Myspace Update June 12 2013

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by mi7ch, Jun 12, 2013.

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  1. Lucifer

    Lucifer Active Member

    Best news I've heard all week! I for one am happy to be keeping everything i worked 2 get,don't let this get around but THANKS KANO! & a big THANK YOU 2 mi7ch for getting my forum acct fixed!
  2. kamikazeweasel

    kamikazeweasel Active Member


    BLACK ICE Member

    has nothing to do with selfishness. My space closed we should have the choice of where we play not be hearded to any one site. I personally don't care about the level willing to start over. I want what is right for those that invested. they should get their credits to where ever the kano game is played. it was their money so should be their choice. and yes there was comments that this platform was temp and we would be able to accept transfer packages from here. perhaps not being derogatory would be more appropriate rather than trying to insult a person you don't know thank you. And we all know that kano is working hard to resolve the issue and we all appreciate this. thank you
  4. atmosphere

    atmosphere New Member

    So are we getting a transfer package to fb or kong or not. Many people have decided to start over on another platform in hopes of being able to possibly get a transfer package. If we cant be offered the package then I for one will be done with all kano games. I will delete my kano apps on fb and never spend a dime with your company again. To say that youve had to change plans on the fly is irritating to me. Either you were going to offer a port over package or you werent. You knew about this in advance. Now from what it looks like, were going to be stuck in limbo on this off site thing and you said till it opens up to new players. How about you get rid of it and give us our packages to go to fb or kong just like with hi5 and be done with it instead of wasting more time and having us sit around and wait. Either that or let people know early if you dont plan to have a package to go to kong or fb so people can make a decision now. Nobody should spend another dime until a decision is made. You knew about this in advance that it was going to happen.
  5. atmosphere

    atmosphere New Member

    Thanks for the post big john. youre right, they did say it was temporary and its not like anyone was coming in here demanding anything. I dont care if i have to start over either. I already did on fb and thats where id like my hard work to go instead of being permanently being herded to an offshore site. Scary thing that Mitch said though about this offshore eventually being opened up to new players. This offshore thing should not be permanent.
  6. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    On the fly, on the fly! This whole thing was done on the fly thanks to the very very short notice from MS. Remember we only had 4 business days to get to where we are today. We set-up offsite email / password collection as well as the survey on what networks players would be interested in playing on, on the first day!

    As we collected more feedback and considered all options, it became clear that Kano Play would be the best focus of our energy to make the majority of players happy, quickest resolution for biggest impact and address a worst case scenario of MS removing games this week which they did do.

    We take pride in having open dialogue with our players, our updates have been daily, this might shoot us in the foot sometimes as things may change based on feedback and options. Alternatively we could do what our competitors have done and that is not say nor do anything. Playdom went as far as to acknowledge it but have not seen any updates on the forum on what their resolution will be.

    Anyways, KanoPlay will be an upgrade over MS and we will take it from there.
  7. Seems like some people did not take the time to read ALL posts on the matter. Yes, KANO new in advance this was going to happen with ms. And they were working hard on it. What KANO did not know was that ms was gonna pull the plug late at night with no warning. KANO has no control over ms. No where have I seen ANY promises made to anyone by KANO. All I see is KANO working like mad to resolve this. The more they have to respond to posts & such. The longer it will take them to get this done. Be patient like I see the majority are. Just my 2 cents worth......
  8. big john klad

    big john klad Member

    ok you to it seems that only the ones who have fb accounts are the one wanting a package to better their accounts of face book the new site is what we all wanted in the first place so or accounts would stay the same as they are so if you do not want to play there they start from level one on face book an stop trying to get free stuff because they did not have to do one thing for any of us at all ,it's in the tirms of us that if the games get droped there will be no refunds

    BLACK ICE Member

    my apologies I thought all of us had the right to an opinion without being degrading. no one asked for free stuff. I don't call my money free. but you may. thank you for your comment.
  10. Linda

    Linda Guest

    Top Poster Of Month

    Amen John, Amen, what Kano has done to help myspace players in 4 days is awesome Myspace players did not want to lose anything after all their hard work and years of playing and that is what seems is gonna take place, Bravo kano, Bravo,
  11. big john klad

    big john klad Member

    was not calling your money free my freind some have not spent any on the game an want packages to better their game on facebook is all ,an they should be happy the kano is sticking with us an seting up a site for us an give us a home ms did not want us
  12. mi7ch

    mi7ch Administrator

    Hey all, as Kendall said we had a limited amount of time to throw this together thanks to Myspace dropping this on our laps without so much as a good luck.

    True, we did say that the offsite was meant to be a temporary measure but as we met daily and considered things more it seemed the best way to preserve the in-game environment that you guys, the players, have been building.

    Kano Play evolved over our daily planning sessions, and feedback from the community helped make it happen. We will of course continue to listen to any concerns or ideas you guys have and we haven't wiped anything off the drawing board. We're always interested in keeping up a dialogue with our players, so please keep on letting us know how you feel!
  13. mi7ch

    mi7ch Administrator

    Hey guys, I know that this is a stressful situation because we've all put time and money into these games and we all want to feel like we're getting a fair shake. Please try to keep your discussion on topic and polite, I'd rather not have to start deleting posts or locking this thread because we do want to keep it open for discussion as we'd like to keep this back and forth with our players going! :)
  14. Big Ken

    Big Ken Member

    Thats because he knows they screwed the site up,who wants to go to there new myspace and the only thing you can do is listen to music and have no games to watch that new site wont last a year and then myspace will be gone completely.
  15. Dutchman

