Myspace Update June 12 2013

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by mi7ch, Jun 12, 2013.

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  1. big john klad

    big john klad Member

    would like to say sorry to big john an atmosphere ,but if you read through all the forums for the last week you would know that the offsite will be onpened up for other an that i'm pretty sure there will be no packages ,an they ask us what we wanted an 80 to 90 % said we wanted our on site so this would not happen again , so before you post maybe you should read all the threads on this , thanks an sorry if i have made anyone mad
  2. mi7ch

    mi7ch Administrator

    Hi guys,

    Let me just address a couple concerns that have sprung up in this thread. Yes, we did originally state that the Myspace offsite would be a temporary measure, but feedback led us to create the Kano Play Myspace portal, which we will use going forward.

    That said, we did mention that we were considering migration packages as an option. We haven't taken that off the table, we are simply focusing our time and energy in getting Kano Play up and running. When that has been ironed out, we will revisit the migration packages as an option in the future. We are still meeting daily about this and we are trying to be as flexible as possible given the constantly evolving nature of this situation. I will absolutely be bringing up anything mentioned here to the developers, so your voice will be heard. Thanks for leaving your feedback! :)
  3. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    choice? Be grateful your account will still be there. This is not a skill point reallocation opportunity nor should it be. Some players got their allocation correct in the first place....others took the time and had the patience to change their accounts over long would b completely unfair to them to allow the ones who made mistakes and were unwilling to fix things over time to just allow them to reallocate things knowing now what they didnt know then. Personally....I dont want to change the placement of a single skill point. Swapping every account as they were to a totally new site is the only fair way.

    Good job Kano...TY!
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    BLACK ICE Member

    no one suggested reallocation of skill points. I am very happy with my right where it should be.
  5. atmosphere

    atmosphere New Member

    I wish they would come out and say that then. If they do then I am happy to stay on offsite and I will delete my facebook Kano games as I will not operate two platforms for the same game. Thanks for the apology. I did read what was said and I don't ever remember being asked what I wanted or taking a poll on the issue. All I remember was seeing Mitch posts on it and some replies to those updates but I was never asked and I dont remember anyone I know being asked if we wanted our own site. Keep in mind though please that not everyone who plays comes to the forums so just because 15-20 people said they wanted own site, don't mean all players want it. If they do though however, I am willing to support that and do my part as a responsible player. All I ask is that if they aren't going to offer a port over package, they should say so sooner rather than later and just make a decision and stand by it. Again, they don't need to come out though with foot in mouth and say well we could have done nothing at all or stayed silent on the issue. That kind of attitude that I should be grateful that they are even lifting a finger to do something when it is them that's adversely affected monetarily if they don't, that attitude don't fly with me. I'm not grateful that target or wal mart offer a return policy. I don't have to buy from them and if anyone ever said well at least we do this because we don't really have to when its the customers spending money, I'd take my business elsewhere. So I don't accept the attitude of gratefulness that they are making sure they continue to find ways to get paid. I've been through it enough with other companies like zynga that I know that at least they work harder and try to communicate better with all of us and that I appreciate. I was saying that I would like an answer one way or the other as soon as they come up with one and am hoping it wont take forever to decide. That way I wont waste time on fb with these accounts because like I said, no need to string me along, it does no good because I'm not spending a dime or wasting time until I get a definitive answer. If they decide not to offer a package for port over then so be it. Dont drag out the decision forever. Make a decision based on the majority of customer base and announce it and stand by it and move on. Then we can decide what we want to do from there.
  6. AlterEgoT

    AlterEgoT Well-Known Member

    You are doing fine M7tch.

    No where did I read (and yeah I've read just about every stitch) any guarantees of anything. Every update has pretty much said. We are taking what we learned, gathering feedback and working towards the best solution. If folks want to harp on the fact that kanoplay was originally a temporary measure they are going to harp. But I never took that to mean an offisite location wasn't a viable possibility. As I've said to everyone that has speculated along the way. Kano hasn't said because kano hasn't decided yet. Stay calm, feel free to give feedback but don't go doing anything rash based on rumors. The forums just state they are working to get us to an offsite in case ms pulls the games without notice (good call as obviously that's exactly what they did. Awesome job outmanuevering them on that one). Just keep on keeping on. We only ask that you keep in mind options as we go forward. Sometimes we as players get the feeling kano makes up their minds only listening to a select few and then their announcements are in stone sometimes to the detrement of the game.

    None of my post earlier was directed to anyone's post on here. It was based on game situations and conversations with other slayers. So anyone who took it as meaning I meant them, I was not talking to or about you specifically.

    Thanks for the updates M7tch. and oh yeah....welcome aboard....again. Chuckle. Didn't know this is what you were signing up for eh? Be glad it's as tame as it is. With hi5 it was a mess. Territorial on top of disappointments. Fun stuff.

