Sc0rpi0n (me) Do it again :-) hehe

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Sc0rpi0n, May 25, 2010.

  1. foxysiren

    foxysiren Well-Known Member

    Stop deleting posts...he admitted to cheating and having 2 accounts, therefor he is a cheat and i am quite within my rights to call him a cheat!
  2. Sc0rpi0n

    Sc0rpi0n New Member

    time to start boykot honey? Then they will see that if they not play with us then they get problems :)
  3. foxysiren

    foxysiren Well-Known Member

    I believe I have spent enough money with Kano apps and to be insulted by having my posts deleted is just taking the p1ss!!!!!
  4. scorpion the baby

    scorpion the baby New Member

    lmfao w/e wheres your proof little boy
  5. cesarr

    cesarr Member

    Have you guys read the rules:
    "By agreeing to these rules, you warrant that you will not post any messages that are obscene, vulgar, sexually-oriented, hateful, threatening, or otherwise violative of any laws."
  6. Sc0rpi0n

    Sc0rpi0n New Member

    And your point is?
    Non of us have bropken any of those rules.
    But Kilo is a cheater that needs to get his accounts frozen or deleted.
    Kano will lose many players for this if they not stat to do somthing by tomorrow 18.00 ( 22 hours and 10 min from now) Norwegian time
  7. The Whoorida

    The Whoorida Member

    He hit level 100 and was able to increase his top squad to 20 before they increased the levels required. He did not cheat to do this.

    I do know someone that is clearly cheating by using 2 accounts to hitlist people on one and quickly claim the bounty with the other so they can collect the hitlist achievements.
  8. Sc0rpi0n

    Sc0rpi0n New Member

    Is that someone whos named Kilo? hehe
  9. Sc0rpi0n

    Sc0rpi0n New Member

  10. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator


    Yes multiple accounts are against our TOS but also against Facebooks.

    If you have suspicion of multiple accounts users feel free to Report it to Facebook as well as they will take action on accounts that look to be fake/duplicates. Facebook has access to fare more information for determining if an account is fake or a duplicate. We can only take action on those that are obviously fake.

    - Eric.
  11. im really not trying to give any ideas here,but whos to say its not a big family sharing a computer?
  12. The Whoorida

    The Whoorida Member

    Same first name, obviously fake last names and the fact that he posted in here that he had 2 accounts and thinking he was a genius for it ..
  13. well anyone that admits it is just dumb and deserves to get caught.
  14. Slayer

    Slayer New Member

    kilo and kilo are pretty obviously the same person, one hitlists and the other gets the kill. i figured that out on day 2 of playing and this is the first kanoapp game i've played.

    i noticed one of the kilos (pitbull) is now level 1, though - LOL
  15. Vampryss

    Vampryss Guest

    Top Poster Of Month

    I agree with this question only because on occasion I go over to a friends house & we both play the apps & level off each other while there. Her husband also plays & we all fight each other. Doing this all from the same IP address would appear that 1 person is using multiple accounts. Granted we don't all have the same name & we don't do this but once every few months when the opportunity arises but it does happen.

    Also, some people may be using another family members account to play a second account. I know of a couple people that do this especially if their child, sibling or parent allows them to if they don't play the app. So technically, they aren't using a duplicate account of their own. They are playing 2 different accounts themselves and more than likely having the same name. I'm not saying this is right, I'm saying it happens & it's not against the rules to do so.

    I also want to point out that in the Terms for Kano it specifically states:

    All KANO user profiles, character actions and content in or on the chat boxes and message boards are created by our users and not by KANO. If you post distasteful, insulting, sexually explicit, racially disparaging, religiously disparaging or other inappropriate content, KANO reserves the right (but not the obligation) to delete it from the Site without notice and to freeze or close your account.....

    You can access the rest of the sentence & terms by scrolling to the very bottom of the app & clicking on TERMS. Kano does what it can to keep up on bot usage, cheating etc. however as per the terms, they are under no obligation to start deleting or freezing accounts. If an action is made against someone they will certainly never reveal that information to the general public or anyone else asking. As per the comment below from Eric, if you suspect someone is using multiple accounts contact that social network as they do have better tools to see if someone has duplicate or fake accounts . Once an account is removed from from either social network they can no longer access any app.
  16. Dan

    Dan New Member

    We did better than that! You are so full of yourself that you can't even remember who got to lvl 1-2-3...1300 before you did. Time to fill up on that new Rx, Martin.
  17. interesting, i dont remember you doing that on pirate clan!!!
    and you usually achieve these things by joining up very early!
    how many times have you done it (once? twice?) when you have joined up once a game has already been going for a month?
    anyway, youre still a legend, i'll give ya that :)
  18. leon

    leon New Member

    Wow, as a new player to Zombie wars this thread is actually putting me off the game.

    So all the highest ranked players cheat while spending far to much time on the game, then make threads boasting about the fact they are top while openly admitting they cheat?

    Congratulations, you are sad.

    Also lol at the tags in this and the last guy refering to the OP as a "legend"
  19. scorpion the baby

    scorpion the baby New Member


    i was removed even thow it was wifes account so heres proof of others
  20. Optimus Prime

    Optimus Prime Banned

    you got no life, you should game less.. :( lol sorry

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