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    about choosing an stuff like that it should not be allowed to happen in any games what so ever if they are caught every single account that got should be on a should never be allowed back into the game...that goes against the rules of any site that games are played on an techinally u are not suppose to be allowed to choose either your main or alt account throught that was a big no no in any game site played...if i remeber correctly...that should be a STOP big big time...
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    I am really not to happy about all the reports of alt users with screenshot proof, and then there is nothing done to the cheats who pay a lot of money to Kano, There have been numerous reports and screens that I have personally seen and it is obvious. But the people who actually do get a message back from Kano are politely dismissed and told too Bad. I have personally had my complaints ignored and also had my posts deleted. It is fairly obvious that Kano is protecting their golden egg players. I am sure this post will disappear soon after i post it.
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    There has been much more proof on some of these than there were on one account that I know of that was banned this player never even got a supposed phone call to check into the alegations, boom they were just banned. But now all people who actually get a response from Kano get is Well we are monitoring it and when there is an issue we call them to check it out. Really do you think if they are already cheating they are not gonna lie more to try and keep it going. Pretty easy to get someone to come over and act like a spouse or relative for a picture, It would be much easier if they actually looked at the way people who are accused actually play. Is there a huge pause between punches or attack? is there a common amount of time between 2 or 3 players punches? very odd but I am sure the technology is there to see this if they really want to follow their own terms of service.
  4. The fact is to get around the ip address check, all you need to do is use a different pc/laptop/pad and router ,and bang not matching. So you can get round the useless security checks kano use
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    Seems I have heard some of them( the ones that brag about it) say that is how they do it , or something similar. :eek:
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    I play LCN via my Facebook page, my son play's direct, so we are on different servers but at home we do use the same computer, so will I or my son be banned?
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    If they can suppossedly tell the difference between who clicks and who runs a script I am sure there are ways they can work around things like two people on the same computer. and to get a new ip address people will have to change modems the ip address for a residence is issued to the modem not the router. the router is an internal device and gives out internal ip addresses like or some similar type. the modem is external, it gets its ip address from the ISP. I just get very annoyed that when given copies of written documents about using alt accounts or real life threats sent by phone or email to people they do nothing as long as that person has spent enough money with Kano. Those type of things go against their terms of service. And people I have known have lost their accounts and never had a email or "phone call" to tell them why. Yet when given proof of these things happening their answer if you get one is we will investigate and call them.
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    What's this "phone call" stuff all about? I've never heard of KANO doing any such thing to verify accounts. You pull this out of your arse or is it a verified fact?
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    Thank you for all you reports as well as the screen shot you've sent us. We appreciate your dedication to the game, and understand how frustrating it can be when you feel as though nothing is being done with the information you've sent us.

    All information you provide us gets looked into and added to the investigation, however we can't take action on a game account based only on a screenshot of a Facebook conversation.

    As you know We are limited to making decisions based on information we have access to and can verify, which is collected by reviewing game account information and by talking to account owners of those accounts directly.

    Again we thank you for all the information you've sent in and your willingness to share your concerns, it's is greatly appreciated.


    Mob Wars LCN Support

    This is the typical response from Kano, I guess it could mean they are contacted by email but what would be the point, cant even know if someone is who they say they are on email. could be Male playing Female or vice versa. But I have not even gotten one of these responses from them had to get this from one of the other players I know. So if I misinterpreted I apologize to anyone I offended. Also any account that blocks their IP address when playing should be banned in my opinion. I have never heard of a way to do this but am hearing about such things as discussions go on with other players. I know nothing about the computers themselves just the way a normal network in a home works as I set them up for customers from time to time. Heck not even sure why my font just changed!! LOL
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  10. Even when someone uses their alt account to start harressing people on their fb account and kano are provided with screenshots of the problem player, who takes it outside the game, they do nothing. They direct you to fb security page, which is about as helpfull as pissing into the wind. They dont seem to understand thay they are providing a service to us the customers, nor realise that they have a "Duty of Care" to their customers, whether we pay real cash or not, we are their customers all the same. Once someone takes it outside of their game and makes it personal, then that person should be removed from the comunity and NEVER let back in with their account. If they cant act responsibly then they will fail in the long term as a business.
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    I have provided hard evidence including screenshots of a confession of cheating, piles of screenshots and KANO developers/moderators do nothing. If anyone expects anything to be done, forget it. They have allowed this game to be ruined and run down into the same hole of cheats and bought accounts, bots and alternate accounts that soured Mob Wars. They do nothing. Nothing at all is done. LCN is being trashed and the so called moderators and developers do nothing, they just say "we are looking into it" and other fabrications.
    Player beware, they do not care. Nothing is done. Nothing. Nothing. Give it up any new players coming in here, you will be chained by alt accounts and no matter how much hard evidence you provide KANO will do nothing to address the situation.

