BOSTON COSA NOSTRA [BCN] Needs new syndicate members!

Discussion in 'New Player Area' started by Lucky Lanzalotta, Mar 6, 2014.

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    [BCN] Boston Cosa Nostra - Opening the books for new syndicate members!

    :cool:Greetings my fellow mobbies! My name is, Lucky, and I am an avid LCN player. I just formed a new syndicate, BCN. I'm from Boston, Massachusetts, so naming my new syndicate BOSTON COSA NOSTRA seemed appropriate. Also, I am a rabid Red Sox enthusiast! Accordingly, my public message reads: "Yankees fans need not apply!" Presently I have 5 syndicate members. I'd like to fill my syndicate with like minded Red Sox fans. So please join. I play daily and ask that new recruits do the same. I realize that many of us have a life outside of LCN, but please drop in daily, if you can, to check in and stay up-to-date with other members. Check us out on Facebook today! Thanks, and, HAPPY MOBBING!!!:cool:
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    Dont see this synd on there

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