[PC] New Achievement Tiers! September 1st 2017

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  1. Scoughman

    Scoughman Well-Known Member

    Some of you might have noticed LCN receive some new achievement tiers recently... Well, we're excited to announce another set is coming out for Pirate Clan too!

    Keep in mind that these are not final — we're posting them here to get your feedback on them, and once they've been finalized we'll make another announcement letting you know when we plan to release them in-game.

    Also, we have quite a few more tiers already plotted out that we plan to add as players get closer to reaching them. Those will require some additional work however and so we're looking to get these out soon.

    100000 Health
    200000 Health
    300000 Health
    400000 Health
    500000 Health
    750000 Health
    1000000 Health

    4000 Energy
    5000 Energy
    6000 Energy
    7000 Energy
    8000 Energy
    9000 Energy
    10000 Energy

    4000 Stamina
    5000 Stamina
    6000 Stamina
    7500 Stamina

    25000 Attack
    35000 Attack
    50000 Attack
    75000 Attack
    100000 Attack
    125000 Attack
    150000 Attack

    25000 Defence
    35000 Defence
    50000 Defence
    75000 Defence
    100000 Defence
    125000 Defence
    150000 Defence

    Level 40000
    Level 45000
    Level 50000
    Level 60000
    Level 70000
    Level 80000
    Level 100000

    Adventures Completed
    100000 Adventures Competed
    250000 Adventures Competed
    500000 Adventures Competed
    1000000 Adventures Competed
    2000000 Adventures Competed
    3000000 Adventures Competed

    Adventures Assisted
    50000 Adventures assisted
    62500 Adventures assisted
    75000 Adventures assisted
    87500 Adventures assisted
    100000 Adventures assisted

    Gamer Points
    25,000,000 Gamer Points
    30,000,000 Gamer Points
    35,000,000 Gamer Points
    40,000,000 Gamer Points
    45,000,000 Gamer Points

    Kills in the Arena
    1000 Kills in the Arena
    2500 Kills in the Arena
    5000 Kills in the Arena
    10000 Kills in the Arena
    15000 Kills in the Arena

    Arena Attacks
    500000 Attacks
    1000000 Attacks
    2000000 Attacks
    3000000 Attacks
    5000000 Attacks
    7500000 Attacks
    10000000 Attacks

    Challenges Completed (NEW)
    50 Challenges Completed
    100 Challenges Completed
    150 Challenges Completed
    250 Challenges Completed
    500 Challenges Completed
    1000 Challenges Completed
    1500 Challenges Completed
    2500 Challenges Completed
    5000 Challenges Completed
    7500 Challenges Completed
    10000 Challenges Completed
    12500 Challenges Completed
    15000 Challenges Completed

    Co-op Bosses Killed (NEW)
    100 Co-op Bosses Killed
    250 Co-op Bosses Killed
    500 Co-op Bosses Killed
    1000 Co-op Bosses Killed
    2500 Co-op Bosses Killed
    5000 Co-op Bosses Killed
    7500 Co-op Bosses Killed
    10000 Co-op Bosses Killed
    15000 Co-op Bosses Killed
    20000 Co-op Bosses Killed

    Thanks for reading and please let us know what you think!
  2. neill1990

    neill1990 Well-Known Member

    i have stated on the other thread for LCN quite a bit of thoughts regarding the achieves and since these are relative to each other in some aspects going to copy paste some parts that were said there since no reply or explanation regarding it at all.

    Challenges -
    well lets put it this way i am currently the leader of challenges completed on kong PC at 1655 done over the course of 1265 days. Given that challenges in the higher tier are taking upwards of 2 days to complete, if a person is not doing the first couple of challenges on repeat for a few years the amount of time required to complete the jumps proposed is simply insane. Even roughly doubling my time played on there to 2500 days that would only bring the total up to 3.3k or roughly 40% of the way to achieving the top achieve. Unless something changes with challenges that enables people to be able to complete 1 a day you are still looking at 7500 days of completing a challenge once a day... that equates to 20.5 years. Now if a player was willing to play this game for over 20 years to get that achieve, i firmly believe they deserve some god tier item for completion lol. This is still given that you are able to complete a single challenge a day which is not the case. To put it into perspective, you start the challenge with 3 shots that takes the total number of shots down from 16 to 13. now add assists in and that brings total down to 10. each shot takes 4 hours to recharge meaning a minimum of 40 hours to complete, roughly 2 days. so with roughly 2 days a challenge to complete that 7500 total you are asking means everybody wanting is either going to have to spend literal thousands of dollars or spend upwards of 15k days playing. Never mind the other achieves and their jumps when it comes to the challenge one it is beyond unrealistic. Of course there are going to be the select few who have sunk the money in to obtaining 10k+ challenges but those people obtaining that many completion, getting an achieve for it is the last thing on their mind. Not a single person is going to want to spend upwards of 41 years of constantly playing the game to obtain a single achieve given the way challenges are currently structured. The highest as of now the challenge completion achieves should be going is 2500/3000. The amount of time it takes to get that is still extremely high but reasonable in the sense that it is actually obtainable without spending mass amounts of money where when spending that amount an achieve is the last thing on the mind to be obtained. A recommendation for the tiers of challenges completed is -