    Of course by stating this in an open forum will only open me and my fellow players to more problems from the players killing off the rules and using the lax attitude of KANO to their advantage and upping the attacks/chaining etc. Why bother? There just is no way of getting this game on the right track if nothing is done from the top down.
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    I only disagree with one thing ,they do sometimes do something, but It is far far from anywhere close to what needs to be done for the simple fact that those that cheat are pretty savy when it comes to staying under the radar enough to not trip detection.
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  13. I think you may be barking up the wrong tree here. Surely if someone is harrassing you outside of the game via their Facebook account that is a breach of the FB T's&C's and should be reported to FB?
    It must be easier to provide evidence of harrassment by a named individual to Facebook than it is to prove 100% that a LCN profile is an alt and not, for example, another member of the same household sharing an internet connection.
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  14. Personally I don't understand any of this.
    First of all what exactly is the benefit of having an alt when it comes to "cheating"? Most people are in syndicates now and some of those syndicates like to throw their weight around - Potentially that's 24 other people who can wade into a fight with you, so who needs to "cheat" by using an alt for that? Just join one of these punchy syndicates.
    I have tried but I can't think of a single scenario where having an alt gives anyone that much of an edge over someone who has formed friendships within the game. One alt against 25 in a syndicate? Not even counting the friends you may have in other syndicates.. It just doesn't make sense. I have friends I help out and vice versa - we also have common enemies who appear on a regular basis, the hit and hide in hospital types. That doesn't make us alts.
    As an officer in a syndicate I've seen a number of people coming to me claiming to be the victim of "alts" which even I can see is clearly not the case, without access to the all the information Kano has. Some are not even in the same continent, but will they listen? Not a chance.
    I've also known a number of players who have alts in the game but they have all been reasonable people who are very fair and helpful and usually go out of their way to keep their alts apart simply because there are so many people who rush to point the finger. The only reason they have an alt is because they enjoy the game so much.
    This other sort of alt that you're talking about must be the tiniest of minorities but they have led to this image of the "bogeyman" laying in wait around every corner, but I can't say I've ever had the impression I've encountered one in all the time I've been playing.
    I just put it down to the fact that sometimes I'm going to get my ass kicked and not be able to do much about it, just like everyone else. Stuff happens.
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    Yeah okay whatever you say,but first off you are so wrong, it is against,FB TOS to have more than one account,second it is against Kano TOS to have more than one game account, so your friends with the alts, that you seem to find no problem with have already done two violations and it is people like them and you who think cheating in an online game is ok, well it is lame,it is cheating and it is low down and sleazy.
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    I agree with Kirsten, Kano has said repeatedly that they have a no tolerance policy for ALT accounts, and I think they likely kick you out quickly from the game once they discover you do...
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    In my experience, most of them are cash cows that only come up to put up a bunch of hits/bounties every so often. Just the way it goes, I guess...
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    some top level A syndicates have ALT accounts ,should i name them here?
  19. mi7ch

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    No, send that to Support please!
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    my suggestion is support team should play the game too , so that they have a better knowledge about the activity of other players, their behavior, syndicate patterns . use of abusive language as most of the content goes unreported.
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