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    I would like this thread to evolve into a healthy discussion of all things battle arena related. I am of the opinion that a true discussion of even a single point cant often times take the discussion in a direction that is seemingly unrelated but in fact is very much so. So if the mods would be so kind as to keep this in mind before they start "moderating". Please just keep it fairly clean and the accusations checked at the door. This thread is intended to help by looking at both sides of every coin. Ty.

    Ide like to start with a topic from another thread, the diff being that I actually welcome opposing ideas and thought as I hope in the end we will have a better understanding and perhaps something we can all agree on.

    In my opinion...the idea of removing the name/link of a player who has killed their target is a bad idea. Just a few of my reasons are as follows and are in no particular order.

    1. Some players are suggesting that we "just try it" 'what would it hurt"? The FACT is..its already been tried, when the battle arenas first came out they name of the player who sniped the kill and the corresponding link was not there. I BELIEVE it was the overwhelming negative response of the players/members here in the forums that helped Kano decide to implement it.

    2. I THINK to remove it would be to make the game much to one sided as far as strategy is concerned. Why would a player want to invest large amounts of stamina/FP in taking down targets if all of the can be potentially stolen, while the sniper strategy would offer zero risk?

    3. It has been suggested that players spend less stamina/FP because they because they will remain inactive rather than face the potential consequences of sniping a kill. This may very well be true in some instances but I would argue that many (including myself )who already invest large amounts of XP would stop doing so if so if more kills were stolen then already are. If there is to be no potential consequence for sniping a kill it only stands to reason that more players would employ that strategy as they could potentially gain far more health while spending far fewer refills/FP.

    4. Some argue that the arena should take longer and thats what Kano actually intended/ wants. Maybe ...maybe not, it would be nice if Kano voiced their opinion on this. The way Im guessing it would work out is that would be far more players waiting around to snipe a kill than actually bringing them down, if this is the case would an arena ever have 1 player left standing at the end of the allotted time? After all.....thats clearly what Kano intended as it states it clearly in their description of the arena. does a longer arena equate to more stamina usage that in return mean more money for Kano? For the reason mentioned previously I think it would have the opposite result.

    5. Some players dont play to win but to merely level and obtain battle drops. These players may not need the extra health to win.....but they certainly need the additional health to continue to level. Active players for whatever reason show more often on the "random" fight page....that means they will potentially come under fire more often which means they will need to keep gaining health if they wish to continue leveling.

    6. I also think removing the link/name would promote inactivity even further which certainly isnt going to help Kano in the FP dept. Inactive players show up less often than active players, with less players out their bringing down targets in fear of them being stolen and leaving themselves stands to reason that more players would remain inactive.

    7. Inactive players are a big part of the arena but I find it hard to believe that Kano actually intended it to be a viable strategy. I would venture to guess that Kano would prefer that most if not all players were active. Personally I think if this was the case we might very well see different outcomes from time to time rather than the domination by some players in some of the arenas. This will never happen if we limit the number of strategies.

    8. The battle arena is supposed to be a free for all where anything goes, completely separate from the regular game and its oppressing limits and restrictions.....That is why in large part it was created, to "level the playing field" like some suggest would be to make it just like the regular game....thus no reason to even have the arena. Yes.....the bigger and badder ones account the better shot they have at winning(as it should be). But its important to remember that these large accounts even if they do win arent capable of getting nearly as much in return as a low to mid level account that enjoys even moderate success. Furthermore it has been shown time and time again that its not only the highest of levels that win the arenas, it is entirely possible that through proper planning, strategy, dedication and perhaps a little luck that the highest of levels can be knocked off. Limiting strategy and slowing play would only make it easier for the highest of levels.

    9. For those that have suggested that I am against removing the name/link because it would somehow hurt my chances of winning.....I respectfully disagree and offer up that Ive won under each situation already. Because of my level and the lack of things to do I put a lot of emphasis on the arenas..... hence my success. In VC i dont think this proposed change would make a huge diff at this point in time, but in my other games where Im not nearly as high a level It would have a large detrimental effect.

    They're are other reasons as well...but I think this is enough to chew on for now. Ive left some of my points with out a lot of explanation in an effort to keep the post to a minimum and
    in hopes of promoting further helpful debate. Please feel free to comment.....but lets try to be civil...TY
  2. All great points and respectfully written. I would have let this thead slide without a comment since a Dev has already said that they have no intentions of changing things in the arena. However, since I was very voicy on this subject it warrants at least a few thoughts.

    I am not active in the game much anymore so the Arena has also caught my attention. Most of my previously held opinions have indeed changed since the posting of the thread involving this discussion.

    I have since changed my character and have a rock solid plan to do really well in the next arena I have time to participate in. I was looking for a Dev's assurance that nothing is going to change before I decided to skew my skill points. All it will take now is some really good friends who do not care to sacrafice and placing high without stealing may indeed be viable. I guess we shall see. Good luck and Happy Gaming.
  3. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    Sweeet....glad to hear it. best of luck to ya!
  4. Demonik1

