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  1. davidcherr

    davidcherr New Member

    Thanks for fixing quickly. I hope all future Raid events have potential for 16 loot crates!
  2. Justin the killer

    Justin the killer Well-Known Member

    @Dollerz Thank You for Looking into this situation cause i was on the quick response when a friend of mine called me up saying some issues are going on an i told her i said hang on a minute an i will do a call out in the Kano Forums so Im Glad i did :)
  3. Miss Kitty Snaps

    Miss Kitty Snaps Active Member

    Funny how so many people say they aren't going to do raids anymore and wait till next raids - Kano will know we mean business on the loss of stacking - so many bosses done they broke it...roflmao!!!!
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  4. Justin the killer

    Justin the killer Well-Known Member

    well since they got rid of the stacking they should do away with the Events!
  5. No, they shouldn't
  6. Justin the killer

    Justin the killer Well-Known Member

    well then explain to me on why they should not just do away with Events? cause clearly without stacking we are all useless for Raids an there is no reason for some of us who do not spend Suffer on the way we have been! An Kano is Charging way to much money to buy Favor Points an last but not Least Everyone is not getting Sales on there end an only but a few do which is bull crap an not fair! So Yea what you got?
  7. Steven Jordan

    Steven Jordan Active Member

    People play as they choose to do so. No one is holding a gun to anyone's head and forcing anyone to spend money. I liked stacking but it certainly is NOT a life and death issue.

    There is absolutely no need to throw self on the floor and tantrum like a two year old with anger management issues because a game change is inconvenient for you.

    If you dont want to participate in an event or raid..then dont. I dont like Battle Arena but I dont demand it be abolished.

    The LCN raid that just completed had 4,000 plus raids completed. This is,a good number and might be a record high. Obviously the majority of players have spoken with their actions...the lack of stacking either doesnt impact the average player or they have chosen to adapt.
  8. JADES

    JADES Well-Known Member

    Although this is true, but if so why did KANO remove a feature many used, besides income? People did still spend before "stacking" was so removed, so couple extra dollars????
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  9. I liked stacking too, but with the new rewards and raid setup, KANO has improved the game.
  10. KANO removed stacking for money reasons yes. But if you take into account the improvements they made in rewards and raid bosses, the game has been improved,
  11. Justin the killer

    Justin the killer Well-Known Member

    Kano as not Improved the game only but to make it become more Money then actually playin for Fun! that why the majority are stop spending cause they are not improving nothing!
  12. Justin the killer

    Justin the killer Well-Known Member

    an they need to take in consideration on the players who do not spend! Kano is basically Forcing players to Spend just to try to compete against other players which that is hard to do unless if u are willing to spend 10 grand or more, which i do not approve of! IF THEY WERE TRYIN TO APPROVE THE GAME HOW COME THEY ARE NOT GETTING RID OF THE ALTS AN BOTS IN THE GAME?
  13. Miss Kitty Snaps

    Miss Kitty Snaps Active Member

    I'd be okay with the loss of raids - not a big fan since they removed the tiers but I know so many on server 1 like them
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