    Look forward to slaying with y'all on Kanoplay. Too bad it looks like we won't get an arena tonight, I was looking forward to working on that last arena goal ;)

    CYA ;)

    BLACK ICE Member

    no matter what you or I say we are just looking for something for nothing in the eyes of the assumers. and there never was any kind of survey it is just the higher level whiners coming to forum and yelling loudly. that is my opinion. polish is highest you go in vc on my space but he is not nothing in facebook. myspace high is ben level 12k there are 15 of them in my clan in facebook and several higher. so these people would not dominate any longer in face book. it scares them.

    BLACK ICE Member

    you never said anything offensive.
  9. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

  10. There was indeed a survey. On top of the page were it asked U to update your email addy. Was pretty hard to miss actually.......
  11. big john klad

    big john klad Member

    well we are not scared of fb just spent alot of time on myspace an have respect for those we play with ,so if you think fb is that great just play that account an don't worry about this one
  12. AlterEgoT

    AlterEgoT Well-Known Member

    All they are asking from us is a little patience while they get us back up and running. I don't think they are asking for much.

    You don't have to feel grateful. I happen to. It's a FREE service. Sure they get paid but you don't HAVE to do the paying.. And sure if they want to be a top gaming community they need to pay attention to customer service. However, as a consumer I believe customer service that goes above and beyond is worth recognizing. Customer service is a dying art. I'm grateful someone remembers it counts.

    That little rant over with. Please do not feel as though I am saying you need to be grateful. I am saying I am. Part of the confusion in this thread comes from the differences in the games. Many of the folks want to keep their 2000-3000 squad (VC, PC & LCN all award you strength based on squad numbers), Other folks do not want to spend months rebuilding their accounts, Others gave up on myspace already and built elsewhere and want those points so they can dominate their new platforms. From reading pages upon pages, there is no clear majority.

    With no clear majority, I think Kano offering to just move us intact is the fairest option. Not neccessarily the best option but the fairest. If myspace hadn't shut down you wouldn't have had the other options. So really all they are doing is experiencing some downtime and changing the way you log in if you want to simplify it.

    As for timing. Yes a clear answer would be nice. But again, if Myspace had any business courtesy at all they'd have had time without the panic.

    As for what I want? Oh whatever. I'll build my slayer wherever it's there to build. If it's kanoplay I'll build there, if it's FB I'll build there, if it's kong I'll build there. In the meantime, I'll just enjoy the game for the sake of enjoying the game and worry about strength later.
  13. AlterEgoT

    AlterEgoT Well-Known Member

    For what it's worth....The survey was at the bottom of the game page with your update info. The news link on the left directed you to it as did the forums. You had the choice of FB, Kong or Kanoplay. I'm assuming Kanoplay was the standalone option request. (I understand they moved it to the top the next day.)

    I think that's where many are requesting a full transfer of account somewhere. They like their current accounts just fine ;) Some however are requesting the package instead of their slayer.
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  14. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    lmao....scared of what? If i wanted to dedicate time to FB then I would have....but i dont because I cant stand the way FB does things (the platform itself...not the players). Considering I retired my 1st account at the #1 spot and then started over only to reclaim my #1 spot in mere months...what gives u the notion im scared ? I rarely play anymore players have passed me (although still very weak)and soon many more will...big whoop...they deserve it for perservering, I simply dont want anyone to get a free pass as it diminishes what everyone else had to do the right way.
  15. big john klad

    big john klad Member

    ok here an though how about we all just move to facebook ,an anyone who has accounts ob both pick one or the other , because some of us only have one account an how fair would it be for player that have more then one to get all the skill points of two accounts
  16. AlterEgoT

    AlterEgoT Well-Known Member

    HAHAHA. Oh dear. Sorry that's not directed at you. I just was reminiscing about the uproar that suggestion caused when Hi5 closed. Pages and pages about how is it fair for me to lose my leaderboard standings just because they lost their platform.

    In the end Kano scraped the idea because they said it wasn't fair to either FB or Hi5 as the accounts were built too differently. Honestly I play on all 3 platforms. MS and FB aren't all that different in the builds. MS doesn't have the invite to punch. They have been playing on a dead platform so there is a great deal of difference within the levels but not so much between platforms. Except that since the arena dropped in FB has had a much better levelling chance than MS so you tend to have higher levels. for instance on MS ZS highest is in the 3000 levels. On FB the highest is over 5000 level. But that's all from the player perspective. Kano can see the numbers and they might tell a completely different story.
  17. AlterEgoT

    AlterEgoT Well-Known Member

    I do hope Kanoplay is available soon.

    Otherwise y'all will be stuck listening to me all night ;)
  18. mushroomhead

    mushroomhead New Member

    ok kano hurry please lmao!! jk alter
  19. big john klad

    big john klad Member

    lol oh don't worry i'm just here saying whats on my mind lol an i play all of kanos game i play pc mw an vc an zs on ms lol an there new one gt on facebook lol no biggy to me an as far as build an levels i'll go with the guys on fb any time lol as far as that go's
  20. RenegadeGranny

    RenegadeGranny New Member

    I just want to say thank you for your quick actions during this terrible situation. I have made a lot of very good friends playing Kano games, and wanted to let you know that... I, for one, really appreciate all the effort you guys have put towards preserving our games...Thank You
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