[LCN] rewarding regular players rather than just the new ones , any chance or what?

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Elodie, Jun 3, 2016.

  1. Elodie

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    ok so the new players from MW have been given many goodies and some have spent a lot of money to gain many levels and guns etc which makes some stronger than a lot of older players ...fine and dandy for them and the more players the better BUT! .. with some gaining 100 levels daily etc that has left many older players pretty frustrated as to what has kano done for them lately, a lame new boss with average drops, well whoo hoo to that! I know it's good that the cash gets in the game to get it running and prosper but why are so many players quitting lately? they feel the game used to be about skills of play etc rather than just a heavy load of guns an whack a mole level on raids or BA, some have been warned they are watched by kano for being online too long and feel insulted by that and leave. the question is, what are Kano going to do to reward the old players for their loyalty?? just watch the new players beat them and get past them in levels? the older players will be gone by then. suggestions? :(
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  2. tartaglionevera

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    When Kano says that the detection system, not to believe and false, I can understand how difficult it is to handle it, I would not be able, when Kano bans or prohibits or else does' based on the reports and 'wrong, because' a player and at war with many bands, the percentage of people making conspiracy and very high in my opinion,
    Kano has no program that reveals, the, believe me, I do 3 maximum levels, not always, maximum a day, and the average 2 a day, I know that players who make an average of 400 daily levels, and that pissed me there, I do it with tears and blood 2 levels, are considered a imnroglione, I lose against a level less than 40 days, and many others all low levels, and impossible to defend it from them, even more difficult against Kano, otherwise I who use the script , I do not use tell you, and that you understand them in their hand reports
    Are in conflict with so many players, so many are anonymous, although I do not know who I am, because I am against this system, I prefer to die standing than to die on your knees
  3. Darryl Wiebe

    Darryl Wiebe Member

    RE: new player benefits vs the old crowd getting shafted.

    I think it's disgusting what Kano has done.

    Personal History Lesson :
    I don't know the exact date, but I was one of the first people to start playing MW on the Kano platform. I came here because I was sick of all the bots, scripts and alts being used on the Original MW game. I had a family crisis (A Loved one with Terminal Cancer is a **cking Mitch) and had to leave the game for awhile. When I came back I was around Level 250, and meanwhile, David (Nino) was coming close to level 2,000. BVB was the brand new boss in town. I'm going to say it took me 3 years to hit level 4,000.

    Back to the Future now:
    .........and meanwhile in 2016 it can be done in what???????...... 52 **cking days?????????? Thats a big fat load of CRAP!!!!! Also, while we are on the subject of new players getting HUGE GIA-NORMOUS benefits the rest of us never received (don't kid yourself, being able to pick up 100 PLUS levels a day on a game with a similar platform to that you are used to is an incredible benefit), as well as being able to purchase weapons with values we only DREAMED of 5 years ago is insane and UNFAIR to the loyal players of LCN who have sat here and played year after year, while the dev's in BC sit on their collective asses, and when forced into a corner come up with some 1/2 assed way to try and appease the long term players. 9 out of 10 times their collective effort ends up an utter FAIL. Take the new boss.... I don't know about the other high levels, but it's USELESS to me, it doesn't really help a good portion of my syn, and as a rule, there isn't enough to share with most of the newer players.
    Now----- onto my biggest Mitch (or "Bitch"... interchangeable at this point) - I don't know if it's true, but in the past it has been done, so... well... I'm not going to doubt that it has happened. In the past KANO has given certain players a HUGE GF Favour Point Benefit for coming over. My understanding is that a game was shut down, and it was their own platform, and they had to do the right thing - and we all know they were not going to give the money the players spent back. Hey, I'm not judging, I wouldn't give it back either. After all, it's just good business sense. Personally, I think the monetary value compared to what others in the game had spent was a bit excessive, but whatever, no sense crying over spilt milk. BUT, if in 2016 the same Bullshit is happening again, with a platform that KANO did NOT own, ... then I think the buck should stop here.

    More History - ummmmm...er... yup... time to yawn again-
    After OVER 6 years of playing WITHOUT missing A DAY - correct - NOT A DAY, I think it's time to call Kano out the the travesty that has beset our older players.

