Allowing players to reallocate their skill points

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  1. Correct me if I'm wrong, but this is a forum for expressing one's opinion. With that being said, if I say I find something unacceptable, obviously I'm expressing MY OPINION and I have every right to do so.

    Now, in case anyone missed it, I didn't start out at my level. I EARNED my way there through hard work, tons of battles and bosses and a lot of nasty comments from people who didn't have the talent or knowledge to do what I did. Did I do it alone? No. I met amazing people in this game with whom I leveled and discussed strategy. I then made the decision to allocate my skill points based on lessons learned from my rivals and from my friends.

    I was NOT an experienced app player when I started my account. But I can learn and I can adapt. For some one to be handed the ability to "fix" their mistakes overnight is, again, unacceptable. I had areas to fix and I did it by playing the game, taking the time to level and earn my fix. So suck it up, grow up, man up, stop whining and take some personal responsibility for your choices.

    I have the right to have my say, I earned that right fair and square without whining to Kano to help me.

    Now, as far as where to allocate, I know that some choose to ignore health and defense. The only category I see that needs to be limited is energy. It is a waste of skill points, IN MY OPINION, to use more than 550 to 600 on energy until ALL your other areas are covered. I believe that stamina, health and attack are more important when you are fighting your way up through the levels. But, as you begin to pass the majority of your enemies/rivals, defense then becomes much more important.

    Having a low defense makes perfect sense in Polish's case. It allowed him to be able to attack his enemies much sooner while giving them back minimal exp. when they attacked him. Genius!!!

    Why have good health? Riding the bounty is fun and not possible unless you have a lot. Which I do. Also, if you plan to level off bosses half the time, or more, it gives you better exp./damage there as well. I, personally, am not a fan of low health. Still, to each his own.

    As Polish said, if everyone played the game in the same way, how BORING!!!
  2. The Protector

    The Protector Banned

    Did you suddenly become one of the developers?I'm still trying to figure out,how,if you say something is unacceptable,that everyone must agree.I'm trying to figure it out.Low defense should be penalized,especially when over level 3000,and you're not even in triple digits.Whether you die easier,or your little plan backfires,and the attacker gains maximum experience every time.I'm also trying to figure out,how if this suggestion were to take place,how it would mean that,everyone would be built the same?High energy does have advantage.You contradict yourself.You say that,later on,defense becomes important.Yet the very next paragraph,you say how a low defense benefits,which it really shouldn't.Why benefit someone that neglected a vital stat?I still say,in my opinion,that the reason you high levels are against this,is because you're afraid of either,a rival will suddenly be able to beat you,and will attack you more often,and the other reason,is that this will encourage new players to join,and these new players might have deeper pockets.That is the only reason you are against it.In my opinion,that is.
  3. Do you know how to read???? What's your comprehension score on your SAT's? Again, for the comprehension impaired, this is a forum to express MY OPINION!!!! THAT IS MY OPINION. Get it????

    Now, since you can't bother to read/understand what I'm saying, I will pass on reading anything else you have to say, L.B. It's merely an exercise in frustration and futility.
  4. The Protector

    The Protector Banned

    I had no interest in SAT's.Wasn't going to waste my time.This forum is for EVERYONE's opinion.MY opinion,is that you high levels,just fear,that this will bring in new players,that just might have deeper pockets.That is MY OPINION.It's also MY OPINION,that you fear,your rivals will take advantage,and suddenly beat you.If I were a developer,of my own game,I would definitely make some major changes,provided the chance was high,new players would join.Games don't survive without players joining.
  5. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    Kano has addressed the low health thing.

    Why the hell should someone be penalized for low health.....thats the most ridiculous thing Ive ever heard! OH...wait....maybe not...maybe its that high energy has Not at this point they dont.

    As far as JJ contradicting herself....please read again carefully!

    "I still say,in my opinion,that the reason you high levels are against this,is because you're afraid of either,a rival will suddenly be able to beat you,and will attack you more often,and the other reason,is that this will encourage new players to join,and these new players might have deeper pockets.

    ''''''''ONCE AGAIN YOUR KILLING ME HERE! why wouldnt that be a concern, r u seriously saying that if u were a high leveled player who has taken the time, bumps and bruise to get where u are......that u would be ok when u woke up one day to find that all your hard work was for nothing because some lesser player slapped down a few bucks and now hes competitive with you....WAKE UP DUDE......U WOULD NOT BE COOL WITH THAT! u can lie to yourself all u want!
  6. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    LOL....ty JJ...I didnt have the heart to say it.

