Boss Filtering for all Kano Games.

Discussion in 'Rejected Ideas' started by Jon Ward, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. Jon Ward

    Jon Ward Well-Known Member

    Many players have active bosses posted lets say 3 hrs ago and you help those players. But you go back thru your feed 3 hrs later and you will see other players all of a sudden now who posted at the same time for there bosses but because of the way information is pulled from the game you seem to see a selective number of players at a given time. And since you did not see those players at that time you missed out on helping on there bosses because other players were able to fill them or they needed help. Or you would have been able to help them 3 hrs ago but 3 hrs later your out of stamina. Here is the easiest solution possible the Boss tab when clicked a second time will drop down a second tab listed with every boss kano has put into the game. Hopefully by doing this all active bosses posted by players at any given time should float right into the respective boss name. Sea Hydra Makemake Nautiulus etc.

    These are the Pros of having the boss filtering this way.

    1. Hopefully doing the boss filtering this way you will not see the collect reward for those bosses anymore nor the world boss posts since they will only be seen possibly in the main boss tab. Instead of by specific bosses.

    2. Adding this feature should make it more quicker and faster.

    3. Crafting feature in the game. By having the filtered bosses this way you can customize your gifts accordingly for the day the wishlist ones since you will be seeing the active bosses in the tab. So if you can only find a lot of ancient nautiulus or sea hydra's you can start having players send you those free gifts to build up to craft. Many players in the game still do not realize crafting is a big part of the game and will make you stronger. Sooner or later your going to match up with players who have the same items with you. And your going to have to move onto elite and legendary items to craft so every single boss will help when posted.

    4. Having them all categorized by the name of the bosses if any individual posts a boss for help hopefully you will be able to see them all in that boss named tab. A lot of us have noticed that some people post bosses at the same time as others but you do not see there boss for 3 or 5 hrs later and by then you could be out of stamina and cannot help that player out. Better chance at the possibility of seeing them all instead of a selected few at a time drawn by the way there current system works.

    5. No longer having to scroll constantly the main boss feed and see all the dead links and losing your place since once you help a boss you have to rescroll constantly the list again and go all the way down pages and hours of all different bosses.

    Cons of having them this way.

    1. Only possible con that has been brought up is boss hoggers or people who target a specific boss. But the solution to that is the sliders kano gave us. If you use them then you will not have players kill your bosses so fast. And you have 49 spots to fill in a boss and a lot of players do try to get 49 players on there bosses especially when they become higher. And not everyone has the same friends as one another. One person might get a higher level boss one hour and then the next hour they find only lower ones it will always vary by people's postings. But this is still a possible con.

    All feedback and suggestions welcome. This idea has been brought up many times by numerous players in the kano's games for a feature as this. Doing it by pros and cons will hopefully let people see what the possibility of how great of a feature addition in kano's games can be. Please share this idea with your respective groups on the kano' games i know a lot of us out there belong to certain groups that talk about the games and help one another. The bigger the ratings and votes the possible chance kano will approve it.
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    As you probably know i posted this also twice already.
    10 stars for obvious reasons lol
  3. Maler

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    maybe your post will get better perception. 10 stars.
  4. Old Salt

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    Basically this is the same way they categorized the "event" tab into gifts-challenges-adventures etc. You just want to do it with a boss tab. Sounds like a good idea. Ten stars.
  5. Jon Ward

    Jon Ward Well-Known Member

    That would be correct Old Salt. And like i said hopefully doing it this way you can move thru the game faster and for players who have slower connections it might be a huge advantage to them. Loading wise. Never thougt about that until now. Since myself i have wi. But there is another pro on it.
  6. PaganWench

    PaganWench Active Member

    Very well thought out, Jon, and maybe it will give us an easier way to find the Bosses buried under all the junk Collect and World Boss posts. 10/10 from me :)
  7. DoNRaDu

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  8. meandyou

    meandyou Banned

    i am happy the way it is but if it helps the majority worth a ten for that
  9. DoNRaDu

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  10. Sour_Rubbish

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    10 stars)))))))
  11. DoNRaDu

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    3rd time i'm bumping this thread now...
    yes, im keeping track :D
  12. Deltan

    Deltan Member

    Rejected. This is a good idea. However, dev has determined that polling all alliance members in the system in order to make this work is not scalable and would dramatically decrease the performance of the game for all players. Perhaps something we will consider for future Kano titles. ;)

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