possible glitches in game to look into!

Discussion in 'Bugs/Issues' started by stupidity rules, Aug 30, 2011.

  1. stupidity rules

    stupidity rules New Member

    Not sure if others are having this problem but it seems to be that i am "locked out" when i try to help other people with their new bosses that they post this has been going on since the new stuff came out.. same for challenge help!
  2. Bo Baby

    Bo Baby Member

    u can only help on a challenge once anyway and the game lets u know when u've already joined a boss, ur not locked out of anything
  3. stupidity rules

    stupidity rules New Member

    ok... let me get this straight for you when people post a different fight or when they post a new challenge. I am locked out.. they don't play the same challenge every other day. trust me the time limit would run out if that were the case. thanks for your input. devs would you please take a look at my feed and get back with me please! If i were a lvl 20 i would understand where things are lacking but i'm not a lvl 20!
  4. Bo Baby

    Bo Baby Member

    who says they dont play the same challenge every other day? some challenges take 3 days to complete and some people like to post for challenge help and they are already at the 12 or 15 limit

    next time u feel as though u are locked out of what u call a new boss, click on the boss name and u will either already be in that boss, the boss has reached the maximum amount of players, or that boss is already dead (which is usually the case when u cannot join a boss)

    u cant be over lvl420 though bc u would know that some challenges time out at 3 days...lol
  5. I think he is saying the same thing that I have said: If someone starts a new challenge, it won't unlock their previous request for help, they must post a new one. Same with bosses, I assume, but with the 48 hours lockout on bosses, I don't know how they could have used an old link in the old style.
  6. for challenge help the links should continue to work

    for bosses though a new link should defo have to be posted

    someone might not want help the 2nd time
  7. however i did notice something bout elite links

    i thought if someones elites were full the link would gray out

    not always the case
  8. stupidity rules

    stupidity rules New Member

    I have noticed that the limit on elite posting has been knocked down to every 2 days as before it was a 7 day post position... actually "bo baby" why not come play the game and find me... i'm not that hard to find and yes i'm just a few levels over a 420. i'm in mob wars... i need a new target anyways...since this is a mob wars issue i would hope that you were on the game. Plus when people post their new bosses i highly doubt that they are posting an old boss that is dead.. mob wars has been the go to app for most on here. IF I AM NOT MISTAKEN. take a look at mob wars vs. pc,vc, and zs. i would almost believe it's the most popular of the 4! thanks to all the others who have posted...
  9. Bo Baby

    Bo Baby Member

    if u are over lvl420, then u should know that there is a challenge that times out at 3 days was my point, now had i wanted to waste my time tryin to find a lvl420 to play karate kid wit then i would have said so...

    just an FYI, it is possible for people to post a dead boss and if the area is gray then one of the 3 things has happened that i mentioned b4 but i'll say it again...u already joined, the boss is full, or the boss is dead
  10. Bo Baby

    Bo Baby Member

    i have seen cases where i posted for help and then it allowed the people that didnt get in b4 i completed the challenge to get in on my new challenge, dont know if it is sposed to be that way or if it is a glitch though
  11. it seems for challenge help

    even if a player reached the max help

    the link appears as active

    if ya click it

    it says they reached max

    but refresh the page

    the link shows as active again

    but its not

    i think thats not how its suppose to work(or is it)
  12. Wonder Woman

    Wonder Woman Active Member

  13. Mr Killer Man

    Mr Killer Man Active Member

    The game now has a facebook look to it. So if you try and join a boss fight under friends column you will not be able to join. As to this person is a friend on myspace but not the game. You must send a friend request. Most challenge helps have a number it tops out. If the number is surpassed you want be able to join vise versa if you doesn't look like it's surpassed someone beat you to it right before you clicked.

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