    Now, back to our regularly schedule Mitch Session :
    We watch, we complain, we do NOTHING - well some have, they have said a great big **CK YOU and left. I think it's time the long time players, not just the high levels, but all the long time players received some well earned rewards, as well as some recognition for all the time and effort spent in this silly little click click game. I don't know exactly what, but hey, why don't the creative genius's sitting there in KANO HQ come up with something.... before this game goes the way of Mafia Wars. They better figure it out soon, because the "Heart and Soul" of this game (and once again, don't kid yourself, there are only 10 or 12 people here that ARE the "Heart and Soul" .... and before anybody thinks it - I know I'm not one of them) are getting pretty fed up.... and once the passion dies, this game WILL die along with it.

    Derail out
  4. Si Celia

    Si Celia Member

    A couple of years ago, a game I had played for years, Mobsters2 Vendetta, was shut down. I and many fellow players came here. We got pretty much squat for coming over, no change in protection, one welcome package eventually (at least I think so--not sure, tbh), nothing else. We didn't ask for favors, we just started playing, even though none of us liked this game as much as the one that was taken from us. We still don't like it as much, mostly because Kano devs: 1) keep making "mistakes" and punishing the players for it; 2) rarely bring out new items that are actually helpful; 3) spend way too much time "developing" new items that are not an improvement for anyone's game, just the SOS; 4) spend way too little time updating outdated items and game play (e.g. crafting items, gift items, drops, rewards, achievements, etc); 5) are spending too much time "developing" new items such as Raids and BA that require a lot of money to be spent to get much benefit, are not all that much fun, and don't help the long-time faithful much who don't/can't spend on the game, and 6) have stupid censorship and limits in place, such as requiring most stam to be spent before a refill or even a "special sale" refill can be added. I don't buy during the sales anymore because it pisses me off too much to have to use all my stam. Kano, it's time to wake up and smell the coffee--you are pissing everyone off this time. Rant over.
  5. S E T H

    S E T H Active Member

    As a mid range player, it's pretty safe to say that by time I reach this location, nothing whatsoever will be useful so I can only imagine the frustrations top level players have. It is also frustrating to see just how greedy Kano is. Is this Choc nosing the big cash spending noobs a final cash grab before shut down? It makes one wonder! Perhaps this entire thing needs to be brought to media attention or something seeing as how Kano overlook their own tos and tou. I know of one noob that has already been flagged for use of a bot but because so much has been spent, Kano apologized to them, I've also heard from sources that the player in question, was part of the team who developed mws "demon" but all Kano are seeing is $$$ and forgetting about the long term, loyal players. I don't know the grounds for a class action or anything but maybe something like that has to happen. I've said yes to a boycott so that's a start, not that it will matter though as Kano have all these new players to dump money into a game that has just turned to crap and nothing more than a cash pit. Pay big to win a decent spot in ba, stam and energy refills on the raids, token refills in sw. It's crap and only getting worse. Kano, you need to do something and fast before you start losing the LOYAL players. The only thing keeping me playing at the moment are the people and friends I've made through the game. Probably gone a bit off topic but it's the facts.
  6. S E T H

    S E T H Active Member

    Couldn't be *ucked typing it again so I just copy/pasted lol
  7. Friendly Fire

    Friendly Fire Well-Known Member

    Same, the use of bots was out of hand on the other game, that is the same reason I came here.

    A quick search on google or youtube (search for mafia wars demon) shows that the nature of scripts and cheating was even more elaborate on Mafia Wars with many self confessed cheats from that game now joining us. My worry is that they will bring their exploits, their cheats and their scripts with them. Kano have so far done a reasonable job of stopping the use of scripts here but the elaborate nature of those used on the zynga platform make me worry for the future of the game here and what the cheats will use to bypass any controls kano put in place.

    We have already seen players who came from mafia wars banned for cheating, mainly because they were too obvious in their cheating and got reported by players rather than kano using any tools to catch them. The more subtle cheating will be harder to catch.

    Sorry to take your thread off topic there Elodie.
  8. S E T H

    S E T H Active Member

    As far as demon goes, I've been told by sources and seen screenshots of demon already in action here! Has been since Mafia wars announced the closing so I'm told.
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  9. S E T H

    S E T H Active Member

    I'll upload a pic that proves it to be correct.
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  10. S E T H

    S E T H Active Member

    Taken from a conversation I've had with a ex Mafia wars player.

