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  1. DMQ

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    could someone explain that when in war mode and you are a low lev mobster and you attack someone on the same level as you (lets say lev 100 attacks lev 130) and the rest off that syndicate who is off wayyyyyyyy higher lev(im talking by thousands and one does not punch the big one's nor attack) can attack you back AND list you ???

    This has only happened from one syndicate only and no other syndicate can do it.(Not that i know of anyways as out of range)

    The only time i have seen anything like this before is from a certain person ive mentioned before in a thread that you closed down when i asked for a simple answer BUT this is not that person nor the same syn !

    Is this a simple "glitch"

    If so can you take a look and sort it as its rather annoying

    Thanks and all that


    [LNC] LIBANESE ITA LNC keeps listing me as well... Can i punch him back and if so will he chain me \//
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  2. Kendall

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    In war mode, if you attack another player from a warring Syndicate you will be placed on the Syndicates rival list which means that you will be attacked back for war points. You can attack them back, if you attack outside of the war points you will be put on their personal rival list (that is for the case where lower levels are attacking back for war points).

    It has always been this way.

  3. Yep, always been that way. They can only get 5 att unless you go over your 5 att and 4 punches or list them. Use to be you were safe for 1 listing, but that changed it seems. Actually, when War Mode started if you had any actions against someone you were placed on their personal rivals, but I guess the babies in the game complained enough to get it changed. People don't understand what the word War means I guess.
  4. HammerTime

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    (The only time i have seen anything like this before is from a certain person ive mentioned before in a thread that you closed down when i asked for a simple answer BUT this is not that person nor the same syn !)

    Talking about me again dude, you begged us to join war mode, we did and pretty much destroyed every syn in there and won 1st place with over double the amount of points that 2nd place had, your syn was waaaaaaaaaaaaaay down there lol, the difference between us is that i go into a situation such as war mode with knowing what im doing and how it all works, as i said you begged us to join so you could supposedly kick our asses lol (never saw that happen) after you was proven wrong and we had won 1st place you couldn't help yourself in running your mouth shouting out cheat, seriously dude learn the game and study before you run your mouth with your accusations.

    You're one of the most rudest, obnoxious person i have ever met on this game, you accuse me of cheating without even knowing what you're talking about, you slander and ridicule my name in public forums whilst making comments about my family and above all that you're too much of a coward to admit and take responsibility of your own actions when you're the one in the wrong, personally if i was a Dev i would of kicked you out a long time ago but even so if you acted differently and learnt to keep your mouth shut then maybe i would have a bit of respect for you but truthfully dude you to me are just as bad as tweedle dee and tweedle dumb, have a good day and learn your ****
  5. DMQ

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    Yes ok but what im saying is if the lev 100(group A) attacks the lev 130(group B) Then Group A mobster then gets put on the target list in Group B's mob.... NOW Does this mean that ALL of group B's mobsters can attack the single group A mobster even if group A mobster has NOT attacked any other group B mobster and Group B's mobsters are of such a high lev they would usually not be able to attack group A mobster.. I was under the impression that was not the case unless group A mobster punched/attacked the usually out of range mobsters..?
  6. The Protector

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    If in war mode and you attack any member of a war syndicate,you are placed on the SYNDICATE rival list regardless if you're level 5000 or level 2.
  7. DMQ

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    Yes thanks I know you get placed on the rivals list but can the higher levels then attack you also OR only just punch the "out of range" untill he does something back
  8. The Protector

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    They can attack if you land on the rival list regardless of level.Only 5x though.
  9. HammerTime

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    Correct :)

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