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    so i took the time to type out every location and its drops in order to show the scale you guys were going for at first but seemed to stray away from in the past few matey drops that has caused alot of people to be upset since the crafts from return to lost world are still going to be stronger all around then the newest ones. -

    Location 1: east tortuga
    -weapon 13/1

    location 2: west tortuga
    -weapon 15/3

    location 3: tenochtitlan
    -weapon 16/5

    location 4: peking
    -weapon 17/7

    location 5: barbay
    -weapon 18/8

    location 6: atlantis
    -weapon 20/10

    location 7: port royal
    -weapon 22/15

    location 8: cartagena
    -weapon 27/20

    location 9: davy jones locker
    -weapon 22/28

    location 10: bahamas
    -weapon 28/22

    location 11: japan
    -weapon 29/23

    location 12: new orleans
    -weapon 23/29

    location 13: drifting turtle island
    -weapon 30/24

    location 14: bombay
    -weapon 28/28
    -matey 18/18
    -ship 86/86

    location 15: aurora glacier
    -weapon 30/30
    -matey 21/21
    -ship 88/88

    location 16: easter island
    -weapon 34/34
    -matey 22/22
    -ship 89/89

    location 17: fiddlers green
    -weapon 36/36
    -matey 24/24
    -ship 92/92

    location 18: athens
    -weapon 38/38
    -matey 27/27
    -ship 95/95

    location 19: the lost world
    -weapon 42/42
    -matey 30/30
    -ship 100/100

    location 20: skyland
    -weapon 45/45
    -matey 32/32
    -ship 105/105

    location 21: underworld
    -matey 37/37

    location 22: waterworld
    -weapon 53/53

    location 23: afterworld
    -weapon 56/56

    location 24: alexandria
    -matey 46/46

    location 25: magma mountain
    -ship 140/140

    location 26: return to the lost world
    -weapon 75/60

    location 27: bermuda triangle
    -ship 176/176

    location 28: sandsea
    -matey 43/47

    location 29: floating island
    -weapon 75/71

    location 30: ape island
    -weapon 78/73

    location 31: fort victoria
    -matey 55/50

    location 32: nova zeelandia
    -weapon 89/78

    location 33: anacapri
    -ship 237/235

    location 34: london
    -matey 57/63

    so from the location skyland forward i believe is the starting point since that is the end of the 3 types of drops from a single boss from there the mateys have gone average 3 attack and def increase(or overall 6 point increase per location). As you can tell in skyland the base drop for matey is 32/32 then to underworld it deviates a tad for the good at the underworld drop being 37/37 which is an overall 10 point boost rather then 6. the next matey drop in alexandria follows the 6 point overall boost when looking location wise by number. underworld is number 21 and alexandria is 24 so the 3 location difference times the boost of 6 per location is 18 then dived out to keep a balanced matey of 46/46. this is where things go south for mateys though the next drop is location 28 which is a total of 4 locations ahead. in here though there isnt a 24 point overall boost but rather a overall decrease in amount of points the drop has. this is one of the main causes for the mateys from here on out not following in line. the alexandria drop falls in at 43/47(overall 90 points) and alexandria 46/46 (overall 92 points), this ultimately screws with the crafting overall stats as well. the next matey should have been 24 points boost overall from the last or at the bare minimum of doing overall 4 point boost to mateys a 16 point boost, both of which are not the case. the matey if wanting to keep with a defensive drop if keeping true to the average boost numbers prior shouldve been 48/60 or 52/66. this would still have kept the weapons overall stronger then the mateys which is what has stayed true to the first drops. from sandsea location 28 to the next matey drop in fort victoria the drop stats are 55/50 which is averaging a 5 point overall boost per location which is fine but still lies below the average 3 that was present prior. sandsea is location 28 and fort victoria 31 so a 3 location difference. overall stat increase should have been 18 points boost but off of what should be the true stat of the sandsea matey if it fall properly in order with the rest. the true stats of the fort victoria if following and keeping true to having it an attack oriented matey while also keeping true to the overall stat increase should be at 69/57 or 74/60. continuing on to the new location london which is location number 34, there should be an overall gain from the last matey of 12 or 16 points which is not the case again. with the new drop being defence oriented and the overall boost from the true amount the mateys overall points should be at the drop stats should be either 67/79 or 70/82.

    these stats are highly variable depending if the overall 6 or 4 point boost was kept consistent because as some have proven earlier it was more but never less. these are numbers i feel would be fair and still be kept in line with how the progression appeared to be going for a majority of the locations but then stopped once sandsea came along. the numbers i giver still keep with the mateys being weaker then the weapons rule.

