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    So to start things off ill link to the original thread i talked about the item situation in Pirate Clan then go about what slight changes i have made from then to now.

    Item stats across the board thread -

    down below will be the updated list of items with murder island included, stats are unmodified (fixed a couple errors i found that i missed the first time around) followed by the item curve (slightly modified from before) then the implementation put into practice for the game and what the items stats should with the more streamlined and consistent percentage based curve instead of set amount increase which as stated in the previous thread becomes a major problem as time goes on.

    Now onto the main event lol,

    I'll start with the matey drops as those are sort of the main event. The first drop was a tad below expected which wasn't a huge concern since it is only the first drop, what mattered was by the end it actually went above the expected amount at a 75/75, 2 points above. This is a real good thing to have happened to say the least and only good comments around such. the crafting was another big surprise as it landed directly in line with the percentage based curve. highly appreciate that. When it comes to the matey drops for adventures they are spot on and that is simply put great.

    The weapons fall a bit short but due to the way they are appearing with the stat drops it appears you guys might be trying to catch the mateys up with the weapons so slowing down weapon progression a tad. It is sad but would be a pass and understandable if this truly is the case. Will have to further wait and see as the next location is released if this is a continued trend to further my hypothesis about whats happening.

    The ships is a bit disappointing since they didnt even gain a single point throughout the entirety of the location. it stayed at the overall 468 mark. Dont know the reasoning behind this. Ships as i stated in the previous thread though are a bit strange and would need to be looked at again and possibly revamped. I go into further detail about how ships still have issues with their stats in the thread linked above called - item stats across the board -

    This should be relatively quick, not much to say on it, the random drop is in accordance to the curve ONLY if what is happening is the mateys are being caught up so the weapon stats are being halved in increase amounts overall per location until they have been fully caught up. (1 point increase per 2 adventures instead of 1 per adventure)

    As for the random collect reward drop and the ensured drops, the stats are a bit lower then they should considering the amount of bosses it would require for them to have an impactful affect on your overall strength. Raids bring more of an imbalance then these drops would if they were in line with what they should be and the drops for raids are more easily obtained. I believe these should be looked over in some more detail to evaluate what should happen to them since the stats they drop at now appear to be good but when comparing them to raid drops, crafting and now the daily chests these will become quite useless relatively quickly. Without the ability to craft or use them in anyway the drops are more of a, here you go 10th place participation reward. It devalues the reward completely and there are people out there already that cant use them whatsoever making them all the more useless in the relatively short run given a player has been around a decent amount of time to collect and craft items.

    Crafting weapons, first the base adventure crafts. Campfire rifle and enforcer hammer dont offer much of an increase overall in comparison to the drop they are crafting up. Both overall are not even a 10% increase, this sort of devalues the crafts for them which doesnt incentivize players to craft and attempt to collect gifts to do so.

    As for the random boss drop crafting, there is a noticeable increase from its base form counterpart and is showing a decent increase as it should be to incentivize players to craft. The legendary craft from its elite though lowers its attack down which doesnt make much sense. Its being crafted up to become stronger but is weakening your attack. The overall craft for the legendary is also weaker then the little bertha which is from 3 locations back. The little bertha shouldnt be able to compete with the newest weapon in either attack or def given it isnt a heavily focused attack or def item. The overall legendary stats for the little bertha is 211 and the legendary apprentice hammer is 210. The apprentice hammer should be given a buff to be stronger then its predecessor. If that would mean the need to increase the random boss drop that would be fine, just anything to get it at bare minimum a tad stronger then the little bertha.

    Ship crafting falls the same as how adventures do in that ships still have an issue which was gone into more in depth in the other thread where i analyzed the entire item situation of the game.

    Challenge drops are another aspect of the game i feel has been forgotten about and is not just thrown in there without much meaning behind it. The stats on the items should be significantly higher then they are currently. A person is only able to get 1 item out of the 3 potential rewards every day and a half or so given they arent spending loads of fp on it. At which point if a person is spending that kind of fp on the challenge they would be better off buying crates or direct limited items as that would grant a far greater bonus overall to the players stats. Should these items be on par with limiteds or raid items? no i dont believe so but as shown in the percentage based curve below they should have at least a great advantage over the regular items a person is able to farm tens or hundreds of a day.

    Challenges as a whole need to be looked at and possibly revamped or a change needs to occur that would make sense for those items to be just a bit above on par in comparison to the regular quickly farmable items.

    Overall the location has seen great improvements with the way it is dealing with the matey situation. Cant say enough about how happy i am to see the mateys finally be up to par with where they should be. Weapons are a bit of a gray area currently until further details about their situation is disclosed, so its neutral when it comes to that. Depending on the situation though it will either be neutral or negative feedback, cant say for sure so staying neutral as of now until either further evidence or details about weapon drops is given.

    Ships, single boss drops and challenge drops are still needing to be looked at since they are items one cannot amass easily and with their stats hold little to no value for players as of now but that could easily change.

    The crafting of the random drop is currently not as strong as the little bertha overall which is a huge problem given the bertha was dropped 3 locations ago.

    The art on the boss i have to say looks real good as always, no complaints there props to the artist :)

    The location does see some highly needed improvements but also falls short in some areas which some issues could be fixed quickly while others are more in depth problems to look at which will take longer to come up with a proper plan of how to fix and implement.


    Got rid of the estimated attack and def and just keeping with the overall stats, didnt feel the estimations for what the attack and def were added anything.

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    I only have 1 question. Exactly how long did it take you to do this?
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    to gather all the info for this location not to long since i got the item stats throughout the week and ones i didnt from a couple of friends in game. As for typing it up, this thread alone about 2-3 hours since i was working on a slight modification to the previous reallocation doc i felt was necessary. As for the original thread - item stats across the board - that was well over a week of stat grabbing in my spare time and figuring out a balanced streamlined percentage based curve.... to long lol.
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    have you been in the last location for a while? only the weapon/matey craft are adding a decent amount of stats, boss drop is barely adding just on attack normally, elite is just catching up to either add attack or defense deppending on how you worked it previous location, legendary is just way to much work to just add defense (switching from attack to defense wich makes no sense to me)

    Stats overall adventures need to be reworked, boss drop (nornal/elite/legendary) as well, not asking for a 50+ increase, a 10+ across most items seem reasonable to me

    would like to see other players toughts
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