[LCN] TGIF! Mob Wars - LCN Development News Jan 11 - 15

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    TGIF! Here’s your development news round-up for the past week!

    Player Bans December 28 - January 3

    As a reminder, the following numbers are permanently frozen accounts, and don't count temporary freezes.

    FB: 9
    KP2: 1
    Kong/Armor: 27

    The majority of permanently frozen accounts are frozen for being a shared or alternate account. This is something we actively investigate, and we appreciate players reporting suspicious accounts to us.

    If you have any questions or comments about a frozen account, please direct them through Support as the Forums are not the place to discuss account freezes, because of the sensitive account information involved.

    New Limited Items!

    A new week means new Limited Items! Here’s what’s up for grabs:


    Winter 2016 Item Creation Contest!

    Have an idea for an awesome item you’d like to see in-game? Come and submit your idea in this thread here. Winners will receive their item for free along with 50 FP!

    Raid Event Next Thursday January 21

    You just can’t keep a good criminal organization down! The Krov Bratva return next weekend.


    Support Report Support Report with the newly appointed Support Reporter, admiralpenguin!

    Happy Friday!

    We've had some reports coming in from players that are experiencing latency that doesn’t show up in our logs. It's not happening at the same time as any of the events we're hosting, which is making it kind of tough to troubleshoot. The usual suspects don't seem to be the cause here!

    If you are experiencing lag or latency issues at weird times that you can't explain you can let us know by either posting on the forums or sending us a ticket in support. When you make your post or ticket please include the what game you were playing when you experienced the latency, as well as the network and server time of the incident that would help us to look into this situation.

    Have a great weekend :)


    who is in for emergency dental surgery tomorrow all because of some delicious chocolate

    Terrible Joke of the Week

    Here's your lame joke of the week!

    What kind of train is always hungry?
    A chew chew!

    That's it for this week's TGIF! Thanks for reading everyone, and have a great weekend!

    Play Now!

    Facebook Canvas:https://apps.facebook.com/la_cosa_nostra/?fb_source=appcenter&fb_appcenter=1
    Facebook Connect: http://www.kanoplay.com/la_cosa_nostra?game_server=server_1
    Kano Play Server 2: http://www.kanoplay.com/la_cosa_nostra?game_server=server_2
    Kongregate: http://www.kongregate.com/games/kanoapps/mob-wars-la-cosa-nostra
    Armor Games: http://armorgames.com/play/14870/mob-wars-la-cosa-nostra
    iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/US/app/id789910921?mt=8&pt=Forum&ct=tgif
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    I can't understand something, how hard is to put in Fights power heal when you're in hospital, like in boss fights? It's so easy when you attack a boss to power heal, please, put it in fights too!
  3. JADES

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  4. Dcasso

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    Yes, that would be a nice addition, that can't be hard to make
  5. otty22

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  6. Hailok

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    When I'm leveling with partners I'm always power healing, if they added the button it would save me a few miliseconds everytime I heal which is not much but it would be more comfortable for people
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