Battle Arena Discussion (Round 2)

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Eric, Jun 21, 2012.

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  1. slave

    slave Member

    oh and in case anyone was wondering how my silly little group did...........
    Hyenas placed 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 6th, 7th, and 8th.

    Any questions?

    im here all week, try the veal......

    Slave - TLPC (TLPC 4th, 8th, 21st)
  2. 'Nick Gunther

    'Nick Gunther Member

    The first arena I really enjoyed, because it felt like the work that I put into killing someone, wasn't taken away from me so easily.

    This time I spent about 500 stamina trying to kill someone to have it taken away from me so easily. And that happened to me constantly (about 10 times exactly in a matter of 5 - 10 minutes) I got absolutely no kills, I gained 1 level and that's it. It also felt that this time there was more of a gap between hits.. what I mean is, even though I was the only one attacking the person the app was telling me I wasn't allowed to attack them constantly. I tested this many times. I'd hit someone.. wait a minute.. and hit them again, and even then I was being told I wasn't allowed to hit them, and during the minute their hp hadn't changed.

    Last arena I was rank #5, but this time I was rand #1183 because of what I just explained.

    And before someone tries to tell me that having kills taken away/stolen from me is part of the arena, don't even bother. If you played the first arena, and played this arena, you should have been able to tell the extreme difference.
  3. im the beast

    im the beast Member

    Nick i think there r many reasons y so many kills were stolen this go round, like for one alot more people started this one, 2nd is the first one was a trial run to see how it worked so im sure people went in thinking to still kills,after i had my first 2 or 3 took from me i started watching health ext,
  4. alka

    alka Banned

    A lot of targets I hit didn't show a killers name when it died. On one occasion I killed the target, got the message under the targets name stating I killed it, but no "Death Blow" message.
    On checking I noticed I had not been registered with the kill.
    Copy sent to Support for future reference.
    It is frustrating just missing out on 100's of kills, and what's more frustrating is seeing the killer has already notched up 30 or more kills to your 2/3.
    Still, good fun but I can see it becoming boring if people are continually knocked out early in the game.
  5. av4tar

    av4tar New Member

    New features and updates include:

    -Fixed refresh issues with feed/fight list

    The refresh option was terrible! when you did click refresh and there were over 800 players in the arena I still had 50% of the same players popping up everytime. but then again thats he same with the pvp fight boards, needs looking into and fixing. The refresh every 30 seconds only was a good idea.
  6. So what

    So what Member

    easy to get heaps of kills guy in particular ...killed all his ALT faction ...didnt take him more than 30 mins to kill them all off ....guess kano knew cos for all his kills his health booste was crap VS his kills .. JUST another thing kano will get to marty ......for the sake of the game .....
  7. Bad ass name

    Bad ass name New Member

    It was also bull the last time round. This adds nothing to the game. The feedback I can give to developers is not to pursue it any further.
  8. Linda

    Linda Guest

    Top Poster Of Month

    I bet though the ones who did well are not complaining , and the whole mob group mentality is getting more widespread in the areas ,so it is hardy a one on one event for the most part :(
  9. Bad ass name

    Bad ass name New Member

    The whole ganging up thing goes against the description of a free-for-all.

    Obviously the ones who did well don't need to complain but I do because I believe this is adds zero positives to the game as it stands. If people were able to play against others around their own level it may even be fair, but the winner is currently at level 3297 and how is a person at 651 supposed to compete with that?
  10. I think having a group in the Battle Arena is the best strategy and perhaps the only strategy, the Battle Arena wasn't set up to eliminate that problem, so it's something we will have to just deal with, try and find some friends to play along with I guess lol.
  11. slave

    slave Member

    Bad ass name, a level 756 got sixth place maybe you need a new excuse, somehow he competed.....
    better check your excuse list, that one doesnt hold any water, if my memory serves me correct a level 700+ also got top ten in the first one.
  12. Bad ass name

    Bad ass name New Member

    That still defeats the purpose of a free for all. The very meaning of free for all is everyone vs everyone and not some vs someone.
  13. Yes exactly, I don't like the group mentality strategy, but considering the Arena isn't set up to be otherwise, we have to adapt and rise to the challenge :)
  14. Bad ass name

    Bad ass name New Member

    The battle arena still is not good.
    Last edited: Jun 25, 2012
  15. Bad ass name

    Bad ass name New Member

    I'm not making excuses I'm stating my opinion that the battle arena is crap, and I said 651, a difference of over 100 levels.

    I know how the 756 player is set up and congratulate him.
    Last edited: Jun 25, 2012
  16. slave

    slave Member

    since you cant tell who your attacking i dont think level has a darn thing to do with it, does it help to have a bigger attack, maybe, does it help to have a bigger defense? doubtful (ask jessica), does it help to have high health? only at the beginning.. what does help the most ????
    its a fighting game, if you dont got stam, you cant compete, oh you can get to the top ten, but the stamina brings home the bacon.....
  17. Congratulations Kano on finding yourself a cash cow. Judging by the number of attacks on me in a short period of time, people are more then willing to spend UN on stamina refills for if nothing else bragging rights. So bravo.

    Other then that, the arena is a joke. While my defense isn't as high as Jessica's is, it's still pretty high and I should not be losing as often as I am. Jessica should not be losing at all. I don't know what your formula for defense is in the arena, but my guess is that you've turned it into a joke so a level 660 could compete.

    I did join the arena for the bonus experience. Other then that I didn't participate.
  18. The Battle arena is a good concept, the game play in the arena however isn't as good as it should be I'm sure everything will be ironed out eventually.
  19. slave

    slave Member

    wow sour grapes, dave, do you think kano made a free for all so people with high defense could join and just hang out, not do a darn thing and perhaps win it all? i think not, judging by the inactive policy they put in, if you dont have 100 attacks in first ten hours you lose half your health, it would seem they are sending a message that they want people ATTACKING not sitting there relying on their defense to win the arena.

    they said results would not be the same as in game, so far they have been right on the money, so if that is your expectation, sorry, and please inbox me your name for the next one and ill make sure that join xp is all you get....
  20. AnnT

    AnnT New Member

    There is obviously still work to do for Kano on the purging inactives from winning, if that's what is wanted (and it looks that way because of the 50% reduction in health mandated at 7? hours). I went through and wrote down numbers... (I'm still trying to get the energy to grab ALL the results from the lists. lol)

    in Ranks 1-100 there were 11 with 0 inactive. Highest ranked inactive was Heidi at rank 66. There were quite a few with only a couple hundred attacks and 0 kills.

    In Ranks 101-200, there were 88 total inactives. 0 attacks. 0 kills. (although i did find one with 0 attacks, and 1 kill..strange..)

    that means out of the top 200 ranked/winners..there were 99 total inactives.

    Perhaps the winning needs to be linked to having at least 1 kill? The XP for joining is an excellent way to get ppl IN..and so there are ppl to attack, but seeing so many inactives in the top 200 says to me "don't do anything and you've got a better chance".

    Something else has bothered me now that I've gone down the entire list of ppl entered...I saw mostly the same names every time i was able to refresh my list. So many of those names in the top oh... 500 ranks..i never saw. (some names are definitely memorable ROTFL). I lasted for about an hour, I think..maybe less...and during that time I would have expected the target list to run through at least a few more than it did. now...I have no PROOF that it didn't ... since this was my first active arena (wasn't here for the first one), I wasn't ready to do screen captures, etc. :)

    Looking forward to seeing how this all shakes out in the future.

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