    So in addition to the challenge achieves since for PC they are now doubling the amount that was listed on LCN... going all the way to 15k, i got to ask where are these numbers coming from? The highest amount a person has done is listed directly on the leaderboards and that is on FB pirate clan at a total of 10 806. The second is a person who stopped playing quite a while ago at 4522. The numbers are only going down from there. What appears to be the case is that the achievements are catering to the one person that has the highest amount done across all of the platforms. It is completely inconsiderate of the player base to put it bluntly. Just scrolling down to the rank number 120 on the leaderboards he is at 1515. Nearly all of these people have been playing for over 2k days or over 5 and a half years... with these new challenge achieves you are expecting them to put forth 10x the already given amount of days played meaning in total well over 50 years to get a single achievement in the challenge section. Honestly what is this about unless challenges are getting a major revamp where a person can complete several in a single day.

    adventures assisted given that there is not going to be any modification to amount capable of being done should go up by 6500 per tier to enable a person to be capable of obtaining one just over 6 months time of constantly collecting daily. If however there is a change that gets rid of the cap limit and makes them similar to challenge assists where youll get 1xp after a certain amount of time the tiers would work fine as they are. As they are now the tier progression i believe would work best with a smaller jump. The jump to 6500 would still be greater then the current jumps of 5k(which are currently real good for amount of time to completion). The tiers jumps i would recommend would be-
    41 500
    48 000
    54 500
    61 000
    67 500
    74 000
    80 500
    87 000
    93 500
    100 000

    As for gp getting 5m gp takes a minimum of 313 consistent days of play to obtain. The curve should be(starting from the last gp achieve currently in place)-
    25 000 000
    27 500 000
    30 000 000
    32 500 000
    35 000 000
    37 500 000
    40 000 000

    Jobs completed should be 500k incremental increases between, reason behind this is even with high energy(as in those who for some reason think 40k is a good amount) the higher tier jobs are consuming upwards of 300 energy per meaning its not a simple matter of accumulating 5m energy over time. adventure totals start to roll in incredibly slower as time goes on. The people that have done upwards of 3m+ adventures i can almost guarantee they have done the first adventure takes up roughly 90% of that overall total. Doing the first adventure thats costing 1 energy instead of 300+ is the only realistic way of obtaining such a high number of jobs done.

    BA kills are a strange thing since kano has admitted the numbers are not what they use to be and are not where they should be. The amount of kills is fine but only if some changes are going to be done with the arena, as in all accounts are thrown in and there is an opt out button. This would allow a mass number of kills and help with both the kills achieves and total attacks. Cant really say much on these ones since it really depends on what happens from here on out with the ba. I would personally hold off on releasing BA achieve extensions in general until a revamp or an update happens regarding the BA occurs. Also holding off on releasing them until a BA change would give people an extra intensive to play the ba when that time comes. (The reason i say this is because i believe i read somewhere that kano is looking into making some adjustments or changes with the ba) Either way regarding the ba achieves they have potential but would hold off until things are fixed/adjusted with the ba.

    The stat achieves are fine but having jumps requiring a minimum of 25k sp per should be lowered to 5k increments especially since the amount of fp given upon reaching these landmarks is only going to be 20-30. The amount of time it takes to get from one tier to the next is appalling. Same thing goes for the lvl achieves going up to lvl 100k. The amount of time and effort it requires to go up 20k lvls obviously isnt recognized by the people at kano if they are just throwing it up like nothing.

    For boss kills having it set to 20k is understandable but falls into the same problem as the others in that it is completely catering to the number 1 player in this category which is shameful to do. Just look a couple places below them and not only on the facebook server. youll easily see the vast majority of people are not at 10k yet so why require more then double the work to get them? Especially since on PC we are limited by 7500 stam refils this means the amount of bosses we can kill in comparison to player of equivalent lvl on another server such as zombies or LCN is severely limited. Dont scale off the top person across all servers and plant achieves for them, that is a terrible way of implementing achieve tiers and shows a clear lack of understanding of how long it takes to achieve them as stated previously.

