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    Well, where I want to go with this should be clear. We are in desperate need for more world bosses. If I keep at the MS VC ones each Friday, I can esily score over 150 attacks, I think I will try for 200 this friday.

    The fact remains that the world bosses are getting old. They were last updated last year. Can we get new ones for an early Christmas?

    Therefore I want to throw out some ideas for new World Bosses on VC. MW, PC and ZS could use some new Bosses, too. I'm not too familiar with the games' settings, so I can't suggest Boss ideas there.

    Well, that's what I came up with for Viking Clan:

    Aegir's Passage - Jörmungandr
    Vanaheim - War in Heaven (between Aesir and Vanir)
    Niflheim - The Damned
    Jotunheim - King Utgard-Loki
    Alfheim - Alberich, High King of the Elves
    Nidavellir - Laurin, King of the Dwarves
    Muspell - Surt's Army
    Helheim - Garm, the Guardian of Hel
    Vingolf - Njörd
    Asgard - The Valkyries
    Midgard - Godly Trials - Thor
    Alfheim - Godly Trials - Frey & Gerda
    Nidavellir - Godly Trials - The Berserker Army
    Muspell - Godly Trials - Surtr
    Helheim - Godly Trials - The Naglfar
    Vingolf - Godly Trials - The Ice Giants
    Asgard - Godly Trials - The Einherjers
    Hel's Rising - Fenrir
    Skadi's Blizzard - Hati and Skoll
    Bifrost - The Armies of Ragnarök

    If anyone else has other suggestions, feel free to post them.

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