Since we cant attack the one who we put on the hitlist, but they can

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    100 PROCENT BANDIT New Member

    Do it to us, then they are so much protected and this project of yours Eric, is continuing fraud from you.

    Ohh by the way, I now am in possesion of your company postal address, so now i can get on with some other actions there. Nice.
  2. Kendall

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    Are you asking for the rules to be changed so that someone that hitlists a player can attack them, or are you referring to the attack XP range?
  3. FallenKnight

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    I think what this goofball wants it to be able to list somebody then get the bounty him/herself...well that is what it looks like to me anyway. This person has no clue how it works in the real world! If you did you would know that when a Don aka Godfather puts a hit out on somebody the Don aka Godfather is not the person who carries out the hit but rather somebody else does it then goes to the Don aka Godfather to collect the bounty!
  4. for viking and pirates you use to be able to claim your own hit

    i dont THINK that was ever available for mob and zs

    pretty sure it was changed before those 2 came
  5. Ace

    Ace Member

    I'm guessing that what he points is either what you already posted, or that the person you listed can't attack you while he/she is on the list. Both things seem needless to me.
  6. As many have said,this isn't real life.If you hitlist someone in the game,they have every right to retaliate, even if they're still on the list.You can't attack them because you placed the hit on them.You can't claim your own hit,which means you shouldn't be able to attack in any type of way.

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