    L.B....please keep in mind that JJ is rarely in the forums......she only gets into these debates on the rarest of occasion.....when it really means something. She.... being the highest in levels really shoots some holes in your "high levels being opposed to all changes"
  7. The Protector

    The Protector Banned

    First of all,I will start by saying that,you can't read my mind.You have no way of knowing what I feel.I'm sure that's how you got to be number one,even though it was short lived since you killed your account.I know you got to number one with your original account,by blasting bosses.I don't care how much stamina you have.Eventually,you will have to refill.Which means,you would've had to of spent the money.It's funny in a way,if not for the bosses,you most likely would of never gotten number one,at least,that's my opinion.I did reread what Jillian said,it's still contradicting.New players deserve a chance.If you're truly satisfied with how you decided to built,then,you should be able to keep the new players from ever catching you.If you want to be the boss,then you have to know every strategy.If you don't know every strategy,and a newer player does,then that new player,can easily take over.This suggestion,gives you a chance,to adjust your character,when you see someone approaching you,that's a bit of a threat.You're saying,that you wouldn't adjust your character,to better fend off the threat?WAKE UP DUDE.......YOU KNOW YOU WOULD.Lie to yourself all you want.
  8. The Protector

    The Protector Banned

    Jillian is well built.Her items alone,are scary.Even the best of builds though,can be countered.That is your main concern.Lie all you want.
  9. Larry Skary

    Larry Skary Member

    actually to me it sounds like you want to redo your points or you will forever remain at level 1000 so sad you didnt do them right
  10. The Protector

    The Protector Banned

    Did you even click my link to my viking?If you did,you would realize,I'm not level 1000.
  11. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    No...I cant read your mind and thank god for that! I can however see that u have absolutely no idea what your talking about, You like to take things out of context, u speak before u have completely thought something through and that u like all the rest of the bleeding heart liberals out there want any easy fix for your own mistakes with no regard to how it will affect those that did it on there own.

    lol..."short lived" ? I held the number spot longer than anybody ever did (JJ will be changing this soon however), hell...I was second for over 4m without even playing. Do u need some smelling salts or something?

    As I said in one one of my earlier posts. If Kano implemented this Players would be foolish not to take advantage of this. With that being said...if I woke up one day and some of my rivals had magically altered their build to the point I was no longer able to do what I currently do... and I thought it would do any good...I would be basically forced to do it as well, but considering that I think my build is about as good as I think it can be....I really dont see that it would be any help to me. So basically....all those that built there character right....would be getting screwed...what the hell can they change? But all those that Fd up get to buy a magical "fix all"that could potentially put them "overnight" where it took the others the entire span of their character build.

    Skill point allocation is the single most important thing in the game, it is most responsible for separating one player from another and directly related to the successes and failure we all enjoy/endure. Allowing a player to monkey with this in any way would be a complete and utter travesty of epic proportions and would be signaling to all of us that Kano has finally sold out to the almighty dollar. It would ruin the games sense of purity as it is now...where the players are solely responsible for their own successes and failures.

    Seriously....if your gonna let people do this...ya might as well just sell skill would be the same in the sense that players and their accounts would no longer be held accountable for their own decisions. If this was implemented even on a limited long till players are screaming to be able to do it more often? According to you....ya gotta give the players what they want,,,,right? If this happens...its only a matter of time before players are paying on a daily basis to reallocate points just to to compete with an individual rival. At that point....simply wanting to fix your mistakes "one time" would have snow balled into a true money game...completely eliminating anybody that enjoys this game for free any chance of ever being competitive. So NO.....I dont think for a second that by doing this would help and or keep new players...on the contrary ...i think it would signal the beginning of the end.

    Dont think that will happen? For starters..."new" players" wont even "need" to do this....but i assure u if given the soon as they start losing...THEY WILL...and then a couple weeks or months later when they realize what a mistake they made...they will be up here in the forums crying that they need to be able to do it again....there will be sympathizers such as yourself advocating on their behalves that they were new and didnt know what they were doing. Its human nature....once u give someone an easy out...they'll keep coming back for more. "give em an inch...they'll take a mile".

    So u put a limit on which level u can do this "one time" feature at? If that limit is at the lower levels u will get exactly what i stated previously, and if u dont....then how is this bringing in and keeping the new players as u suggested? If u enable it at the higher levels.....even a small percentage is a huge number of skill points, and u are changing the face and dynamics of the game with one simple click of a money transfer...thus spitting in the face of all those who did it right in the first place or chose to start over.

