would like to combine crews into one larger syndicate

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by maddog1122, Feb 10, 2014.

  1. maddog1122

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    What would really be more fun now would be if we could combine our different crews into one larger syndicate on mob wars lcn and the other games, lets say 100 members per syndicate instead of 25, the advantages would be that we could find out who was the best syndicate totally, also the leaders of the syndicates could also have other higher members protect the new members or lowest members from the bullies, without having to go to two or three chats to find out whats happening. war games would also improved, and it would be a lot less work for kano developers to constantly working with five or six crews for each syndicate.

    the leaders and officers and members would be able to communicate better with each other also. any one else have a opinion on this.
    I mean its becoming pretty boring for the higher levels such as myself to constantly have to go into different syndicate chats to solve problems for all our members and I think if we could have a larger syndicate, it would also take some of the pressures off just one leader to solve all the smaller levels problems or maintain order within the ranks, you've given us a lot of different things to earn exp and money and gear with, but it doesn't really allow us to find out which syndicate is the best. as one syndicate instead of 25 person crews. we know which crews inour syndicates dot he best or not, but as a syndicateor guild ,it doesn't allow us to findout which syndicate isds the best and plays the most.
  2. JADES

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    DO you mean Facebook chat? If so, limit is 50 in a group chat, so you would still need to have multiple chats.
  3. maddog1122

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    no matthew I meant in the gameitself, where we could have say one large crewof 100 people insteadof the 25 we arelimited too
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    you got 100 kids ???? lmao :p
  5. polishpimp

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    No ty. In my opinion syndicates are best left as a small tight knit group. We already have the option of Allied n rival syndicates which seems to be sufficient.
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