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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Eric, Jun 13, 2012.

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  1. alka

    alka Banned

    Thank for deleting my post.
    Not sure what was wrong with it, other than pointing out that I would still be in the game (and no doubt so would others) had Kano done it's job in the first place.

    BTW, the 345 attacks were in 16 seconds. Is that a new record?
  2. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    Or is it u that hasn't thought things though and that sucks? Did u not take note of the start time when u signed on for the arena? Have u not read one of the dozen posts by Kano that they will be alternating the start times to make it as far as they can for everyone? Dont forget...what ever start time that would be perfect for gonna "suck" for the guy on the other side of the planet.
  3. Jon Ward

    Jon Ward Well-Known Member

    You know you cannot name players as having multiple accounts or accuse them. If you have an issue of that nature it needs to go to support.
  4. alka

    alka Banned

    The name did not identify the person(s) as we use nick names in BL to hide identity.
    Can you explain how 2 people can have the same name in Battle Arena?
    And don't you find it strange that you kill someone and 5 seconds later you get attacked by someone with the same name, knocking 200 million off your health in 16 seconds?
    I'm not saying it's the same person, just a strange coincidence! Or, could it be that lots of people chose that very same name?
    It would make a great top ten, don't you think?
  5. Jon Ward

    Jon Ward Well-Known Member

    Okay let me start with this and then i will answer your question or try to. Even though it was technically battle arena. Some individuals stuck with there actual names and then went even further and revealed there identity to even though you stuck with your same name why would you reveal your identity unless your choosing that person's name and then are hiding under your own identity. That is why i deleted it.

    But as far as your question goes about two people having the same name i believe they cannot do this it was posted it had to be a little different but i will get a developer to confirm this. And yes it would be a funny top 10 if you had everyone named the same thing. Then you would get players really believing bots are running the arena.
  6. Carla Raniha

    Carla Raniha New Member

    hi all
    from my knowledge in arena i only can tell i had to handle with 390 atacks in few seconds from same player . for me this is too strange and i think someone must check this soon
  7. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    That does seem strange, its also not the first time Ive heard reports of this. Considering the lengths of battles and the number of clicks involved I was worried that the bot users would be out in force. Hopefully Kanois watching for this and will take actions to prevent bot use.

    I would suggest writing to support and providing Kano with the players arena name.
  8. Carla Raniha

    Carla Raniha New Member

    and i know its always the same player cause i was refreshing and seeing the number of attacks growing , so i have to say that i think someone is using something more than stamina
  9. Forecast Reign

    Forecast Reign New Member


    When playing, there is an option to save players to attack later. But when I went to that section I instantly got a migraine cause it has so many glitches. I could not even hover over another saved player without massive flashing- more than the rate a strobe light causes seizures in people who've never had them (sec< 3x.) That ended the game for me long before my enthusiasm.
  10. Your feed will say xxxx attacked you xxx amount of times and won/lost last attack x seconds ago, this doesn't mean they have attacked you x amount of times a few seconds ago, it just means that's when they last attacked you... It's impossible without the use of automation in my opinion to make 100's of hits in seconds...
  11. By the way some feedback on the battle arena from a personal point of view, I know you told me earlier Kendall that I needed a better strategy lol, but I disagree...

    I have set myself up to be more of an attack and defensive player, so I haven't added a great deal into health 7.5-10% of my skills are in health.

    My strategy was to find the players who had the most losses and hit them to try and steal the kill, I did this to countless players, and lost every single kill, I was clicking like crazy trying to time it right to no avail. It doesn't matter when I timed my attacks as I did try and alternate them I had the same result. So whilst going for kills I didn't necessarily win all of the battles, so eventually my health deteriorated to the point where I had to stop, I threw on my defensive stance and it took something like 3,500 attacks to kill me from having 60M health left. I spent 1500 stamina hitting players with low health, and I didn't get a single kill, one single kill would have given me enough of a boost to continue, but in the end all I could do is watch.

    Now unless I want to change my entire skill set then I don't plan on re-joining the LCN battle arena, I know I may be part of the minority with low health, but that's my choice and it's a shame people in the arena are penalized because of having low health, no one can deny that health is everything, it's the core of the arena and it's the deciding factor in the event of a tie.

    As I said earlier it's a great concept, but I'm not changing the way I play my game to suit the battle arena.

    Good luck to anyone left in it also :D

    Edit: The XP and battle drops were pretty good, best part of the arena in my opinion, thanks for those :D
    Last edited: Jun 16, 2012
  12. starwolf1001

    starwolf1001 New Member

    it started out kind of fun but quickly lost its appeal. you're busy attacking someone when just before you kill, someone else comes in and takes your kill, kind of weak.
  13. I agree it's the single most annoying thing in the battle arena.
  14. Jon Ward

    Jon Ward Well-Known Member

    At Alka after talking with the developers. There is only one person allowed to have the name in the battle arena. However they can have a name very close to the original by just having a letter off it or some other method. But as i said in the original post i know it can be frustrating when you believe you found someone abusing the system. But the best thing is to email support if you believe this to be true about multiple accounts by the same player. And since this is still technically the beta round of the arena for all kano games any and all feedback showing issues will help them greatly improve the chances for a more improved arena for the next go around.
  15. Forecast Reign

    Forecast Reign New Member


    THE ICEMAN New Member

    with heinsight

    Dont try for a kill unless u know u will get it, someone could steal it from you

    believe me i tried so many times,,, there is no way you can guarntee a kill and it not being stolen from you

    i'd be interested to hear how many kills you got if did play,, and yr percentage of kills to ones stolen from you after the battle has finished !!?

    not being funny,,,

    just find that as believeable as walking into 'best apprentice' and saying to Alan sugar i'm best buisness person in country!!

    i got 1 kill in Battle mode massive fail :D lol
    Last edited: Jun 16, 2012

    THE ICEMAN New Member

    well many times i was in there before i susse dit i thought one that i hadnt killed that was dead ,, was on my feed


    just hadnt deleted or refreshed my feed

    THE ICEMAN New Member

    that was my strat and my plan as Dylan as well

    managed to get 1 kill,, had 5 or 6 sucked away ,,,,,, guess thats wwhy mentioned " Fusheng " words of wisdom dont go for the kill unless you know your gonna get it!!! LOve to hear that explained in a paragraph !!

    sorry pulling you on that Fusheng ,,,, but just pricelesss!!

    Just a Big STamina Muncher,, seen some have gone through 50000 stamina now,,

    Fun once,, Not for me, no value init for perks IMO vs normal gameplay

    1 kill 1 battle drop,,,,

    can see the fun in it playing SOLO,, BUT having been in there ,,, HUNGER GAMES it was,,

    If watched HUNGER GAMES movie you'll know what i mean,,

    There still pack hunters ,, Groups assaisantion squads,,,,,, just a SOLO scheme wont be all Unless your ..............
  19. Drifter

    Drifter New Member

    It would be an idea to have everyone start with the same health, Then with each kill there health will rise. If no kills your health stays at the same level.
  20. Clare

    Clare New Member

    Just need to figure out who to attack
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