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  11. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    There was a FB group that helped them with the scripts for Mafia wars, the script/s played the game for them and their minis and kamis, the cheating there was unreal.
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  12. Oszi

    Oszi New Member

    Why people keep dragging in stuff that has nothing to do with the post Elodie made? There is another post about the "cheating" go there. As new player I received a 50 FP welcome pack and I'm thankful for that, if Kano is considering a bonus system that would benefit all then I would say yes please do (example now u get a FP when upgrading why not a bonus pack when u hit certain landmark lvls like 500 / 1000 / 1500 etc bonus amount varies per lvl). Also it would be a great gesture from Kano if they would give the long term players some sort of Loyalty gift (FP and high lvl weapon or something like that) so we can close this and move on. Game on :)
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  13. Marshal O.P. Rockwell

    Marshal O.P. Rockwell Active Member

    It is quite frustrating to see new programs like raids being added which make it possible to simply buy a player up to a very high level in such a short time when so many have worked hard to make it to where they are. There are a number of things that need to be upgraded within the system before adding "new" things. Stamina rewards for leveling and crafting are both in serious need of being fixed. I am about to reach Tangier & NOTHING there will do anything to help strengthen my toon. The only crafting items of any benefit to me are the top optimals from world bosses. Even the optimal builds from Madrid are worthless to me right now, and it appears that by the time I reach the unlock level for the next 3 locations they will also be useless. Optimal Matador Sword unlocks @ level 6200 78att/70def.
    Matador Sword
    55 Attack
    49 Defense
    Owned: 1,271
    Why did I even bother with spending so much stamina to get these? Why should I bother with gifting when there is nothing I can do with any of that stuff? If Kano wants to keep the players who helped them make the game such a success, then they need to address the existing problems before spending time and money on "new" programs. You don't paint a car before you repair the broken transmission.
  14. S E T H

    S E T H Active Member

    Very well said, marshal
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  15. Zoe Bell

    Zoe Bell Member

    I agree, there is barely anything that I can craft and I don't use anything from my current bosses or much from higher level ones. I am depending on the highest level of bosses now to build and I'm only level 3259. I also thing that this spending of money causes an extreme and unfair disadvantage to those that do not have the economic advantage to do so. It makes the game critiqued to being one that only credit card holders and the elite can enjoy. With in its' own right LCN is becoming a game that actually is exclusive to the less economically advantaged. Having such an inclusive structure within a game can only cause its' downfall. One must consider what is more important, the integrity of the game itself or the financial benefits. I am a firm believer that People ought to always come first, rather than the mighty dollar. If you lose the integrity of the game you will lose the loyalty of members that have been for so long, you main gain some financial benefits but in the end; it will cause the end of LCN and a financial loss for Kano. I've seen it in the past and when you compromise the integral value of people it and dedicate more value to the dollar... you never win. People will continue to spend but they will use script/ bots whatever they can find and the Kano systems as well as servers will be overloaded and they will hack because they think they are unpunishable for doing all of these things because they have invested money rather than any real interest in the game. These types of people don't want to play the game, they want to exploit it just to prove they can and wreck it for everyone else. Anyone can buy a game and pay to cheat with a bot, but only a true gamer can play it ...
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  16. tartaglionevera

    tartaglionevera New Member

    the problem and huge done to me, I have lost players of level 170, level 170 vs. 8400 level this small has killed me a lot sometimes, anyone could kill me so easily, of attack, had a force impresionabile attack, my game and do hitlst, mentro was hitting all small levels, lost with all these, my sacrifice to get over 8400 levels, to no avail, all the money I had spent all lost money, my account is worthless
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  17. tartaglionevera

    tartaglionevera New Member

    I lose with players who I had never seen, do not even know, from level 170, level until 3500, is not right, then kano writes to me that cheating, what I have to do 2 levels cheat day, then I lose small and impossible to fight who is reporting to me, much against kano, I left the game, I do not want to start from level 1, I quit
  18. Zoe Bell

    Zoe Bell Member

    Send their game links on their profile to Kano on a ticket Tartaglionervera... I don't think that it is spending that such a low level (170) could possibly beat such a high level as yourself without using exploits. Have Kano check their accounts... This is heartbreaking- people create social bonds in this game and a bunch of people come in not wanting to play, just wanting to cheat... with a total disregard to Kano TOS and the repercussions of their actions... It will also be a loss of revenue and jobs to Kano if this game is fully shut down and basically deleted because of people using exploits... Get them Kano before they get you and you lose your job- that's what happened when they did the same thing in Sorority Life owned by Playdom- people lost their jobs and the game is now history :(
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  19. he has sent a message to kano but undoubtfully they dont care :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:
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  20. tartaglionevera

    tartaglionevera New Member

    now too late I wrote aI developers, Kano to destroy my accaunt, is useless, the chatter, you already know that if the wind carried them away
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