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  1. Jesus can we make it any longer ? .its a script !!! LOL and no offence meant but cant you just keep it all simple and straight too the point polishpimp without giving us all here a major head ache headache having to read all that ? LOL
  2. I tried guild wars for 5 minutes. Even though it was a very liberating experience to be able to hit pretty much anyone, I also was under the impression that it would be guild versus enemy guild. I loved the increase in bounties it had stirred up. But whatever you have changed has caused them to drop back down. It just isn't for me at this time. I forsee it dwindling down to under 10 warring guilds within the month because it really isn't worth the effort to most. I had hoped this feature would be the saving factor for the game and it still could be with all the tweaking going on. I think it was a nice feature for a select few who have been some of the major contributors to the game in advice and monies so I give kudos for that. Happy gaming. Griff
  3. Radu

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    Guild Wars should be based somehow on level range. +/- 500 levels until level 1500, +/- 1000 levels until level 3000, and no restriction above. So if a guild wants trophies, it should be a mixed one...high players as well as low levels, good strategies an so on. a big player with a short battle list will yell "and what should i do with 5 attacks on 10-20 possible players, 10 are valhalla-fans...so am i doing only 20-40 points while attacking?"...answer: for players higher than level 1500, 20-30-40-50 possible attacks, how much you consider being fair. Set the bounty restriction from level 300 higher, maybe to level 1000 unless a little one "asks" for 1 more death count. Slaps are still slaps, don't think it has to be anything changed. And i assure you more people will enjoy this feature.

    People used to call me "New Man in Town" but after killing seven "flies" with one blow, messing with some annoying giants and winning, i inspired myself from one of Brothers Grimm fairy tale...The Valiant Little Tailor...sounds better ;) Who doesn't like me, knows where to find me: "slap me, drink some water, take a deep breath, say "goooosfraaaba" then...let's play "
  4. Im liking this " The Valient Little Tailor " :)
  5. polishpimp

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    Kano....when r u going to acknowledge and or do something about all points not being awarded? Its bad enough that my level puts me at a huge disadvantage when it comes to scoring opportunities and that bounty delays make all the extra bounties flying around useless to someone like myself....it sure would be nice if i could get the few points im suppose to be eligible for.

    The guild wars suck for the highest of levels.....Instead of opening up PVP opportunities like it was suppose to do....its had the exact opposite affect for me....where as some of my biggest rivals use to open themselves up via attacks or slaps.....now they no longer do.
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  6. Toker

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    How about we get Kill points for when we kill other members involved in the war, regardless if we have the 5 attacks already. I get my 5 attacks and then kill that person on a bounty and get no kill points? It was still a WAR related bounty. Or When I continue a battle after the 5 and get a kill, no points, those are still war related attacks.
  7. Kel the Merciful King

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    They don't suck for me. I agree with Johan's statement pretty much.

    @Polish, roll up your sleeves. You can't pound into the ground all attackers and lil guys no doubt get a charge of taking a shot at you. It will be fun for them and allow them to compete for their guild on the leader board, finally making guilds make sense. You OTOH likely drill them 2-3-4 times, scoring points on each one, and kill them too, for a 9 pointer. Or slap kill them for a 4 pointer. What is wrong with that v. not being able to bounty them for 10 WPs? The Ferengi beast in me says that is better than using your coin on them.
  8. Kel the Merciful King

    Kel the Merciful King Well-Known Member

    There might need to be a tweak here Toker. Sometimes you get the 9 Points for getting a war enabled person on bounty and sometimes you don't. Weird. I guess its in the 5 attack bank <shrugg> That does suck.
  9. stoef

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    please improve the war rivals access page.

    War rivals list is a convenient grouping but inefficient.
    Having to re-enter via guild tag, then start over at the top of the list each time is far too time consuming.
    Please clean this up and make it easier to access and use the war rivals list without having to start over each time.

    BLACKDETH Member

    I see a few areas for improvement.

    First, I would like to see some way of "rolling" weekly individual statistics, by this I mean war points, into a leaderboard item. Perhaps even some achievements to go along with this for individuals

    Second, I think that there are some of us who would like to see how guilds stack up against one another (a versus feature). As far as I am concerned beating on a level 87 for points is a wonderfully thrilling and rewarding experience but tells me little as to how I am doing versus CCCONE.

    Third, I see no reason why WP are limited on people within your range. Why not open it up a bit.

    Fourth, fix the message that tells you that you get 10 points for this bounty AFTER you have already bountied someone...mistakenly bountied poor ol skunk ape thinking I was making about 100 pts. Apologies, dear smelly simian named Vern.
  11. Bobby Horr

    Bobby Horr New Member

    I totally agree my guild cannot rivals against (RVV) (ONE) (SN) just to name the top 3 but this is our first week and last week for war guild if you guys make some change i'll try for a second time but i lost some daily member and sure you'll say thats my problem you went to war but i'm not a quitter and gonna finish the week. Thanks for the administartor if you guys make some change i dont know could be a range
    +/- 500 lvl or divided those strong guild that all their player are 6000 lvl anyway i'm sure that you'll find a way that war guild is gonna be fun for all guild member thanks to Kano for they fun game. VIKING CLAN RULE !!!
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  12. LaScepter

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  13. Kendall

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  14. NjordisTyrsson

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    Really? Top 50?

