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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Gaara Giddor, Oct 24, 2011.

  1. Rex Hayward

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    i started playing yesterday,been 2 full days ,i dont know what stratergy i am following yet but i have made it to lvl 122 .health 2750. energy 226 .stamina 116 attack 656 .total defense 398 ..all fp are going on limited weapons and such.i will worry about hire chieftains a little down the track...and i am actually enjoying the game:cool:
  2. Doug1202

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    u need to worry about hire chieftains now its better for u to build a stronger acnt and easier to level up and i agree with this guys lot of stam ,healt and attack so u can be a boss blaster i think is the beest way to level up u get ok xp and good boss drops
  3. Jon Ward

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    There is numerous ways to be one of the best players in the game but it has to suit your game style of playing. Remember even though you want to be a boss blaster. There will be times were you cannot always find the best bosses everyday so you will need to take that into a factor also.
  4. Demonik1

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    if you can, try and keep your stamina the same as your current level...youll thank me later for that one....all other stats really depend on how you play...personally i could care less about defense, who can beat me has never bothered me but there are some that cant stand to figure out what suits you best and go from there
  5. Here's my two cents. If I were starting over today and wanted to some day be at or near the top of the leader board, or, just be able to beat anyone at my level or several hundreds of levels higher, I would focus on #1 stamina, #2 attack and #3 health. I would increase energy along the way, but would not go over about 590 total until I was at least level 8k. lol

    NO skill points to defense. Here's why. #1 You have more to devote to the top three areas #2 While you may loose to almost everyone, because you have no defense, they will get horrible exp. from hitting you and probably stop. #3 Since your attack will be so high, you will be beating rivals hundreds or even thousands of levels higher than you and YOU will get amazing exp. from them.

    Now, you will have defense to some degree if you use your high stamina to kill bosses with drops worth having. Those drops are vital to your success, just ask the previous #1 & #2 players of olden days. They chose not to go after bosses and now linger just outside of the top ten I believe.

    Just my two cents, take it for what it's worth and good luck.
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  6. Oh, one more thing. Once you have achieved the level you want and can beat all comers, THEN add to your defense. Preferably with skill points you have been hoarding for a while so that the impact is sudden and great.

    And I agree with who ever said do not spend your god points on limited items until you have ALL of your hired chieftains. Wish someone had told me that when I first started. As tempting as they are, having one of any thing isn't all that effective. Boss and adventure drops are fine substitutes until the day you have all your chiefs.
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  7. Grand Master Fielding

    Grand Master Fielding Active Member

    Oh so that is why you used to tell your clan members to get rid of all their drops huh?
  8. hahaha lmao .. i saw so many give they boss away and dont attack them at all so they dont get any boss drops from they own bosses lol strange thing..
    about new boss system .. i have keep forgeting to set max damage so my boss die fast and its annoying .. that everytime i set my boss for attack in public i have to set max damage lol ??
    before was better !!!-if i want more vikings to get drops than i set min damage ..
  9. John Gilli

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    One problem with not adding any defense. All those high levels that you can suddenly beat will just stick on counter attacks, making it unrewarding to continue. I refer to those players as gnats, as they bug me about the same way. They become a nuisance. And good bounty targets. Just something else to consider ;-)
  10. polishpimp

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    limited items r a huge mistake at your level, hired chiefs are critical regardless of your strategy.
  11. carylt

    carylt New Member

    this is such a helpful thread,i see im a towel so need to become a tank..ty xx
  12. kayjay

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    good luck !
  13. vikingclanstar

    vikingclanstar New Member

    the character I'm now building is level 261 with 700 attack, 3000 health, and 250 stamina; no skill points spent on defense and only 72 on energy so far. The only problem I got so far is building up chieftains, been spending FP on hired chieftains whenever possible but trying to find invites from players have not been easy.

    I need to figure out how to spend skill point for the next several levels? Should I go for 1500 stamina points before I put any more skill points in health and/or attack? I only spending minimal skill points in energy as necessary just to do the new job.
  14. Linda

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    energy needs attention for sure, when you level you get a 500 refil and defense can use some help soon you are gonna need it and be sure to do bosses, the min damage is needed on a boss, so for that you need stamina, that is my opinion, also health is fine for now lol

    you can spread out your skill points each time you level , every other level throw it into energy

    Just had a thought ::::
    BTW if you are a real new player depending on when you started, you may have been under the 30 day protection for new players ,and if so ya better get working on that defense
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  15. The problem with builds for you, and any other player, is that I have no clue what you want to do with your character. Do you want to kill other players? Do you want to kill bosses? Do you want to do adventures and kill bosses while preventing other players from beating up on you?

    If you want to kill other players, then focus on your attack and stamina. You can always use counter attacks as defense, but if you don't like to use counters, then put points into defense. I've had a couple of high level friends on FB tell me balanced is the best way to go. If you have 700 attack, you'll want 700 defense then.

    My own character is personally more attack heavy than defense. I bounty hunt and I do just fine with that set up, but I also lose battles easier due to my low defense.

    If you want to kill bosses, then pump stamina and health. The higher your health, the more damage you do to bosses. The higher your stamina, the more hits you can do on bosses.

    The general consensus is to keep your health at 10x your level. At level 261, you'd want 2,610 health or higher. You have 3,000 so I'd say you're good for now. For stamina, the agreement seems to be to keep it around your level. At level 261, you'd want to have 261 stamina or higher.

    My own character has a lot of health and my stamina is within the general vicinity of my level. (I neglected stamina in an effort to try and raise my defense during a war.)

    If you just want to do adventures and challenges, bosses, while avoiding player battles, then I'd say pump health, defense and energy and stamina. You can raise attack, but it won't be as necessary unless you're attacking other players.

    It all depends on what you want to do in game. I've personally stopped raising my energy after 550. It's enough to do adventures and since there's 20-30 level gaps in between each new adventure, I have plenty of time to 100% each adventure even with my small amount of energy.

    Of course, the higher your energy, the more the energy boosts and daily rewards for energy will restore. Same for Stamina. Also the higher your energy, the more times you can do adventures and get some of the better drops as you get into the higher levels.
  16. Very well said :)
  17. Mikey Reborn

    Mikey Reborn New Member

    [ low defense obviously means youll get beat more easily but attackers will also gain less exp ]

    this is good... i like this.. helps me out on why i get different ammounts of xp per attack.
  18. This is a mechanic of the game that is being looked at and changed as appropriate, look out for the weekly TGIF threads as it explains that in there :)
  19. The Protector

    The Protector Banned

    OK.The towel build will no longer give as much of the benefit of attackers gaining low XP.However,it's still the best speed level build.But the system will only change to give a certain minimum % of XP per level range.So you could very well be gaining better xp than your attacker.If speed leveling is what you want,go with the towel.
  20. vikingclanstar

    vikingclanstar New Member

    I work FT job so I don't have time to attack all the time. But I been trying to keep stamina at the same number as my level, health at 10x level, and pour rest into attack whenever possible. (I usually hoard skill points too.) My main focus is keep recruiting chieftains, as I only got ~240 (both recruited and hired) right now.

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