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    I've noticed on some of the higher lvl bosses, such as the Dogsledder and Moutaineer, there is no way to achieve the 100% min boss drop requirements. It does not exist. So, I hit the min number of two hits, thinking I will get the boss kill drops when the boss is defeated, but the items do not show up.

    What gives?
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    We all like you Jess.

    As for the answer: If you see you can't do the minimum damage on boss (btw you have a tab named "Rewards" there and you can see how much damage you can do before you can get your reward) just don't attack it if you can't handle it. My 2 cent, sorry.
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    They need to bring the min dam rewards back. I felt like I had a shot then at least.
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    Ice Ball Cannon
    x 23


    254 (+4)


    9 (+4)
    I had 50 of these the other day, they are currently at the top of my destructive list so going fast, dont know what you guys are talking about but im gettnig drops....
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    I was talking about the boss kill drops.

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