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  1. Gin

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    Where does the "Action" count come from. Minimum Actions Not Complete I have less than the 2000 needed. But do not know how to or what increases the count. I know I need 1000 in healing? increases as part of this count. Number of times or amount of healing?
    Your Contribution

    dmg dealt: 183753
    num attacks: 181
    healing done: 140001
    num heals: 480
    XP gained: 725
    cash gained: $14,936,670
    last attack: 19 minutes
  2. JADES

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    Number of attacks=Actions
    • num attacks: 181
    • num heals: 480
    Get EACH of those to at least 1000 for a reward.
    ***Quick note, use 20 stamina attacks, so won't have to heal as much (looks like hitting with singles to me)
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