TGIF! Development News December 1st 2017

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  1. Scoughman

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    Welcome to Friday, and the first day of the last month of 2017. This year has moved entirely too quickly for my liking, but I can’t control time. When I can, you’ll see. You’ll all see!

    Ahem, anyways, this is mi7ch writing this week’s TGIF but as I am not in the Kano HQ today Scoughman is posting it in my absence. Let’s talk about what happened this week in development news and what is coming up next.

    Daily Quests
    With the release of the Godfather Goals to LCN earlier this week, all four games now have this feature. Hurray! We’re already thinking of some changes we can make for a “version 2” and we’ve been collecting your feedback in the various threads.

    We’re not sure when exactly we’d be releasing v2, but we’ve been thrilled by the response and are excited to iterate on Daily Quests going forward. Stay tuned for more news about that.

    Holiday Event
    Next week, Pirate Clan will be the first game to have access to the special Holiday event we’re running for all four games during December! I won’t be speaking about it in depth right now, but expect a walkthrough for the event mid next week.

    Our developers and artists really knocked it out of the park here and I’m excited for you folks to get your hands on it.

    Changing Access to the Hitlist on Mobile Web
    We’re always trying out and testing various aspects of our games across all available platforms to make sure that they’re up to snuff and during some recent testing we found a some vulnerabilities in the mobile web version of the Hitlist/Bounty feature.

    This specific vulnerability allowed players to exploit the Hitlist/Bounty feature in a way that was unfair for others who didn’t have access to it. In order to preserve game balance and make sure everyone has an equal opportunity, we’ll be turning off access to the Hitlist/Bounty feature on the mobile web versions of the games early Monday next week.

    We’re investigating anyone who was using this vulnerability unfairly, and we’d like to thank you all for your understanding while we sort this out. We never like to remove features or change how they are accessed, but in this case we believe that turning this off is the best step forward for the games.

    Facebook Contest Winners
    As always, we have our weekly contest winners to announce! This week’s lucky few each got a Limited Time item set in their respective game. Make sure to check out the fan pages for a chance at next week’s prize of one of five 50 FP packages. Congrats to:

    Mandy O'Hara
    Lynda Steubchen Young
    Albert Fear

    Linda Connors
    Vincent Brabec
    Sonkei Chusei Kokoro

    Mate Vas
    Ricky Moss
    Cammy Rubin

    Elizabeth M Taylor
    Sam Handy
    Dori Martin

    Frozen User Count
    This week 19 accounts feel the cold, debilitating touch of the Support department’s banhammer.

    Lame Joke of the Week
    Why couldn’t the pirate finish reciting the alphabet?
    Because he got lost at C!
  2. neill1990

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  3. Jared

    Jared Well-Known Member

    I'm afraid you're wrong. A holiday event is TOTALLY different from a seasonal location. But I'll still give you props if no one else will.
  4. Turning off the hitlist for mobile users? So, why play? I primarily play on mobile and the hitlist is my primary way of getting my daily points. Wow, way to alienate a segment of your customer base.
  5. love this thread it keeps us up to date with what changes are being made in the game, took me awhile to get used to the daily crate thingy as timing seem to matter and as i'm different timeline than kano devs and play at all different times i'm getting the hang of it now lol but well done devs ;)
  6. BrianW

    BrianW New Member

    Is this deactivation for the mobile apps (iOS and Android apps for tablets and phones) or just for people accessing the list via a mobile browser to the web site?
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    SOHAIB Member

    I think it is for mobile web browser versions of the game only & i think it is for the best. One question though @Scoughman , Will there be any changes on the Hitlist feature on Main Website?
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  8. Hope you're right.
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  9. neill1990

    neill1990 Well-Known Member

    just posting it here since im seeing hints that might indicate the event is a location based event that only appears certain times of the year. Including a bit of head-cannon in that guess since not all the details are officially released just yet. Just wanted to get it out there in case there happens to be several sections coinciding with it.
  10. SOHAIB

    SOHAIB Member

    Turning the feature off on Mobile Web Based versions of the hitlist will surely increase the chances of getting kills for those who hunt on main website & mobile app. Im sure of it :).
  11. S JORDAN

    S JORDAN Member

    The hit list on the desktop version of game is the preserve of bots and scripts.
    Hit list on mobile app gave a fighting chance for unaided flesh and blood players to claim the odd bounty.
    It looks like the original cheaters complained and won.
  12. Miss Kitty Snaps

    Miss Kitty Snaps Active Member

    errggghhhh the mobile app is the only way I can get a bounty in the game! What are you going to do to the main base hit list so that humans can get a bounty instead of the bots and script users?
  13. Crazy Inuit

    Crazy Inuit Member

    I agree with Miss Kitty Snaps, the only way for me to get a hitlist bounty is on the mobile web. There must be another way to make it more fair than this.
  14. OMG !!!! More of this useless Godfather Goals YAWN !!!! :eek:
    Many years ago when i began playing this game, it used to be a fighting-game but all the newbies with their bots, scripts has now turned it in to a darned tea- or punching-party coz they never try to attack :mad:
    Now they also convinced you devs. that this Godfather-sh*te is needed coz they're bored during the hour they're waiting untill they can punch again...
    If you should make this Godfather Goals fun for a level 9991 then you need to remove the do 10 high roller clicks....I'm way past ALL the high rollers and i'm NOT gonna start one just to please the Godfather and his darned goals :mad:
    Finally, if it this such a huge must to punch in a fighting-game, then why don't you give us more achievements there huh ??
    Hardest Punch: 7,822 :rolleyes:
    Achievement stopped when i reached a punch of just 6000 :mad:
    Give us back our fighting-game and tell the newbies to go play Farmville if they won't attack but only punch :p
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  15. Tony_G

    Tony_G Member

    Frozen User Count
    This week 19 accounts feel the cold, debilitating touch of the Support department’s banhammer.

    I'm afraid this is not good enough as you, Kano, turn a blind eye to the known cheaters whom spend money (proven fact over the years), there are syndicates that contain MULTIPLE alternate accounts & there are those within those syndicates whom share accounts even create accounts for their children WHOM are to young to even be playing your games to which you turn a blind eye!!

    I suggest you, Kano, start turning a blind eye to the plastic warriors & start doing what is right for the game!
  16. Jack Hughes

    Jack Hughes New Member

    I think it's unfair the shut off hitlist on mobile so people only play mobile maybe you should fix the glitch or are you guys not techie enough to figure out how lol people spend 1000s to play why ruin the game just fix it?
  17. Jack Hughes

    Jack Hughes New Member

    Yeah because not everybody has the computer a lot of people do play from only the app the only time I'm ever on a computer is if I'm at work I'm mostly always play on the app
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  18. @Scoughman Please confirm. Turning off hitlist on mobile app? Mobile Web? Or both?
  19. Jack Hughes

    Jack Hughes New Member

    Yeah cuz I just made this confusing is it getting shut off from the Zombie Slayer app or from Kano web
  20. Last week Mi7ch even gave away those free favor points to an alt-account with a very fake name, but hey he must be one of the plastic-card gangstas right ?? :eek:
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