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  1. OdinsRage

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    Ive been having a lot of issues with players ALOT lower than me somehow attacking me or bounty attacking me and when I attack them back(why not) they cry bully and get all their fellow lower level players to attack you. Eventually half of your rivals list is full of people hundreds of levels below you who are screaming that you are a bully and constantly asking others to attack you or declan you because you're a bully. Now there's been plenty of times when Ive been attacked by lower levels(boutny or otherwise) and they send a message saying it was a mistake or they offer a truce, I'll let it go. But when they start attacking you back and sending some of those ridiculous messages 'are u on a suicide mission?' etc or getting other lower levels to attack you....what are you supposed to do? Now you got people out there thinking you're a 'bully' whatever the hell that even is in a game where you're supposed to attack and 'kill'other 'vikings'. It pisses me off because I've made it lvl 1000+ with no leveling partner and now people start declanning you all because someone who had no business attacking you in the first place got all poopie pants because they did something stupid. WTF? anyone else have this problem?
  2. yea we need more messages

    some like u axe slap u die
    or go and cry about to your Clan :D
  3. OdinsRage

    OdinsRage New Member

    LOL, i like the go cry to ur clan one
  4. LOL at "u axe slap u die"
    stealing a page from mob wars there are you jack
  5. yea why not lol
  6. yes i have this problem as well.i wish there were a way that would actually show just who either started the attacks or who is attacking more often.this way everyone would know just who the real bully is and whos a liar.
  7. stevesmith1966

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    Hi Guys,

    Just to let you know - I am still having problems with a senile prat by the name of odins law, he wont give up the attacks or his personal vendetta against me.

    is there anything that can be done against this individual? his recent battle log against me is:-

    Odins laws, Level 353
    65 attacks,1 bounty,3 axe slaps, this is the latest in a long line going back over the past 2 weeks and to be honest im getting rather pissed off about it
  8. SeraphAngel

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    Yes..everyone i believe has had the same problem with lowers at one time or another. I know i did, but i just took advantage of the situation. I don't care if they whine or not, if you attack me..then i will attack you back, win or lose. The lowers ending up on your rival list is a good thing, take advantage of it. You can use them to bounty their azzes for your awards, ya they will whine about, big deal, it's a game, and sooner or later when they all get higher, they in turn will take same advantages. I would'nt worry about their whining azzes. Furthermore, i don't care if they call me a bully or not. It's an F'n game for godsakes, people need to stop taking it so personal. None of the whiners would ever make it in Mobsters, thats for sure. I will be Ruthless when I need to be, whether I win or lose. It's all part of the game. All part of the strategy. So my advice to you is Take advantage of the situation!! and let the whiners whine..they can either stand the heat or get out of the kitchen..LOL to the whiners...Waaaaaaaa ~SeraphAngel~
  9. Vampryss

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    Please tell me you're not upset over 65 attacks.. LOL.. If this person is attacking so much you must be giving them exp & they are using you to level.. I would & do if thats the case.. does this make me a bully? probably to some people.. 65 is nothing.. even the below is nothing compared to some battles.. if you are wining the fights go with it & let them level you up.. if you are losing, attack back, set counters etc..

    RedHorseShoe Magnus Barelegs has 167 attack(s) on you (In 7 hours). You have 126 attack(s) on RedHorseShoe Magnus Barelegs (In 15 hours)
  10. AyrlieofRemora

    AyrlieofRemora New Member

    try setting up counter attacks and bounty traps on them.
  11. unduki

    unduki New Member

    I'm experiencing just the opposite. I have higher levels attacking me that I've never seen before. I never attacked them and if I try to retaliate, I'm given a message that they are out of range and attacking them will open me up for attack. But, I never attacked them in the first place.

    Within my guild, there are two low level players who are being bountied by a player on level 1616. They never attacked him. How is this possible? Is there a cheat floating around out there?
  12. level 300 and higher you can be bountied by anyone.

    but actually getting ATTACKED that shouldnt happen unless your on bounty or did an attack or slap.
  13. Wonder Woman

    Wonder Woman Active Member

    Anyone who is over a minimum level (300) can be bountied by any players at any level. If you are below that level, then players who are less than 2 times your level can bounty you (example I am level 50, I can only be bountied by players who are level 100 or less). If the lower level does not retaliate, then that higher level player cannot attack. If a lower level attacks an out of range higher level player, they will be up for attack until either the higher level kills them or the 24-hr retaliation window expires.

    You can find this and other information on the FAQ.
  14. Das liebe Beil

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    Arthur Runolf Nikulasson has 4896 attack(s) against you in 7 days.
    You have 5159 attack(s) on Arthur Runolf Nikulasson in 7 days.

    So much for crying about 65 attacks. Arthur has a reason to cry, I have over 250 attacks more on him than he has on me.

    I don't have the problems of lower levels attacking me over and over and getting other midgets to do the same, if I had, I would slap them once in a while, sit on the heal button and get myself some xp. I have some midgets attacking me, it's rather funny, and when I'm bored of them, I list them.

    My tip is to laugh at the midgets and get yourself clan otherwhere, as long as they can't beat you, humour yourself by healing and let them level you.

    Oh and if a higher level attacks/bounties you, quit whining. It's a fighting and killing game. Don't be surprised when someone actually kills you. I have taken to bountying people at random, or giving people slaps to see if they are stupid enough to retaliate against someone 500 and more levels above them. If they are, well, their fault, I'm not above exploiting the stupidity of others.
  15. SkylerF

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    Odins Law? I think I've attacked him too. But I think I killed him on my second hit and can't mess with him again until he hits me again...

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