"Stamina dumping"

Discussion in 'New Player Area' started by David Alexandre Franses, Jan 10, 2013.

  1. I've been accused of "exploiting" for un-mobbing a syndicate friend of mine, and repeatedly attacking him to dump all my stamina (and thus gaining a bit of XP) before going to sleep, now I'm quite sure this isn't against any ToS or rule, but tbh, i want to be 100% on the clear here. Is this allowed ?
  2. Fusheng

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    this is a fighting game and its not against rules as far as im aware to demobb and attack them for xp
    they may not like getting demobb and attacked but its a game
  3. The people I un-mob/re-mob don't mind
  4. If you aren't doing anything against TOU don't worry about what people think. They are going to accuse no matter what. What you described has been a strategy of the Kano games from the start before people started unloading all their stam on bosses. Have fun and Happy Gaming.
  5. Linda

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    Wondering why you want to dump stamina? but what you describe is a one sided leveling partner lol, if you feel the need to dump doing it on a boss for loot and rewards would be a good idea also.
  6. Im sure he meant unload his stam for Xp for the night so it doesn't sit stagnate not building through the night.
  7. God of Bacon

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    I do this every night before bed, and every morning before heading off to class. It's a waste if your stamina is just sitting there not refilling.
  8. Joe Bloggs

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    There is nothing wrong with it.

    And your approach is the correct one: fight with somebody in your range to get rid of excess stamina, the XP return is better than the alternative, i.e. bosses.
  9. JADES

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    There is nothing wrong with this he can get EXP or smack a boss for drops his choice.
  10. Linda

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    I wish I had excess stamina to dump , I can see doing it for ZS and in LCN being a lower level I guess I can see it, but in PC I never have excess ,boy I wish I did :)

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