Allowing players to reallocate their skill points

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by juarlita, May 29, 2011.

  1. juarlita

    juarlita Member

    Has anyone ever suggested to Kano to change the skill points app to allow players to reallocate their skill points? i think this would be a good addition to the game as players learn more as they go along in the game. This wouldn't increase or decrease the amount of skill points they've earned, just allow them to allocate them to the best they feel fits their needs.
  2. YES

    and from the looks of it

    it wont happen

    its been suggested quite a few times

    even a suggestion that its only a 1 time

    this was like a yr ago

    i would agree to re arranging skills one time only for a set cost of favor points
  3. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    This feature was requested on the PC Facebook Discussion Board with some mixed responses. We were actually leaning towards making a one time change or limited # of changes for Favor Points.

    The idea would be to only allow a max of 10% or so on each attribute to be re-allocated as long as it would not push the attribute value to below the last achievement threshold, so if you say had attack right at the threshold of getting the last achievement you would not get any skill points back from attack.

    Limited allocations through the gods seems like a good way to allow for players to correct any changes to their character. Does anyone else have any input on this?
  4. limited 1 time reallocation seems great

    i know my myspace pirate could sure use it BADLY

    even if its limited how much you could rearrange

    any reallocation would help lol
  5. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    I had written out a pretty good example, I will see if I can pull that out to post here.
  6. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    NO WAY!

    completely unfair to those that have started over or the player that have had their stats trashed while taking the time to correct things
    The game would change way to much, most players builds would be way to similar. Its the mistakes that players have made along the way that allows for the diversity we currently enjoy.

    I have no doubt that Im going to be in the most players will want an easy out. If this comes to pass...all the players that have whined and bitched about how players who spend money have had some huge unfair advantage WILL FINALLY BE RIGHT! I wont have anything to do with it or a company that would allow might as well let players buy skill points then.
  7. The Protector

    The Protector Banned

    Pimp's are always the minority,lol.Seriously though,the idea is a great one.I know why you would be highly upset though,Polish.I know you deleted your original myspace account,and made a new one to start over.All that money spent,and you killed the account.But,no one told you to delete it.No one forced you to start over.You did that on your own.Besides,the idea doesn't even allow for a full rearrangement.You will be in the minority,Polish.I'm all for this suggestion.Besides,Polish,you would get to raise your base defense.I'm going to assume your defense is either 1,or not even triple digits.This could help you.What's the point being over level 3000,but anyone with decent attack can beat you?
  8. Larry Skary

    Larry Skary Member

    i feel this is a bad idea as i have had to learn from the mistakes i have made as i went along. so i feel others should do the same so they can learn how to really play the game. it is after all a trial and error when allocating the points as you go.
  9. The Protector

    The Protector Banned

    I just realized I missed a point.No,Polish,It's not the same as buying extra skill points.You're not gaining any new skill points.I will admit,buying skill points,is a bad idea.I would leave at once if that ever happened.Partially rearranging your own skill points though,isn't a bad idea.In all honesty,this should've been the case since day 1.Not everyone is going to delete their account and start over.For some players,the damage is beyond fixing,unless,rearranging is allowed.I like close fights,not fights where the experience points suck,because,someone has next to no defense.It's also nice to fight rivals consistently.Some are nice competition at first,but if you out-level them,they become no challenge.We all know,the higher you get,the less the fight list.If someone is fairly strong,but neglected a vital stat,which keeps them from leveling,rival or not,I would give them a chance.Oh,and just so you know,Polish,I am going to be increasing my base attack,heavily.If your defense is still low,you'll be losing to someone not even level 1000.
  10. The Protector

    The Protector Banned

    Larry of the Pimp guild.Why am I not surprised it's the long time players,that enjoy complaining about almost every update or suggestion?Why am I not surprised?Games change.They always have,and always will.Some changes will be deemed unfair by some.Some changes will be deemed unfair by others.Not everyone will agree with every suggestion made.Besides,if you've made a grave mistake,wouldn't you want to fix it?
  11. Under the sole condition that it is extremely limited, I would endorse this idea.

    only allowing somebody to re-allocate 2% of their skill points from each stat (upto the last achievement) for a grand total of 10% of their skill points.

    I feel that if limited enough, it won't end up penalizing those of us who have been smart about where to put our points, while enabling those who have severely misbuilt their characters to stop the bleeding so to speak.

