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    General Details:
    • Depending on the season there is a corresponding location to go with it (summer, spring, winter and fall)
    • seasonal locations is unlocked at lvl 3k


    General Details -
    • Payouts are scaled to your current lvl
    • Energy required to do them is broken into tiers for every 5k lvls
    • Every energy requirement tier boosts energy required per adventure by 5
    • Drop rate no matter your tier is the same
    • Lower energy cost equates to higher drop rate
    • higher energy requirement equates to lower drop rate but more xp
    • Items dropped go into summoning a boss

    Drop Rates -
    • mission 1- 90% drop rate
    • mission 2- 80% drop rate
    • mission 3- 75% drop rate
    • mission 4- 70% drop rate
    • mission 5- 65% drop rate
    • mission 6- 60% drop rate
    • mission 7- 55% drop rate
    • mission 8- 50% drop rate
    • mission 9- 45% drop rate
    • mission 10- 40% drop rate

    Tier Initial Starting -
    Here is the starting energy requirements or Tier 1 adventures. Since seasonal locations are unlocked at lvl 3k tier 2 would kick in at lvl 8k and all adventures would have their energy requirements boosted by 5. Tier 3 is at 13k and another 5-energy requirement to each adventure is tacked on, same for all tiers thereafter.
    • mission 1- 50
    • mission 2- 55
    • mission 3- 60
    • mission 4- 65
    • mission 5- 70
    • mission 6- 75
    • mission 7- 80
    • mission 8- 85
    • mission 9- 90
    • mission 10- 95

    Seasonal Bosses:

    General Details –
    • Boss requires specific drop items that are given out by the adventures in the seasonal location
    • Similar to the regular coop bosses they start out easy and slowly progress to being harder and harder depending on amount of times summoned.
    • Bosses initial spawn are scaled off your lvl and total overall SP gained.
    • Bosses always cost the same amount to summon
    • No cool downs between summoning the new boss since it is being summoned instead of regenerated like the regular bosses fought.
    • Each seasonal boss corresponds to the type of season location going on.
    • Boss is solo only to avoid alt abuse

    Seasonal location Boss types –
    • Fall: Wind
    • Spring: Earth
    • Summer: Fire
    • Winter: Water

    Elemental Balance –
    • Air:
    Weakness: fire
    Strength: earth
    Neutral: water
    • Earth:
    Weakness: wind
    Strength: water
    Neutral: fire
    • Fire:
    Weakness: water
    Strength: wind
    Neutral: earth
    • Water:
    Weakness: earth
    Strength: fire
    Neutral: wind

    Elemental Effects against Boss –
    • Each boss has a select type of element depending on the seasonal location currently in play at the time.
    • If using an item corresponding to the boss’s weakness each item that does will add a 10% boost to overall damage post initial calculation of what damage would’ve been without the elemental effect.
    • If the item corresponds to the strength of the boss, then a deduction of 8% occurs the same way the increase would.
    • If the element is either the same or considered neutral, then no bonus is given or deducted from the damage.
    • Bosses hit by their weakness will also be given a boost to item drop rate to encourage people to find and equip items that increase damage to the boss. The drop percentage will increase by 0.5% per equipped weakness item.
    • Bosses hit with their strength will receive a -0.35% deduction in drop rate frequency to discourage players from using items that are of strength to the boss.
    • If the items equipped are neutral or the same element to the boss being hit then no drop rate increase or decrease will occur.

    Boss Random Drops –

    • Boss drops would be special in that they are a general item that is found off of all the seasonal bosses. These items would then be needed to craft into a player’s choice of elemental weapon on the craft screen.
    (Given a boss is of the element fire then the items that are fire and earth would have a neutral effect against it. Items that are water will be given the boosts while items that have the wind element would have the deductions applied.)


    General Details –

    • Crafting is directly related to the bosses

    Random Boss Drop Crafting -
    • Elemental fragments being crafted into items would have their own progression system. (either craft a fire, water, earth or air type item)
    • Each of these elemental craft items would include a subcategory for ship, weapon or matey.
    • The craft item would start out weak being a 1/1 then each consecutive craft afterward would alternate between 1/0 and 0/1 increase of the item.
    • Every item category (ship, matey, weapon) has its own cap stat that would slowly be raised overtime.
    • The cap stat for these items would correspond to the scale used on the current items then whatever that overall stat is divided by 4. (basically, the elemental crafts can only be upgraded to a max of a quarter as strong as the strongest item of that category.)
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