[ZS] 50% refills for 5 un

Discussion in 'Ideas' started by 245 Trioxin, Mar 1, 2012.

  1. 245 Trioxin

    245 Trioxin Member

    Think we all had this already. You're short before leveling but you ran out of helps for the day and can't get any bosshelps.
    All you can do is use 10 un and blow the most part of the refill.
    I suggest a 5 un 50% refill.
    Think it would be a good addition to the game.
  2. [TBH] Banjo

    [TBH] Banjo New Member

    yes very good idea that could come in handy for when your close but a full refill in stam or energy would be a waste.
  3. Totally ok with this idea as there are times that I only need half a fill so I just don't spend the 10 GP and wait till the next day. This may potentially be a good seller.
  4. Kilo Duh

    Kilo Duh New Member

    yip ive said same before so totally agree,,,how about a suicide button so we can kill ourselves and loose xp to not waste energy or stamina
  5. muppetkiller

    muppetkiller Member

    aye i agree theres nothing worse then having to wait for stam or energy, cracking idea
  6. Maybe you could try to kill yourself on a boss or tick off a rival LOL.
  7. Joey Mele

    Joey Mele Member

    I would like to see an option where for 10 or even 25 UN's you can reallocate your stats.
  8. Joey Mele

    Joey Mele Member

    I would also like a guide system where if you are trying to craft a secret item, if you pick a correct item you are told. As it sits, you can get 3/4 and not know how close you are. The difficulty keeps many of us from even trying.
  9. 245 Trioxin

    245 Trioxin Member

    then please open your own thread. This one's about the refills, thx.
  10. alka

    alka Banned

    Dying on a Boss doesn't solve the problem.
  11. AlterEgoT

    AlterEgoT Well-Known Member

    I would love a 1/2 refill.
  12. 245 Trioxin

    245 Trioxin Member

    lol, at least we agree on this one ;)
  13. Eraser

    Eraser Member

    Yupp half refill is something thats been asked for many times.... I dont know why it has been rejected before...

    Thankfully kano has been actually putting things we ask for into place as of late.

    Good re-idea tri. :)
  14. Kilo Duh

    Kilo Duh New Member

    no it doesnt you dont loose xp on a boss
  15. TonyDu

    TonyDu Member

    I like this idea.
  16. Joey Mele

    Joey Mele Member

    This is a stupid idea. Not enough people would burn 5 UN's to justify changing the lines of data in the game. Either burn 10 or stop playing for a while. With all of the options available to ZS, some options that are in other Kano games, burning 5 UN's for something so minimal is a waste of time.
  17. Agreed. Good idea for both energy & stamina refills. 10/10
  18. Larry Skary

    Larry Skary Member

    how do you waste stam if you get a full refill and dont use it all. it will stay there until you decide to use it, so getting a 1/2 refill is a total waste of time. thats how i feel about this
  19. Relentless

    Relentless Active Member

    What if you're just shy of leveling up? You need to level up but fast but if you get a refill you will only use some of it and lose the rest when you level. If you could get a half refill, you will lose less on leveling.
  20. Eraser

    Eraser Member

    This thread is for ZOMBIE SLAYER.

    We get up to 1000 stamina upon leveling up on ZS. So yes, Its easy to waste stamina. unlike VS/PC Where you only get 50 stamina.

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