A "send all" option for gift giving

Discussion in 'Implemented Ideas' started by Old Salt, Jul 13, 2014.

  1. DeathMo the Drifter

    DeathMo the Drifter Active Member

    Fantastic idea. When i use my phone to play it takes me forever to get gifts done.
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  2. Aapje

    Aapje Well-Known Member

    Any news from the devs (aka bump)?
  3. Vic

    Vic Active Member

    my guess would be no, otherwise someone from kano would have already made a post to the thread.
  4. Dale Barrie

    Dale Barrie Active Member

    love this idea would save so much time and effort
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  5. SwiftlyInnocent

    SwiftlyInnocent Active Member

    i would love it to be bumped as well Aapje
  6. Gift clicky gift clicky clicky clicky oh...dear... I forgot to hit gift- Wait come back! What do you mean I've exceeded my gift clicks? Hmm I like the One Click gift idea- Kinda reminds me of Amazon! I can get back to the game quicker with less frustration. :p
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  7. John Luna

    John Luna Member

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  8. Skollstein

    Skollstein Member

    It would be nice if there could be something like this available. Good luck
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  9. JADES

    JADES Well-Known Member

    Don't forget to give star rating up top right, even if don't comment folks, TY
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  10. Skollstein

    Skollstein Member

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  11. Skollstein

    Skollstein Member

    my rating was recorded.
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  12. Butcher Ludmilla

    Butcher Ludmilla New Member

    i vote yes for send all!
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  13. nhtruong

    nhtruong New Member

    i agree great idea, send all gift -> 1 click ^^
  14. Vipul Bhushan

    Vipul Bhushan New Member

  15. john frances

    john frances Member

    yes 5 stars as long as its a gift fron the wish list fab sugestion
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  16. T Ann

    T Ann New Member

    Great idea
  17. Jaegermeister

    Jaegermeister Active Member

    i guess 9 pages of posts and 4 1/2 stars isn't good enough to get this reviewed, ho hum
  18. T Ann

    T Ann New Member

    So we do a little bump, maybe 100 pages of bump and 5 stars.
  19. mi7ch

    mi7ch Administrator

    It's already been reviewed and it's in the process of being worked into our development pipeline. If you read the guidelines for the ideas section, once it's been decided when it's going to go forward, it moves to "ideas to be implemented". If we weren't going to work on it, I would have moved it to "ideas not being considered". :)
  20. T Ann

    T Ann New Member

    Heartfelt apologies for being so ignorant of the guidelines for the ideas section.

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