Steel Harpoon and Attack Gyrocopter crafting hints

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by DarkStratus, Feb 3, 2011.

  1. DarkStratus

    DarkStratus Administrator

    Steel Harpoon:
    * Requires 3 items
    * One of the items is a gift

    Attack Gyrocopter:
    * Requires 3 items
    * None of the items are gifts
  2. steal toes

    steal toes Member

    I wonder how much these blueprints will fetch on FeeBay? :cool:
  3. Big_Jamaican

    Big_Jamaican New Member

    So what are the items needed... ?
    Have you crafted the Gyrocopter ?

    Big Jamaican
  4. Gazember

    Gazember Guest

    Top Poster Of Month

    Thanks for the hints!

    The items are from the same city, or can be from a lover one?

    And the same for stockpile items, the last one was for Rio, but there was nothing new for San Francisco, so it is possible, that one item is a stockpile item?

    WHELER Banned

    can you tell us what the gift isatleast? i think its been long enough.. ppl try n try n try, with no sucess:(
  6. Ottimo!

    Ottimo! New Member

    No need hints i allready got steel harpoon gun, it's quite easy find out.... Steel Harpoon Gun
    41 Attack
    46 Defense
    Quantity Crafted : x1
  7. Well done Ottimo..are you in the mood for sharing the blueprint or are you teasing us ?
  8. Ottimo!

    Ottimo! New Member

    Little help: gift is one of pistols and never been used before:confused:
  9. Deranimal

    Deranimal New Member

    Got them as well - not too bad but gonna be a pain to get a decent amount of them! Determined to crack the Tequila Flamethrower this weekend, knowing my luck wont be of any use to me lol :rolleyes:
  10. Bo Baby

    Bo Baby Member

    it wont be a pain if u have a plan deranimal, its all about preparation
  11. WHELER

    WHELER Banned

    you not gonna share? wth?
  12. Leafar

    Leafar New Member

    And the others? 2 weapons? 1 weapon+1 vehicle?
  13. Ottimo!

    Ottimo! New Member

    all 3 are weapons, start with attack chimp
  14. Brandon

    Brandon New Member

    Hi! I need Help with the Harpoon, Can somebody tell us what to do? Almost every Player Had it and they don't want to share, I know that one of the items is Attack Chimp, and im sure the Defibrillator is other item..... by the way The Rolex Garrotte I think one of the items is Chaves Garrotte from the boss drop... if you want to share.. please... don't be selfish
  15. WHELER

    WHELER Banned


    You have successfully crafted the following item:
    Steel Harpoon Gun

    Steel Harpoon Gun

    41 Attack

    46 Defense

    Quantity Crafted : x1

    You used the following items to complete this Blueprint:
  16. McGirt

    McGirt New Member

    Steel Harpoon Gun
    41 Attack
    46 Defense
    ...Quantity Crafted : x1
    You used the following items to complete this Blueprint:

    x1 Steel Harpoon Gun has been Added to your inventory.
    x1 Diamond Cleaver has been Removed from your inventory.
    x1 Attack Chimp has been Removed from your inventory.
    x1 Zastava CZ99 has been Removed from your inventory.
    Crafting this item cost you $750,000,000
  17. Brandon

    Brandon New Member

    Thank You!!!
  18. The Reaper 007 MDS

    The Reaper 007 MDS New Member

    Tequila Flamethrower

    brandon can you please help with the Tequila Flamethrower
  19. Leafar

    Leafar New Member

    Attack gyrocopter

    Can the Administrators give us more hints to find the attack Gyrocopter, please? There's thousands of possible combinations.... Thanks!

    TIGERS EYE TEK New Member

    Respect McGirt, many thanks

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