    Players already have an option...they can start over...they can do this fast, effectively and for free if they has been done! Dont ruin the game by allowing it to be bought!
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  12. The Protector

    The Protector Banned

    I find it funny,how,the player that posted this topic,is over level 2500.Seems not all high levels are against this after all.Well,Polish,believe what you will,but I'm curious,where does it say it's a one time?I see that it's,"limited",far as amount of skills you can reallocate,but where,does it say,it's only one time?
  13. There are disadvantages to low health and defense. Low health you can't do crap against bosses and unless you have a really high defense you won't be finding too many willing level partners. So basically a tyndall or parasite is stuck finding the softer players to leech off of. Low defense you feed the low health parasites and will have a hard time finding a level partner which is vital for getting through the mid levels from when the fight list runs out until somewhere in the 2000s if you accumulate enough stamina. Pimp's got friends who are willing to just let him level or can deal with the sucky XP but that isn't the case for most players.
  14. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    R U retarded???? It was u that said it was all or most of the higher levels that were "against this" ....NOT ME! Are u just arguing simply for the sake of argument?

    It was Kendall of Kano (Mr. Kano...aka Team that mentioned that they had considered doing this either as a "one time" offering or on a "limited basis", I gave u examples of both. R U really suggesting that Players should be able to do this as often and whenever they want????
  15. The Protector

    The Protector Banned

    Hey,it's your own skill points.You had to earn them.You should be able to rearrange them,however you want,for a set price.I'm still trying to figure out,why your saying,you might as well allow skill points to be purchased,when you're not gaining any extra skills.You're simply rearranging.That's like saying,you have some furniture.You want to rearrange it,but because you decided to have it where it is,you're not allowed to.That pretty much equals this.It's not like you're getting anything extra,you're just rearranging what you already have.
  16. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    Ok...its official...U R RETARDED! how one arranges their furniture in their own house would not have any adverse affect on how my furniture was arranged or my quality of life,.. Is this a new television show on the home and garden network? Competitive furniture arranging....the contestant with the best "feng shui " wins a lifetime supply of coffee table arrangements an rug deodorizers......LMAO!

    This is a competitive game in which one person is trying to "out do" another person ....a game where every single action and or change has an affect on other players and or the game......when a proposed change can have such a drastic adverse affect on players who have played the game honestly and correctly for an extended period of time to achieve the successes they have.....this is simply wrong in every conceivable way. To be able to re-allocate your points for money is immoral and unjust to every single player that has ever played the game regardless of level!
  17. The Protector

    The Protector Banned

    You just said it.This is a competitive game.My opinion hasn't changed,on why you're against this.You're afraid that,your rivals,will adjust their build,so they get better experience off you.You're just afraid your stats will be ruined.Since you didn't get the point of my other example,here is another one.Let's say you're defending your base.You're in one position.You find out,that your enemies,are coming from another side.You would move to the other side to cut them off,wouldn't you?With your logic,you would stay right where you are,because you decided to pick that position,so now you can't move.
  18. This is a good point, you should carry on through the game with the build that you originally intend to use.

    It's not the size of the hammer... Or the weight of the head.
    It's the skill, or the ability with which you use to kill those nubs dead.
    It's exactly how you knock the nail in, didn't you understand what I said?

    However this would actually be a very good improvement, allowing for the acquisition of max energy achievements, if we could then re-arrange while keeping the gained achievement skillpoints.
    As it is i don't feel many will go all the way to the end with energy as it is inferior to stamina for collecting xp after the job achievements have been completed.
  19. I say NO!!! No re-arranging under any made your bed, now lay in it....I've had to work hard to make up shortfalls in certain areas...why should newcomers have it easy? There have been many changes to the game since I started playing, most favoring new players. I'm more than a little tired of it. It's just not fair to those of us that have invested all this time into the games.
  20. The Protector

    The Protector Banned

    Said it already,games change.Games can't survive without new players joining.This would most likely,encourage new players.I still say the main reason,that senior players don't want this,is simply because,they feel threatened.The game doesn't revolve around the senior players.It also doesn't revolve around the new players.This suggestion,is a great,suggestion.Obviously,more than just this poster,want it.There's other threads on this topic as well.I was surprised to find out,that this poster,is over level 2500.So,it seems,that even a few high levels,would welcome this.If you're fighting someone,and suddenly,they get behind you,are you saying,that,you wouldn't turn around and continue fighting?That is a way to look at this suggestion.By saying you shouldn't be able to rearrange earned skill points,is like saying,when fighting,you stay facing one way,even if your opponent,gets behind you.

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