    If more kano employee's played for as long as us other veterans it is easy to see how and why i am making these kinds of statements. They may come off as curt or rude but it is the truth and since nobody else is willing to take the time to explain what needs to change in order to have proper achieves and a better game i do it and have never asked for compensation or anything in that regard. Just look at the thread i made about the clear problem that shouldve been addressed way before the more achieves called item stats across the board - http://forums.kanoapps.com/threads/items-stats-across-the-board.30240/ - The amount of time it took to make that thread was well over a couple weeks. Completely revamped and created a suitable curve to the items that would never need to be messed with or adjusted since the item stats would all be properly scaled. All we get in regards to these things are oh thats sucks to bad type answers. In the item stats thread there was even a way to go about fixing the current state of the games items which was over the next 2 locations have it half implemented in the next and fully in 2 from now, games items would then be in proper order, no more complaints from players about locations released years ago beating the new ones outright in every aspect. I dont blame players for leaving the game due to these problems that have persisted for this long. The lack of communication in this regard the past few years is shameful for any company. Even with the newest location London the mateys were said to be getting a boost that never happened. Saw a player mention it on the forums at a later date but to no avail, was a false promise apparently.

    Yes everybody wanted new achieves but achieves that have this little thought put into them since as you guys at kano have stated before, do not play the game to the extent a player does, shows crisp and clear here. There is a severe lack of understanding when it comes to the time required to obtain just a single tier of these achieves.
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  3. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    On the other hand, no one is gonna stop playing because of achievements, or lack of them ...... lol
  4. neill1990

    neill1990 Well-Known Member

    i wouldnt be so sure about that. Also that is no reason why they shouldnt be fixed.
  5. Chris Liotta

    Chris Liotta New Member

    why no new achievements for Stamina??? It's supposed to be a game of battle and player v player vendettas, and armada v armada wars, and yet we can go to 500,000 on energy, attack and defense and 10 billion on health but only 7500 on stamina... gee, why not just tell us all that you want us to keep buying stamina refills and making you wealthy. Time to give us a little something back !!!!! Give us 10,000, 12,500 and 15,000 Stamina Achievements !!!!! We deserve it...
  6. Galoon

    Galoon New Member

    Are you going to increase the achievements for the highest pistol Whip? The highest pw on the leader board is close to 35000. I think there should be a range of pistol whip achievements ranging from 15000 to 75000.
  7. June

    June New Member

    Question? And if we have already met and or passed these achievement goals will the rewards be retroactive? I am curious.
  8. Dolus

    Dolus Member

    Yes they will, was the case on lcn.

    - I also wonder why the max stam achievement will be upped to only 7500, lcn is 15000 atm
  9. neill1990

    neill1990 Well-Known Member

    stam is capped at 7500 in both PC and VC so having achieves above that would be pointless.
  10. Jared

    Jared Well-Known Member

    That's interesting, given what has been posted about leveling partners. It doesn't seem as if this is as much of an issue in LCN. Probably because the leveling curve is so much steeper.
  11. June

    June New Member

    Thank you for your reply. :cool: I only play PC. I agree with you - would like to see stamina increased!!
  12. Jared

    Jared Well-Known Member

    You can like to see stamina increased all you want, but IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN. See the VC New Achievement Tiers September 1 2017 thread for the reasons why, I think that's where the discussion about this is.
  13. mi7ch

    mi7ch Administrator

    Hey all, we've updated the amount of SP required for the Energy achievement. I've updated the original post, but here are the new numbers for when the achievements are released next week:

    4000 Energy
    5000 Energy
    6000 Energy
    7000 Energy
    8000 Energy
    9000 Energy
    10000 Energy

    Edit: For those asking, the reason that Stamina stopped at 7,500 is that is where the refill limit is. You are free to go over if you want, of course, but that would be your choice instead of it being dictated by achievements.
    Last edited: Sep 12, 2017
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  14. neill1990

    neill1990 Well-Known Member

    i posted this in the VC thread about achieves but i feel it would be better discussed over here since the amount required is double.(went over it in the post) Also the thread has gone off topic a tad into stam lol, which is a topic for another discussion all together in my opinion. Since as the higher level players know the problem slowly becomes more apparent with the hard cap of 7500 no matter the lvl. i have a possible solution but need more time to work out the best solution in order to keep proper balance where people wont infinity lvl.

