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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by General D, May 14, 2011.

  1. General D

    General D Member

    How is it NOM can max bush me but my base cost too bush back is in the billions how does bush cost work cause this is wrong
  2. The Protector

    The Protector Banned

    You have more attacks? It starts based off bounty price.Discounts are given if your opponent attacked more and price increases if you attacked more.
  3. what he said lol
  4. General D

    General D Member

    how is this fair

    Nom attacks me 24-7 and i go through there bushes 5mins later another 40 on yet to bush them starts in the billions always are you saying there spending 40 billion everytime on me
  5. The Protector

    The Protector Banned

    Your base bounty might be cheap.If that's the case,then your ambush cost will also be cheap.I forget what the maximum cost is,but I know it's based off bounty.
  6. Seth Mad Dog

    Seth Mad Dog Member

    Setting off their ambushes count as attacks and raises your ambush cost and lowering their ambush cost if they aren't attacking you as much. Click on ambush it lists the basic number of attacks each, at the bottom it says "How is this calculated? More info" Click on "more info" and It lays out the kind of attacks and how long till they reset and go to zero. Punches, successful ambushes,hitlists, and successful booby traps count as attacks.;)
  7. thats partially true

    however itll only say how much you attacked if you have enough coin otherwise it wont show you your attack count

    that update was fairly recent

    however here is what is NOT true or can be clarified a bit
    triggered ambushes count as attacks,and booby traps count this is true HOWEVER

    those 2 will NOT keep the window open(if they are then thats a bug)
  8. General D

    General D Member

    ambush cost

    i have 7 properties left too upgrade too lvl 4 my base HL 3billion plus so wtf explain that
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  9. General D

    General D Member


    its NOM there always attacking so how is it cheap for them and not me
  10. and if NOM has a high income your counter cost might by cheap to them

    im only guessing this is the case though

    but it would seem either youve got more attacks on NOM in which case they get a discount on the ambush price OR your 3bill is chump change to them.

    to bad income on zs is fixed.
  11. IGG1NA

    IGG1NA New Member

    I can field this one, you attack like a lunatic, and a bunch of us don't care to fight you back til it's cheap enhough to ambush. You can't really win W/O a BIG ( 42% LoL ) BOOST, so MOST attacks are ignored, til you get to be a cheap chew toy
  12. wow nailed it lol.

    @general: thats simply all it takes
  13. alka

    alka Banned

    lmao. Stop it, I'm welling up. :D
  14. Gina

    Gina Member

    Tony that was quality - spot on
  15. alka

    alka Banned

    I here Ahad has some nice "goats" cheese to go with that whine...lmao

    PERTINAX New Member

    I bet its because after 6 months or more of you constantly ambushing everyone ( dont deny it ) They got pi**ed off with you and are returning the favour - Works both ways you know.

    Catch General Destruction off-guard between multiple attacks with a surprise ambush. Setup one or more ambushes to foil General Destruction's weak attack strategies.It will cost you $121,251,662,133 and 2 stamina to prepare this next ambush.

    After all the ambushing you have done I think you have a damn nerve being on here complaining about it.

    and NO I dont intend to put another one on you until you use up the ones I've given you. :)
  17. Seth Mad Dog

    Seth Mad Dog Member

    Reminds me of a misfit I got 50 ambushes on.You can't walk away for 24 hours and let it reset, got to get a punch or 2 in to keep the window open,or set off 30 ambushes making it just as cheap to put another 30 ambushes on you. Some people need to work on their strategy and get over their obsessions.:p
  18. Julie Detroit

    Julie Detroit Member

    Stats dont matter here Just let him attack you 50 times then do your ambushes, I only ambush hiders(people who attack me ,Win, but go to hospital) Let him spend all the money he wants. He is probably maxed on property!
  19. MOJO1916

    MOJO1916 Member

    DID mommy not tell ya

    your fixation with NOM will lead u to make a holy show of yourself up here

    you cannot keep atacking and LOSING 653 ATTACKS by you in 21 days
    i sat back..WON ALL THE FIGHTS took the cash crappy exp from your attacks
    and then...ambushed u for less than 1000 a pop

    you REALLY need to stop fighting abouve your weight.....
    this posting
  20. MamaMUAHAHA

    MamaMUAHAHA Member

    I stopped attacking you... so your ambush price would come down :p
    So even when you attack me at 42% Stamina (which you have to do as you feed me exp by losing otherwise)..... you still lose :p
    I throw the odd punch here and there, but I certainly don't attack you any more...

    Can't be bothered!!!

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