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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Aardvark, Apr 23, 2015.

  1. Aardvark

    Aardvark Orycteropus Afer

    A new selection of Loyalty Items is now out for each of the item tiers. Visit the Loyalty Items section of your Godfather Page to see what's available!

    Since it's been a while since a new set was swapped in, and to help establish a more logical progression, the previously available collection has also received some minor buffs to their stats. In the future we will simply make new items available more regularly and not adjust the strengths of previously released equippables.

    Updates Made to old Loyalty Items

    Fireslug Shotgun: 236/222 ( previously 224/212)
    Firesheath: 222/236 ( previously 212/224)
    Torchtruck: 229/229 ( previously 218/218)

    Particle Cannon: 243/229 ( previously 231/219)
    Shock Armor: 229/243 ( previously 219/231)
    Thunderbolt Boat: 236/236 ( previously 225/225)

    Psyblade: 253/235 ( previously 241/225)
    Ninjatek Armor: 235/253 ( previously 225/241)
    Stealth Ship: 244/244 ( previously 233/233)

    Solarbeam Satellite: 261/241 ( previously 249/231)
    Hyper Exoskeleton:241/261 ( previously 231/249)
    Solar Sailship: 251/251 ( previously 240/240)
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  2. JADES

    JADES Well-Known Member

    Shock Armor: 243/229 ( previously 219/231) <-- Is that a typo or over site? LOL
  3. Aardvark

    Aardvark Orycteropus Afer

    Whoops, looks like a couple of items were posted with switched stats. I've updated the post. :p

    Thanks for point that out, @JADES !
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  4. foxysiren

    foxysiren Well-Known Member

    So basically all of us who spent our money and got to Alexandrite along time ago are stuck with old Loyalty items?
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  5. robbin gordon

    robbin gordon Well-Known Member

    ok..... lololol..... is this april 1st again ? or groundhog day.....

    aardvark.... good to see you. but i dunno if you'll be so happy with what i have to say. ;)

    seriously.... ? so again...... the old players who supported this site mean nothing. ok, let's see this from our eyes.

    1. when we got here, and for basically the last five years, we've LOYALLY supported this site. we had the basic clicky game - we had no raids, no GREAT powerful items over 600 total a & d for ALL players of ALL levels to have access to... we had UGOTS, aardvark. you know this to be true, as you were here with us.

    2. we spent our loyalty points. we got items with numbers, available to us, that didn't change for 4 years now. WE saw NO reason to save our points, as nothing seemed to be changing, and as in the PAST, you'd UPPED the points on items to keep current, we felt that you would honor our spending by UPPING them again as needed, which NEVER happened in recent memory. you upped them once or twice, and the last such upping happened about what... 2 years ago ...???

    3. and now.... after having trust in kano.... we're told our OLD items are being upped, well ok... but not to equal the new set, so we all restart on an EVEN footing - again, old players and all money spent seems not to matter much !!!!!!

    am i the ONLY moron who sees this ? aaaaaaaaaaardvark..... c'mon !!!!!! start us fresh, up us even on our older items... and start upping the items with the NEXT set release to make them more enticing, and so we NOW know we can either spend them now, or save and wait to see what is down the road ???? !!!!!

    please review these numbers, and do right by us !!!!!!!!!!!!! it's the right, and fair, thing to do.
  6. foxysiren

    foxysiren Well-Known Member

    Nope I must be a moron too because I can see this and agree 100% with what you have written.
  7. Angela Brown

    Angela Brown Active Member

    not sure why the items have not been upped for players who have spent much time and money on this game.. its been made much easier for a low level to have as much strength as a long time higher level.. which in my eyes is surely not right nor fair to those who have put in many years to get where they are! so i have to agree with you on this issue for sure!
  8. Porter Rockwell

    Porter Rockwell New Member

    Well put Robbin
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  9. judy

    judy New Member

    if it is simple enough to reverse the numbers, you can adjust the stats to match the new ones for those who have invested over time into your pockets
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  10. Blue Nose

    Blue Nose Active Member

    Good news. Thanks guys!
  11. mi7ch

    mi7ch Administrator

    Thanks for the feedback folks! What I can do right now is bring this up with the developers and see what they say. The intention with the stats on the old loyalty items was to make them relevant with the current game, but I'll let them know that the consensus is that we didn't quite meet the mark. ;)
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  12. I'm hearing some worrying news from those that have sent in tickets that you not gonna change the old loyalty items to match the new ones. Pardon me if that info is incorrect, but are you guys for real??! What kind of joke is this? Are you seriously valuing new money way more than old?

    I wish you guys would just send me an e-mail where you telling me straight out to feck off into oblivion, instead of you continuing to send subtle messages through weird changes in-game.. Atleast then I would get the message explicitly. Will ask you straight out. Do you want us veteran players to step aside from the game, to let the new kids on the block rule the game all alone?
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  13. WendelinR

    WendelinR Active Member

    i know a guy on kong that has over 500 gold loyalty items so imagine they bumped up the stats to like 400/400. would mean 100k + fight strength for this guy, so in order to not increase the gap between free and pay players they had to keep the stats increasement low. thats my guess and its reasonable isnt it.
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  14. foxysiren

    foxysiren Well-Known Member

    This just doesn't quite make sense to me...People who have old Alexandrite items now find the Platinum stuff is better and that's 2 tiers lower.

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  15. robbin gordon

    robbin gordon Well-Known Member

    no one said anything about jumping stats to 400/400.... dunno where you came up with that. this is about just matching our old item strengths to Equal the new items this go around.... nothing more.
  16. WendelinR

    WendelinR Active Member

    aaaaaaaaaardvark :p
  17. Bocce

    Bocce Member

    So no update to Alexandrite? I have been at that level since loyalty items were introduced. Now new ones with better stats are available. Will the old alexandrites be brought up to equal the new?
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  18. Jared

    Jared Well-Known Member

    I'm thinking not. Think of other items that are available in the game. Remember those Kano items that were so cool to have a few years ago? I don't think that they are going to automatically upgrade all of the older items to make them on par with what is currently being offered, whether they are loyalty items or not. Whether or not they should be adjusted to reward LONG-TIME loyal players (especially those that play more than 1 game) is up for debate, but I have the feeling that the answer is going to be a resounding NO.
  19. Easy To Remember

    Easy To Remember Well-Known Member

    @mi7ch @Aardvark - I was under the impression that we would be seeing new Loyalty Items "more regularly", and I guess some clarification is in need (at least for me). It has been approximately 43 days since the release of these new Loyalty Items, and [to my knowledge] they have not changed since. Can you please define more specifically what "more regularly" means in terms of Loyalty Items and how often we will see new ones? Thanks!
  20. mi7ch

    mi7ch Administrator

    Right now we're looking at Fall for updated Loyalty items. This may not be super regular, but it is more regular than our previous schedule which we did not have. :)

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