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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by The Techno Viking, Dec 20, 2011.

  1. The Techno Viking

    The Techno Viking New Member

    Some 1000 days ago today I logged onto this new game Viking Clan on Facebook. :cool:

    Since then there have been many, many battles, copious horns of mead drunken at my seaside castles, and plenty of cool people and tools that I have come across in the game.

    Kano - you do a great job of keeping this game enjoyable. I come and go and there is always something to do etc with this game.

    I will post some memories of the early days - the rush to level 100 etc etc, in due course. It's a shame all of the old discussion threads have disappeared - there were some good stories there!

    Mead for ALL!


    PS Please post to this thread once you have joined the club - there are heaps of you still around!
  2. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    Although I may not count, I too noticed my 1000th day and noted it in the forum somewhere.

    As of today:

    [KANO] Eric Thorkell Hallkellson
    Joined 1014 days ago
  3. I didnt realize you were still playing Techno. My congrats on the 1000 or condolences which ever you prefer lol. I wish it had logged hours played too.

    BLACKDETH Member

    logged hours....you're sadistic! lol. Would NOT want to see that...
  5. You know what, now that you mention it - I don't think I'd want to see the logged hours either.
  6. alboainain

    Level 1092 Skald Viking

    Joined 1006 days ago

  7. Slouch

    Slouch New Member

    Slouching Towards Bethlehem
    Level 5900 Skald Viking
    Joined 1007 days ago

    I have not missed a single day in all that time...no breaks, no pseudo-retirements. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.
  8. kennycjr

    kennycjr Member

    interesting you've all been on vc for a 1000 days, but seems you're new on the new forums. :eek:p

    i'm not even quite to 700 days myself, i'm not even sure if i've even been on facebook for a 1000 days yet. :eek:p where could i find that anyhow?
  9. Eric Thunderbone

    Eric Thunderbone Active Member

    I have under 100 days left to join the 1000 day club. I rarely miss a day (<10 ever), but don't play that much per day (only level 2413...one of my clan is close to level 10000 and has only played about 50-60 days more than me)

    See you in March!
  10. Slouch

    Slouch New Member

    There was no need to come to the Forum when it was opened as we had the Discussion Board on the VC page to fight on. Much fun was had there, then FB decided to close all DBs in one of the bigger douchebag moves in FB history, so now we all have to come here....
  11. Bobby Horr

    Bobby Horr New Member

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    BLACKDETH Member

    Ol' Slouchy is right....the DB was far more fun. Because Kano will get upset and throw a hissy if anyone says anything nasty here, I have to resign myself to making a series of annoying and highly insulting parody movies just to get my fix.
  13. stoef

    stoef New Member

    Joined 1020 days ago

    As of today

  14. John Gilli

    John Gilli Member

    I'm another new member of the club. As of today. The same day I hit level 5000. Its a far different game then back when I could get a quick 20 levels in 30 minutes, and most players posted more music videos than vc help requests.

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