    Dutchman Member

    If we can play the game here on Kanoplay instead of Myspace, then there is not a need for transferring accounts to Facebook or Kongregate. Everything will be the same, same clan, same foes, same guilds, etc. By having Kanoplay as our server Myspace is not needed anymore.
  16. SkullRazer

    SkullRazer Member

    i am just glad someone from team kano was on when i posted i couldnt get back into pirate clan cause i had to refresh my page only to find out myspace deleted the games lastnight on the june 11th thread and also just wanna say take your time i know everyone at team kano is working there butts off to get this kanoplay games up and running as fast as they can but would be nice to have it done right then have major bugs right on opening day....and yes i logged into the new myspace just to see a bunch of comments everywhere saying bleep this and bleep that myspace but hey kano is working hard to get this up and running as fast as possible but like i said better to make sure there isnt any major bugs and hope to see everyone on opening day including my mentor Polish and all the rest of my pimp pals that come to be more then just friends over the last year since i been playing has become more like family

    So Hope to see all my Family in the game here soon
  17. hi Kano thx 4 email ... can't wait to log in :)

  18. AlterEgoT

    AlterEgoT Well-Known Member

    Thank you Kano.

    I never expected a choice so I guess I'm easier to please. I wouldn't have known what to choose anyway. Each has it's pro's and con's and none of the options available to Kano would have made everyone happy.

    That being said sure I'm a little worried about complete and utter boredom on the games. Myspace died long ago they just finally decided to nail the coffin closed. I also understand that many of the folks that were still playing were only doing so to gain stuff for their other accounts. They didn't really play and hadn't for quite some time. They logged in got their gp spent their stuff and left. Maintenance only. Whoops, guess you would be disappointed.

    Will this work? Who knows. But I personally will make every effort to make it work. Least I can do. Kano is working their butts off to figure out solutions. I enjoy the game (admittedly not like I used to as the content has become rather tiresome and repetative). Oh I had planned to quit many a time and for various reasons did not. Friendships being one of them. Myspace atmosphere cannot be duplicated. Sorry each platform has it's own personality and neither fb nor kong can replicate myspace just as myspace wasn't able to replicate kong or FB. I look forward to seeing what personality Kanoplay will take.

    Will there be a chat? Will Kano bring in other game developers as Kong did where they upload? Will there be a leaderboard that encompasses the other platforms? Will we begin to see marketing materials available to help spread the word? Will Kano dedicate some new ideas into kanoplay and let us test stuff as we will be quite small at the onset?

    I say Kudo's to Kano for thinking outside the box. The upside? If they find it isn't working they can still offer packages later.

    And to those saying kano said this or that? Guess what weren't you just as frustrated that they weren't divulging anything of real value just 4 days ago? People assumed it'd be based on the Hi5 transfer with a few minor tweeks. You know what happens when you assume ;)

    And before you think I'm up on my high horse sure part of me thought how fun for alter to suddenly drop into FB. Oh gee you thought picking on me was cool when I was little whatcha thinking now? I also wondered what on earth I would do with un on either my fb or kong account. that's a lot of un which isn't all that useful except for refills if you've already got an account built. Quite frankly I like my accounts on all 3 platforms so which do I give up?

    After all that wondering all I can say is I came to the conclusion, I'm game for whatever Kano comes up with. Just another challenge. I happen to like a little challenge so all good in my mind.

    I do so tend to ramble. Sorry about that.

    Thanks for the hard work Kano. Look forward to the rollout of kanoplay and I do hope you find a way to bring us some cool stuff along the way. (a treasure hunt maybe? collection items perhaps? worth oh idk an extra stam or a second or two off the regeneration time)

    oops there I go with that stream of consciousness.

    Enjoy the ride folks.

    BLACK ICE Member

    I do not see what problem would be to offer those who want to go to fb a package to go. keep the customer happy right. it makes no mind to others.
  20. atmosphere

    atmosphere New Member

    Ill respond to a few things here. Number one. Nobody knows me or what my goals/motives are so they shouldn't quote my posts and assume garbage about me. I wont respond to people individually because you aren't worth my time. Attacking other posters and trying to know people without actually knowing them just shows your intelligence level and ignorance.
    I don't expect things for "free". However, I did pay to play zombie slayer and have played it since 2010. I worked hard on my character and have spent money just like a lot of other players. What you spent and whether you paid to play shouldn't matter though. I understand that Kano has worked hard. I set up facebook games on a facebook anticipating something being done with our accounts on myspace as have many other players who have set up on fb or kong because if they did have to start over, at least there would be something there. Again, I'm going by what was previously reported in the threads regarding the offsite being temporary and what happened with hi5. I am not going to spend money or a bunch of time trying to level mirrors on different platforms. There isn't a need for me to have the fb zombie as well as the offsite one if offsite is permanent. That's why I along with others want to know what is going to be done one way or the other. Negative posters can keep their wrong affirmations about me to themselves in the future. My goal isnt to slam or insult Kano or try to get free stuff because I think I am entitled over others. I spent money and time on my games and want to know sooner rather than later if we will be allowed to port over so I don't get too far with my fb accounts. To me that's a waste and I don't have the time to sit all day and play Kano apps. No offense. I don't need 30 different zombie slayer accounts. Others may feel differently but not me. There is no point in advancing a fb if we're keeping offsite. I can promise that I wont spend money or time in two different accounts not knowing whats going on. I dont want this dragged out for months. I think a few weeks to a month or so is sufficient time to figure out whether or not a port over package will be offered for fb and kong players who have set up there. If no deal is going to be made, I would like to know sooner rather than later so I can get rid of my fb Kano accounts as I will not spend a dime on them till I hear about a port over one way or the other. I am not telling them that they need to do it although it would suit me fine, I just want to get an answer soon one way or the other.
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