    Anyways onto the expanded challenge achieve problem that is going to occur -

    energy achieves change is a welcome surprise, slowly getting on the right track lol.

    The problem i see with the challenges, well ill put it into minimum required hours for both only doing the first challenge and the higher end ones.

    The first challenge requires 15 shots/digs (per game varies what they are called) and has a 1 hour respawn. Assuming within the time to complete you get the max assists youll be immediately down to 8 digs remaining (1 from assist and 6 given to start).
    • VC is 7500 max challenges until top tier is achieved.
    • since they are 1 hour respawn that means 8 hours per challenge to complete
    • assuming optimal no lost time in between, this creates a bare minimum time required to complete assuming no fp spent(from my experience people who buy in challenges is minimal due to low return on investment)
    8 hours multiplied by the 7500 challenges to get the achieves equates to 60 000 hours needed(8*7500=60 000)
    Reducing the 60k hours down equates to 2500 minimum days until completion (60 000/24=2500 days)
    This again is in the most optimal and ideal situation where a player completes on the 8th hour with the next immediately starting up with no time in between. 2500 days reduced down into years (standard year 365, not factoring leap year) so 2500/365= 6 years and 10 months.
    This is the bare minimum and under optimal situation that is required to complete this achievement only using the first challenge neglecting the other challenges completely.

    Remember though this is only for VC, PC's top achieve is requiring double at 15k completed to achieve it. Just got to simply double the end result which equates to (2500 days * 2 = 5000 days reduced down 500 / 365 = 13.7) 13 years and 8 months ~ 15 days.

    Now to do the regular challenges people are doing due to higher xp payouts and better items on return. I will be using the same given as the last since everything is going to be under same optimal conditions, just longer time to completion.

    1 challenge takes 16 digs/hits to complete and starts with 3, assist gives another 3. So true amount of time to complete is only needing to do 10 of the 16. Dig/hit takes 3 hours and 55 minutes.
    • converting to minutes then back to hours, days ect to gain a more precise calculation of minimum time required.
    3 hours 55 minutes equates to 235 minutes per respawn. multiply respawn time by 10 to get the minimum time for completion of a single challenge. 235 * 10 = 2350 minutes (2350/60 = 39.16 hours, 39.16/24 = 1.63194 days minimum to complete single challenge)
    Now with the time required figured to complete a single challenge, multiply it by 7500 since that is the minimum for top tier achieve. 2350 * 17 625 000 minutes. Reduced down is (17 625 000/60 = 293 750 hours, 293 750/24 = 12 239.583 days, 12 239.583/365 = 33.53 years). So this is a minimum of 33.53 years bare minimum to completion under optimal conditions no misses or anything for the entirety of the 33.53 years.

    Now as this is only for VC, doubling it would result in Pirate clans required time if doing the standard challenges, which equates to a total of 67.06 years. (17 625 000 * 2 = 35 250 000, 35 250 000/60 = 587 500, 587 500/24 = 24 479.16, 24 479.16/365 = 67.066

    With both the minimum time for both the quickest route and a standard route, the minimum time required is unreasonable. The only realistic way a person is going to be completing these achieves is by spending money... and more then just a little due to the sheer amount needed for completion. with even the people who strive for the achievements, the likelihood of them getting it is essentially slim to none. Especially since the high end of peoples completed achievements is between 2500-3200. Of course there are some that deviate quite a bit from the amount others have done. Just went through all of the games and their platforms to count the amount of people deviating from the amount i listed above is 10 people. This is after 2k days close to 3k days that people have played.
  15. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    I play to kill pixels if I get an achievement, cool, if I don't I am still gonna kill pixels
  16. Bleeny

    Bleeny New Member

    Since there are the weekend/weekday/monthly challenges it takes a bit less than that amount of time. At my average challenge completion speed I'll get the last one in about.... 50 years. Well, considering I'll survive that long in real life. xD

    But seriously Kano, did anyone in your office think this through?
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  17. Alain Tremblay

    Alain Tremblay New Member

    How do we collect those new achievements? I play Pirate Clan and didn't got the 4000 & 5000 stams achievements
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  18. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    add one skill point or two in the case of stam and it will trigger the achievements
  19. You need to add 1 to stam to get the achievement(s)
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  20. Chris Liotta

    Chris Liotta New Member

    how silly is it that this is SUPPOSED to be a battling game, and yet we can go up to infinity on energy and health and attack and defense we are limited to 7500 on stamina.... battles don't last very long with only 7500 stamina, but if you have 2,000,000 energy you can do quite a lot of adventures....

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