    I can appriciate the comments of Polish and Larry, and understand where they are coming from. However I do think Kano would be remiss as a business if they didn't put something like this in place. It would be another way for players to spend money on the game, and help to retain players who feel their characters are too misbuilt to continue playing.
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  12. The Protector

    The Protector Banned

    Would you like to fix your post?There are 5 attributes.Rearrange 2% of each stat for a grand total of 10%.
  13. Larry Skary

    Larry Skary Member

    Allowing players to reallocate their skill points ยป Reply to Thread

    if this is allowed then you have to remember that there are players who have not used their points correctly and they dont have money to spend on the game or the god points to use to reallocate the points. so they would indeed be the ones that would suffer from those that do. if i could yes i would reallocate some points but alas i cannot and thats the way the game was and is since i started playing .
  14. The Protector

    The Protector Banned

    That depends,on how much the cost is.If it's set ridiculously high,then only the money players will benefit.If it's set to something reasonable,then there is no reason not to rearrange.I would hope the cost is reasonable.If it's high,then what's the point?
  15. Larry Skary

    Larry Skary Member

    im sure the cost will be about 10 for every 100 or so points you reallocate so there are players who could not even do that so then you would have some quitting or just giving up
  16. Absolutely NOT!!! We all started this game with the same knowledge and choices. To allow such a thing is a travesty and completely unwarranted. If someone didn't think through their strategy and allocated in a manner which is now proving to be disadvantageous, then they can either level fast, earn their skill points the way the rest of us did, or begin again, as Polishpimpn did. He decided he wanted something different from his character and so he started over.

    The example has been set. To dishonor that would be unacceptable.
  17. I'll let Pimp answer for himself but I don't think he started over because his stats were all out of whack. I think he started over to prove to the naysayers that he could pass up all of them and beat the "true leaders" of the game without spending a large amount of money (except on chieftains)
  18. To the main point I am kind of apathetic to it myself. I won't take issue either way, my viking only has 400 skill points at the most that could be put to better use. Less than 100 on PC, about 220 on ZS and overall my mobster is just fine given that I am employing a different strategy in that game. However there are a lot of players that built up their characters a certain way which turned out to be unable to adapt to changes Kano made in the game. These senior players do have a valid gripe to want to reallocate skill points as they were already level 2K-3K when major changes were made to the game and since leveling is so slow at that point its hard to adapt. So I can see the reasoning why they would want to shift their skills around though I myself have no opinion on it.
  19. The Protector

    The Protector Banned

    Again,it's the senior players against this.Why am I not surprised?It's not up to you to decide what is acceptable,and what's not.It really isn't.The game needs this change.It's not even allowing for full rearranging.It's only allowing for a partial.Not everyone will start over like Polish did.You senior players are just afraid of changes that threaten your status.That's all it is.Prove me wrong,if you can.Stop whining about it.
  20. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    EXCUSE ME...U have no idea who i am or why I did please dont imply that u do. I would not change a single skill point I allocated on either of my accounts. I made a lot of changes along the way in my first and by the time I was was perfect for the style I played . I started the second account simply because I wanted to challenge myself prove to myself and others that u could build an ultra powerful account easy, fast and free. Why would I build my new account the way I have? R U KIDDING ME? My low defense has proved to be a huge advantage.... I believe my record and stats speak for themselves, unlike all the whiny players out there that have an excuse for why they suck....I choose to implement every tool in my box rather than label it "dishonorable" or "bullyish". I play the way Kano intended using every last thing they have afforded us...anything less is completely moronic and a pathetic excuse!

    I never said "reallocation" is like buying skill points, what I said was that "u might as well let them buy skill points"....simply because it would be just as unfair, just in a different way. I said...I will be in the minority...because the majority of players out there that have made mistakes would/want to change any mistakes and would be foolish not to correct them if given the opportunity. But that doesnt mean its fair or that Kano should do it!

    As I stated earlier...its completely unfair to every single player that realized they were allocating their points wrong and took the time and statistical beatings as they trudged down the long road to correcting the mistakes.

    U mentioned that its usually the high leveled players that complain and or resist the changes Kano suggests and or implements.....ummmmm....duh! They r the ones that r the most adversely affected. For every mistake, bug or bad call its this segment of players that have suffered through it all with very little if anything at all in return.

    So what about the players that didnt make any mistakes while allocating? Do they have an advantage? Yep...they sure do and they absolutely deserve it! They paid attention, studied the game and made the right choices, or...they started over using what they had learned from their previous successes and mistakes. Now...u r suggesting that some idiot who screwed up his own game should be able to just plop down a few bucks and put themselves in a position to be competitive with those of us who did it right in the first place. I would consider that..BUYING AN UNFAIR ADVANTAGE! Its simple....if u dont like your build...START OVER! Kano has made the lower levels a nice safe , protected, liberal friendly place which all but guarantees success to all but the most PARA-site like mentalities, It should be very easy for anybody to catch back up....I DID! (and im

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