    If possible i would like some input from a dev as to why they do not feel the numbers should be changed or why they believe them to be correct because as of now im still just questioning the decision made to backtrack then vear off the course of what was once a steady progression. The crafts that were possible several locations ago are still topping the newest drops which i just find odd, guessing there is a reason behind it though.
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    Mi7ch or any admin/dev, can we get some feedback regarding the new boss drop and why it is the way it is?

    Overall the feedback i have seen regarding the new locations boss drops has not been that positive and silence from everybody at kano is not helping :(
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    yes, someone from Kano, please reply to this! It does not make sense. I keep thinking that Return to the Lost World was a game changing location, well, it was. BUT come on! It is time for another gamer changer. I am disappointed in the London drops, both adventure and boss, and the crafting that rolled out today for London is so error laden, I am not touching it until you all fix it. WHY would we use adventure drops from Anicapri for London crafting?????? Let's start there. And, when will we see more game changing crafting like we saw in Return to the Lost World???? Inquiring minds want to know.
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  4. Back when this was MobWars... before the lawsuits & the chase for the next million dollar a month app.. Dave, 'Bob', etc communicated and worked with those who actually played their game. For a bit, they played themselves. Aside from scripts and bots, flaws were dealt with pretty quickly and changes were made with the voices of a group of users as guidance. Yes this is a forum for that purpose, and yes there is some level of communication here between Kano and user.. But it is clear that no one at Kano actively plays this game at a competitive level nor seeks the necessary level of guidance the game once had. As neill and Diva (and everyone else who plays) have pointed out, there is a monstrous flaw in the way that attack/defense stats are handled across the board. For the last Four Years, one could just wait out the purgatory of crafting/gifting/adventuring 18,000 Alpha Raptors & Legendarying 1800 ScrewJacks, making 2/3rds of all adventures and common boss drops worthless, for +Four Years. The disparity in these points and the mistakes (Ape Island ship/weapon mixup, London/Anacapri mixup) =there is just no way that anyone who plays makes these decisions. It seems like it is just more important to occasionally throw out a really high attack item or a level event to reel in some cashflow. Please, put a group of reasonable ,non-self serving, & active players together -& work with them. Bring back creation contests & encourage some idea threads. Stop rehashing old art 3.. 4.. 5 times over & passing it off as something new every 2 months. Thanks for coming out.

    -Also, no matter what the summoned captain's stats was meant to actually be, I highly recommend leaving it alone after fixing/replacing the Anacapri adventure with the intended London adventure. huge win and step in the right direction for Kano.
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  5. mi7ch

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    Given the work put in by the OP I wish I had a better answer to this, but I do not. Fact is that the Matey drop curve has been touched by so many people over the years there are bound to be irregularities. We've tried to address this by changing the strength curve of the Ships, so I'll go and get the Mateys adjusted as well.
  6. neill1990

    neill1990 Well-Known Member

    any news on when the adjustment will be implemented?
  7. mi7ch

    mi7ch Administrator

    Not at this time, but when I know, you'll know. :)
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    This is an interesting thread. I thought the curve was taken into consideration when new items were rolled out, so I'm not sure why this is an issue. Of course, I'm not surprised, and this probably explains how other aspects of the game work as well.
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  10. Jared

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    I appreciate all of the work you put into this thread, @neill1990. You obviously have more time to do an analysis like this than I do. But I really don't think this is an issue that is going to be addressed.
  11. Funny thing is, over on VC there was an outcry when the stats of the Wayfarer was dropped without notice, so Kano reverted it back AND upped the stats of the warrior drops that came after it.

    Why can't they do the same for PC? Why should I have to keep going back to Ape Island (4 lands previous to current) to get the second strongest matey? (I have discounted the strongest due to it being a craft item and over on Kong/Armor platform, you have to wait days before you get sufficient gifts to craft it)

    Are us PC players the poor relations that have to make do with whatever scraps the developers decide to give us?

    Mitch said "the Matey drop curve has been touched by so many people over the years there are bound to be irregularities. We've tried to address this by changing the strength curve of the Ships, so I'll go and get the Mateys adjusted as well." well over a month ago. Yet, when there's an outcry on VC, things get changed almost immediately - why can't that be done for PC? How many more lands will come out before the mateys will be stronger than Ape Island or will they follow a downward curve whereby they get weaker rather than stronger?

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