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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Ahad, Jul 25, 2011.

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    As if people didn't want to kill me enough already, i would like to 'poke the fire', so to speak.

    There is a technique for racking up many kills, that i'm sure some of the relentless killers out there must swear by...

    If it hasn't already got a name, i shall refer to it as "hunting the fightlist for one stam kills".

    It is very simple, just spam on the [FIGHT] button, as if it were the [HITLIST] button (good practice ;) ) and tap those miniscule red bars as they appear. It might take a while, but they do appear.

    Just think of how many players there are and how quickly they are going to regen out of the hospital. I don't however, think that this would work for Cagematch killing.

    Safer bet would be to just get some clan if you would rather play pirates...
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  2. thanks for bringing this to attention

    looks like a bu...

    nah im just messin around

    i pull this on pirate all the time
  3. Ahad

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    Thanks but you made a typo in your cut off attempt to be funny.

    bu... beau...tiful idea, why yes it is!

    Works a treat for snapping up those one stam kills :D

    There are also plenty 2-3 stam kills, but that's a whole different strategy and estimation skill. Judging them isn't all that difficult, i'll let you be the judge.
  4. Ahad

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    Do you even pay attention to what you're replying to? Or just always assume you've seen it all before but "YARRGH! THAR BE PLENNY MOAR FISH INTH SEA!".

    When spamming this fight button, in pirate, do you ever actually catch any of those "miniscule red bars", or are they swept away as the fightlist repeatedly refreshes?

    ...See now this is "messin around"

    I could have typed something with my toes and you would still have fell for it.
  5. Looks like it could use a little work, are you in need of some after hours education?

    The amount of these "one stam kills" is the point of interest, who cares about how much you get beaten about all over the shop.

    The level advantage should seem to give an advantage when getting kills, the amount of time spent playing and the bought 2000 clan.

    Maybe if you had actually spent your time playing, and playing effectively, efficiently and even a little brutally

    rather than spending it all repeating yourself accusing each and every thing of being a repost of a repost of a repost

    you might have some kills under your belt to backup your claims

    of using

    this technique.
  6. hi5 pirate not myspace CM Capture 33.jpg
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  7. Well that's a different matter entirely.

    Hi5 is ridiculous EZmoad

    This act does work over there too, but i find it better to judge the 2-3 stam kills

    Talking of Hi5...

    Isn't it fun if you imagine your damage dealt as a big as a big rubber hammer

    and exclaim something along the lines of "THUDD!"

    As you drain the fightlist dry concocting your rabbit stew
    (all Energizer bunnies over there)

    Just as the colour disappears from the health bar, it's nice to hear a nice, heavy "THUDD!"

    I can barely see it, it's so small.
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