    My guild has really enjoyed the game since the guild wars have begun. I do have a suggestion though... last season my guild scored at only level 12, well we worked pretty hard to get to a higher level so we can have a nicer trophy, however we only got "top 50"... now I looked through all the guilds at war and only count 42 ~ so really we didn't have to work all that hard lol I noticed one war guild scored one whole point! guess they got top 50 too??!!?? this is very discouraging. Maybe you could go top 3, top 5, top 15, top 20, top 40... or something of that nature until there are more guilds willing to take the adventure of expanding their gaming experience by putting their guilds at war. Just sayin'

  15. David Stroud

    David Stroud Member

    I would like to make a suggestion. Many of us who are in the guilds been there for a long time. Some players do not want the war guilds, and others do. This war point gaming for the guilds are destroying the guilds that we called home for a long time. I am about to leave my guild who ranked 26th overall on mYSpace on the Daily Gamer Points. Me and several others who concentrate on daily points are not interested in the Guild wars. Instead of having guilds be totally destroyed, why not put in an optout button for people who do not want to participate? I have nothing to do with the attacks on others, and that I am chieftains with other members of all the guilds in the Guild War points. I am not interested in attacking any freinds who are guild with the guilds I am not connected with yet. I am just tired of the bullying tactics of the high level players. Plus, I have noticed a lot less activity for other things especially for my asking help in the games including gifts not being sent as much as usually. Many people have quit the game altogether. If this continues? What is next with what these bullies want? Open all guilds to war points? Enough is enough.

    Here are some ideas. As to not destroy Guilds like this Guild War points are doing. Let players who do not want to participate an option to opt out so that they will not leave their guilds they have been in for a long time.

    Second, put an extra icon next to the war icon of players who are clan members with your guild members. I have been attacked by my clan mates' guilds, and this could also destroy clans and guilds with infighting.

    As I an reading some of these posts in this thread? No wonder the Guild War is a bust. It is nothing but catering to bullies, and that is all. What is the advantage on picking on someone weaker than you? Nothing. Where is the "Stop Bullying" sign when we need it. I am sorry, but a game is a game. Attacking people weaker than you are is not a game at all. I have been bullied my whole life since I was a kid. This is not a game being made found of, pushed around, being hit and so forth.
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  16. Stan

    Stan New Member

    I have tried to remove our guild from GW but cannot. How do you do it? Sorry for such a simple question, but hey, its a forum Thanks in advance.
  17. Andrew Zelinske

    Andrew Zelinske New Member

    apparently war has taught me something I didn't know before; while bountied, I was attacked by someone who I had a counter attack set against and it didn't go off on them. I that supposed to happen?
  18. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    Lmao...I think u r in the wrong game.

    This is a fighting game....everything about it says killing maiming and fighting, even the gifts u collect r all about this.

    U say that attacking a weaker player is bullying??? What do u suggest....attacking someone stronger and losing? Lets not forget that this game is all about leveling and opening new worlds, items, bosses...etc etc, thats hard to do if u go around losing all the time.

    Fine....u dont want to fight....but others do, this feature....all though lame because of its restricted nature was made for those that want PVP. If u dont like it get out of it. I understand u dont want to leave a guild u have been with for a long time....but thats just the breaks....the feature is for "warring" guilds. I suggest u and your less aggressive friends leave your current guild and either join a new one or start one of your own with more like minded individuals.

    What does concentrating on daily points have to do with anything? Are u suggesting a guild cant do both? This Past season my guild did very well in both categories.

    One last thing on the bullying thing... A higher leveled player can only attack a lower lever involved in the guild wars a total of five times unless that lower leveled player opens themselves up by exceeding the 5 attacks themselves. So i just dont see the "bullying" here...r u saying 5 attacks is excessive?
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  19. David Wells

    David Wells New Member

    i agree at least top 15 i mean really top 50 is an insult when im level 367 i fight and lose alot and still no trophy besides a top 50 that is given to everyone. i would like a little something to show for the war rank 12 first season and 14 last season i mean really why even try if even the guilds that do not participate but are in guild war they still get a trophy. i love guild wars but i think it could use some minor tweeks.
  20. LaScepter

    LaScepter Well-Known Member

    Good point !!! SN took 2nd place the first season and 3rd the last season...and both trophies say TOP 3...a better break down for them is deserved...The incentive to hold specific trophies would be added also..My guild is a guild of 20 fighting the GW and holding our own in the top 3 ,2 weeks in a row..It sure would be nice to hold one that says 2nd place or 3rd place for all the effort . My ONLY real complaint is the (again) the alliances in the war rivals list...PLEASE ....they should not be there..as we dont walk with our friends and slap them silly to get a piece of their candy ...well..atleast those with honor dont !

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