    Demonik1 Well-Known Member

    i think that give or take 20 players, no matter they do the participation rate will stay the same. some arenas are more active than others due to timing, thats about the only difference ive noticed in any of them and ive been playing in almost every one since the start. if they want to make changes they should try adding a few things here and there just to see how the masses like or dislike them, but to take away something thats been in place and that most people want to see would just be down right pointless. the only ones that want the killed by link removed are the snipers that want to enjoy success at the cost of others hard work. theres so much sniping now that its turned me off to even attempting to try and do anything but get some levels and good drops and thats it. why waste my stams just to help everyone else? i say the kill reward should reflect stamina spent on that kill, it should be a POSSIBLE kill reward. if youve done at least a certain percentage of damage to one person then you get the full amount, if not then you should only get a percentage of the full kill reward. see if the snipers like THAT idea HAHA stop the suiciding rewards. why should someone get a reward for being attacked by someone thats almost dead? thats just a way for people to make sure they screw you over while helping out the competition. i have more to say but thats enough for no polish ;p
  5. Heck yeah, Let's roll with that idea. Base the reward off of your hits and damage dealt. I would fair pretty good! LOL Lets do that.....
  6. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    Very good suggestions Demonik, hopefully some more will chime in and we can fine tune things a bit. BTW.....your right....your no me....Im waaay better looking. Thats what u meant right? ;)
  7. Larry Skary

    Larry Skary Member

    i believe the killed by link should stay but def.mode should be removed when the arena gets down to around 25 or so. at that point you should have your health built to withstand attacks or be able to get a kill without having to use extra stam and health because someone has saved their def. mode for the last
  8. Great post.. and I totally agree with Demoniks idea..I mentioned a similar idea a while back but nothing came of it..Would be great if it got implemented as many of times I've done over 75% of the damage and been sniped at the end, All in all agree with everything on here!!
  9. The Protector

    The Protector Banned

    By removing defense mode at any point,your hindering strategy.

    Defense mode should stay regardless.

    If it drags out the arena,then it drags it out.

    Far as sniped kills,it's like a bounty,it's a chance you take.

    You don't get any credit for a bounty that you did the most the work on and someone takes it 1 hit.

    Arena is no different.
  10. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    For the most part I agree on not removing the def. stance. The exceptions being....

    1. if it were mathematically impossible for a player to advance ( yes, i realize this would be very rare)

    2. If the player has been inactive. An inactive player isnt rewarded in the top 50 anyways....they shouldnt be allowed to hold up the show either. I also think the "attack limit" needs to be raised for players to get rewards in the top 50. 100 attacks is embarrassing low, and with the loopholes that already promote we really want to reward it? Kanos lack of balance has made an advantage for the accounts that are set up for not battling in the main game......any account can get 1oo hits in...even if its a level 660 vs a 10k,
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  11. Demonik1

    Demonik1 Well-Known Member

    whoa whoa whoa there cant possibly equate a 6 hit bounty kill stolen to a 700 hit arena kill stolen! thats not just a f*ckton of stamina invested but time as well. and actually the arena IS different, a totally separate aspect of the game
  12. Demonik1

    Demonik1 Well-Known Member

    ahhhahahaha man, you been drinkin too much again...definitely distorts your visual perception xD
  13. The Protector

    The Protector Banned

    Some bounties keep healing you know.

    Took me over 2k attacks to get a bounty before.

    And if I didn't get the bounty after hitting it so long,it's pretty much the same thing as getting a arena kill sniped.
  14. Dutchman

    Dutchman Member

    Have we not have a thread like this already? Yes we did, and after some good discussion, the Moderator closed the thread, so why starting the same thing up again.
  15. Linda

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    For me a bounty is nothing like getting sniped in the arena, the majority of players I know would not waste stamina on a bountied player that keeps healing, just for coins, in the arena there is alot more to gain using your stamina to take someone down , alot more. From what I have seen especially in the last arena I was in a few low levels did alot of sniping , one in particular's attacks do not even come close the the amount of kills they have. they saved on stamina and one ranked high, for me the Arena no longer holds my interest, considering it did not hold much of it for me anyway. :p
  16. Craig Day

    Craig Day Well-Known Member

    I hate the sniping. But, its just another thing we have to deal with. Have to admit I have sniped myself in the last few. Frustration grows and I went what the heck. I think it would effect stronger players more then others. Alot do not have the stamina that we do and will not invest it to do the knockdown. Thats why I think the name should be displayed. You gonna snipe you should pay the price.
  17. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    As the title and the body of the OP of this thread states....this thread is for "all things battle arena". Although my first thoughts were on a similar subject discussed previously in another thread, u said that thread was closed. Personally I didnt get a chance to state everything I wanted to in that thread so I started my own so I could do just that. At this point I think the discussion has gone well and remained civil. The discussion has already began to take a bit of a diff direction but is still arena related which is again....what was intended when I started this thread. As stated...In games such as this where a single action can have affects somewhere else down the line I think its important to be able to discuss ALL the intricacies that make up the sums of the whole.

    So I appreciate your concern about redundancy here in the forums....but would respectfully ask the mods and devs to continue allowing for discussion despite your objections. TY
  18. Demonik1

    Demonik1 Well-Known Member

    thank you linda, my sentiments EXACTLY. and from now on i am the sniping avenger...every MSVC arena anyone and everyone feel free to send me the names of anyone that snipes your kill, i will beat them down and let you get the kill. and for those of you that dont already know my vc name is Demonik1 and im dead serious. no arena names have to be exchanged if youre worried about that kind of thing, the only name ill need is the culprit. if we're not clan, i guarantee you im clan with someone you know and will accept passed on messages also.
  19. JADES

    JADES Well-Known Member

    All things battle arena <--So here's a? Anyone ever stop to look at the battle drops in the arena I sure haven't. Just wondering if they are same drops as regular battle (common/rare drops)
  20. Jon Ward

    Jon Ward Well-Known Member

    The other thread was closed for a specific reasoning behind it. This thread has remained on the original topic nor has it had any issues this is why this one has remained open. Your not the first player to have asked this. But until it get's off hand or derails from the original topic there is no reason to close this thread at this time.

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