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    bosses have defenses too you know... the only things that help you in that battle are the weapons you have equipped, your attack strength, and your HP. But for every level the boss gains, he too gains better def/attack/hp (notably HP)
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    It is down to health... I kept everything else constant, other than health, at first, when i had 100 health, i was dealing 86-103 damage Per Power Attack. Now I have 3000 health, i deal 3000-7000 Per Power Attack depending on the boss.

    Attack and defence, are only for the normal attacks on bosses. coupled with health.

    If your attack and defence value is higher than the current power attack, 5 normal attacks would be more effective than 1 power attack.

    To kill bosses quickly, Upgrade Health, Attack, Stamina (so you can attack regularly. Defence only lowers the damage you receive from the bosses, which can be easily bought via healing elixir.

    I have a friend with 1000 attack, 1000 defence, 10000 health, and just over 700 stamina, and he does over 15k damage per attack, on the weaker bosses, 10-12k on the minotaur and the one previous to it. as they have higher base defence and health.

    Hope this helped
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    Well, I hope this solved the issue on damaging bosses =]
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    thanks! don't think i'm going to put much into attack and defense still, but it's nice to know what goes where when I'm attacking the bosses. and right now, with 11000 health and 1010 stamina, does it really matter that much? lol!

    Is this after the new updates on the bosses? just wondering.
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    Sounds like we need to add some more info to our help on how the stats impact boss/fights. I will put that on the list. But isn't part of the fun figuring it out? :)

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