again and killed.

    So yeah, Bullying exists and frankly should be taken out to the shed and removed from the gam.

    This is from the one guy: "35 attacks,59 hitlist attacks,1 hit,2 punches in 3 days" and the "3 days" part is really more like "past 3 hours".

    His buddy: "5 hitlist attacks,7 hits,1 punch in 29 minutes"

    And Kano, I've paid you guys to play. I like supporting games I enjoy. This behavior is making me not enjoy the game which will result in you guys earning less money. You may want to think about ways of reducing negative behaviors with potential negative revenue consequences.

    joe b.
  14. The Protector

    The Protector Banned

    Hitlisting is part of the game...

    Always has been.

    No such thing as overhitlisting in the game.

    That's why I think the protection thing is bull..but whatever.
  15. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    LMAO! So what do u suggest? That the "fun" u speak of is what u consider to be fun? Perhaps my idea of fun is exactly what your complaining about.....does my idea of "fun" not count? Perhaps there should be limits on how many SP can be allocated to any particular attribute and limits on on the number of times we can perform any particular action on a particular player? At least then we will all be equal despite what we do and how we do it ...right? Better yet....How about we dont get to make any decisions ...we can just send Kano our money and have them hit the auto pilot switch. Sy, but he numbers u have quoted are nothing and dont even come close to constituting bullying. These are fighting games that reward kicking each others asses, if u dont like it or are simply not as good at it than others , does not make it wrong.....it means u need to work at it more or play another game.
  16. Jared

    Jared Well-Known Member

    I must say that I can see the points of Polish and TP (which is rare, lol)... I have finally gotten myself to a point where I can dish out as well as take punishment... and Kano has already put things into the games to keep this from being even more of an issue (such as 30 day new player protection, griefer protection, increasing hitlist/bounty costs within a 24 hour period, etc.) Not to be a total jerk, I generally only attack off of my rival lists, but of course, you can attack anyone at any time within the limits already in place... I have also found that this "bullying" tends to subside over time, so you can ride it out while working on making your account stronger in battles/fights
  17. There Will Be Blood

    There Will Be Blood Active Member

    Here's an idea: PLAY THE GAME! Fight back, punch, ambush, boobytrap, hitlist and build up your character. If you cannot afford to hitlist then hunt the list to make money, then go and chain list some jerks. Rally your friends to help you attack/punch/list/kill. It's not bullying, it's the game. This is what the game is. Play it. Sure, you can click the outbreak and boss fight button a few times and call it a day, but that's not really playing now, is it? If that's all you want out of the game then you should move along.
  18. slave

    slave Member

    i hope you dont feel that 59 hitlist attacks is bullying.....those arent even in the equation, when you go on the hitlist your fair game to anyone and everyone

    so really he attacked you 35 times, placed one hit and punched you twice....you think thats being bullied?
    he could have attacked you 41 times, hitlisted you a hundred and punched you 72 times in 3 days....
    and thats still not being bullied
    you might think it is but its not, eveyr time your hitlisted your price goes up incrementally, so for each successive hit someone is paying more and more coin to do it....
    i hear farmville is looking for active farmers....
  19. WTF Zombie Slayer

    WTF Zombie Slayer New Member

    I've been having some problems with people lately , I attacked this guy to finish my daily GP and I've done it before as well I knew I was going to lose but I was just trying to finish my GP and he started attacking me and wont stop its been a good two weeks now and he wont leave me alone I cant do anything about it and I cant get away from him so anytime I heal up to do anything I'm dead with in an hour. He is a lower level then me but I still lose every fight with him this is why there should be a "request to ban" feature because for people trying to have fun people like this are attacking people like me because they know they will always win which isn't fun for me because I'm always getting attacked by him and his squad. This is why I would like a longer wait between attacks/attack X number of times and have to wait a few days to attack again or a ban feature. if you can help me attack him please --->
  20. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member


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