Mob noted as Full in New Icon but is

Discussion in 'Bugs/Issues' started by John Narcoleptic Spilotro, May 3, 2011.

  1. Why is my Mob Counter shows full, but my Famila number is 991..What gives with the Wrong number...Get this bug corrected please I have people cued up!!:confused:
  2. what level are you?

    you could be full for usable mob members for your level
  3. At present Level 574
    I am been deleting members to clean out old wood..
  4. not sure why you would delete any though..they dont hurt anything.

    then its probably the game hasnt caught up to the declanning
  5. Mr Killer Man

    Mr Killer Man Active Member

    After reaching 500 mob you get 2 per level so if you are demobbing people you are losing members that you would add as you move up.
  6. <Mob is noted as full in new icon but famila is not indicating 1000

    I am 578 Level
    I have 994 Familia, and 17 hired members, I should be able to delete those Low lever players that were added when I started. After one year they are still at level 2, so I delete them in order to make room for higher level players [more $$ if I add to Familia]

    What I am really confused about is how fast Energy and Stamina regain. I remember seeing a message [sometime] about faster gain time, but now at this level it seems to be slower. Watching the clock:
    energy 1 point every 3.15 min
    Stamina 1 point every 1.45 sec
    Health 1 point every 2.36
    IS there a chart on gain per level or skill level?
  7. demobbing really isnt needed.a body is a body in mob can add more than 1000 its just only 1000 will count in battle.but you can have unlimited in your clan giving access to more bosses

    time regain i THINK(and i say think cause im not sure if its same as pc and vc)if you click on achievement tab on your profile(at least for pc and vc)it shows how much time is taken off the regain time everytime you hit a level achievement
    i could be wrong but im pretty sure stam is 2 minutes(could be 3) energy i think is 5(4 if you picked the one regaining energy faster)
  8. Bo Baby

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    u can only hold 12 in ur familia, what are u talkin about? if u are talkin about that familia tab then that means u are now losing mob from ur original 1000 mob by deleting members and i think this is what u are talkin about, so now u are 9 people short from the deletions...LoL
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