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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Tat27, Jul 29, 2011.

  1. Tat27

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    Alright. Entire factions getting banned. Not to whine or anything, but it's seriously putting a damper on the gp. Also, none of my faction members, or anyone else who's not in faction, for that matter, has gotten a legit reason for being banned from this game, other than so and so reported you for some inane reason that nobody has proof of. I never post on these things, for good reason, but I find it ridiculous that I have to listen to everyone whine about, so I'll do the same to you guys :D Give me one reason why accounts with no alt use, no bot use, or any other reasons for banning are getting banned, and those who do use alts and bots go on happily in this game. Thanks.
  2. Bots are baad, mkaay..
    Alts are baad, mkaay..
    Whining on forums is baad, mkaay..

    Avoid the bad things, mkay, and by my estimations, you should be okay!
  3. Do people contemplate what they say before they post? I can only imagine that they don't.

    Kano as a business, is banning accounts based soley on the say so of other users with no proof of their own.

    OR, Kano, having announced an initiative to locate and ban accounts using automation, and or alternate accounts. Has found evidence against those accounts. But I should know better than to attempt to use logic in these threads.

    So, NFL Lockout is over, how does everyone feel about that? We'll actually get to see over paid artificially bulked up behemoths bash eachother's heads in this year. GO VIKINGS!!!
  4. Seth Mad Dog

    Seth Mad Dog Member

    Only cheaters complain about this. Maybe they should be investigated.
  5. Das liebe Beil

    Das liebe Beil Well-Known Member

    Warlock, they often try to understand logical workings where there are none.

    I think that Kano investigates after getting a report or they find suspicious behaviour. What I would deem suspicious is logging in at the same time constantly, bounties set by a lower player against very high players which only one person gets and so forth. Or a small player constantly attacking a higher one.

    And I can immediately think off some ways to mask being an alt. Easiest way would be to use 2 computers. 2 seperate IP-Adresses = no serious proof that this aren't two persons. You'd need a written testimony that this is one player who uses these 2 accounts.

    I'm pretty sure that if all Alts were deleted, we'd miss a load of players on MS and hi5, maybe not so many on FB, what with their total alt-accounts policy. MS has no such policy and I'm not sure if hi5 demands that you have only one account or not.

    Hell, I even know a game that doesn't frown upon using alts, mostly cause you can't transfer money between accounts and leveling with battling takes insane amounts of time. You get max 4xp for a won battle. And the xp demand goes up quite heavily with each level. And their logic most likely is: "More Alts = more traffic and more money spent on our game. Yay, win for us." MS support for the game was cut off shortly after the new version of MS I think. It hasn't seen any updates in months, it has regular updates on FB, though.

    And who cares for the NFL? If I want to see brutes tearing into each other I visit a Fight Club and watch these people beat each other to a bloody pulp.

    The Bundesliga should start soon, though. Football is way more fun. Beer, more beer and the third half.
  6. Mr Killer Man

    Mr Killer Man Active Member

    Accounts being deleted? Really? Drink a 6 pack of Miller Hight Life and see if you still care about this.
  7. Ace

    Ace Member

    FB is full of fake accounts as well. I've squadded with plenty people with names anyone knows aren't real, I remember now one called "Asdf Asdasdf" or something alike.

    That doesn't mean they are alts, lots of people use alternate FBs for playing since the notifications ARE annoying when you're trying to have a life, but it certainly tells you how easy it is to have one.

    Reporting's being abused though, I've seen lots of drama inside chatroom's I'm in, false reports and so on. I think that's the point of this thread, that a report must be, you know, serious before a ban's applied. And start to punish false reports as well.
  8. Delay of Game, 5 yard penalty, and loss of a down!!

    Again, do you SERIOUSLY think Kano, as a business, is just banning accounts on other player's say so, without any real proof of their own? Get a Grip Man!!
  9. Wonder Woman

    Wonder Woman Active Member

    We do not ban any accounts without collecting evidence or without conducting our own investigation. Players get reported all the time and it is our job to investigate the accounts further to see if they are actually using a BOT or playing with multiple accounts. If we banned every account that was reported then there would be no players left in the game! In many cases the accounts are friends, roommates, partners or family. If someone feels that they have been frozen unjustly, then they should send us a message so that we can discuss that further. We are working to rid the game of alt accounts and BOT users to make it a fun, fair and balanced place for all users.
  10. Ace

    Ace Member

    I'm speaking from what I've seen, I trust Kano for I haven't ever been frozen even though I used to play with my bro on the same room (shared IP address, and a lot of times also similar times of logging in) but I've seen some people in chatrooms who got banned, apparently, in an unfair way. Perhaps they were into something fishy, but it's not like I care at all.
  11. Justin McDonald

    Justin McDonald New Member

    tell me something, what about my friend Rainbow bright, i know hes not an alt and you banned him, he messaged you over 100 times he still doesnt have his account back. tell me kano what do you think about this situation? o and please do your best to reply to this comment i know how you love to ignore when i call you out
  12. Wonder Woman

    Wonder Woman Active Member

    If your friend feels that they were frozen unjustly, then tell them to send a message into support and we can investigate their account further.

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